Striking Architectural Photography From Across Canada

We challenged you to capture Canada's most impressive architecture on camera. From glittering steel skyscrapers to charming granite lighthouses, here are 10 of your most dazzling shots.

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OCAD in Toronto
Photo: Karen Allin

But is it art?

The controversial exterior of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto polarized city residents when it was completed in 2004. One thing’s for sure: it definitely makes an impression! Thanks to Karin Allin for sharing this fantastic sample of her architectural photography.

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Architectural photography - BNP Parisbas Tower in downtown Montreal
Photo: Maryse Tremblay

Things are looking up

Check those leading lines! Photographer Maryse Tremblay submitted this dynamic shot of the BNP Tower in downtown Montreal.

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View of St. John's, Newfoundland
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Harbour views

Photographer Rhonda Beirnes found inspiration for architectural photography in the harbourfront of St. John’s. What a fascinating combination of lines, building materials and colours.

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Architectural photography - Cape Bonavista Lighthouse Newfoundland
Photo: Norma Keith

Iconic beacon

Structures don’t get more Canadian than the red-and-white striped Cape Bonavista Lighthouse. Norma Keith snapped this happy shot on a visit to Newfoundland.

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Post office in Millbrook, Ontario
Photo: Erin Monis

Better with age

The post office building in Millbrook, Ontario, has stood proudly since 1939. As captured by Erin Monis, it wears the weathering of 80-plus years very handsomely!

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Architectural photography - Granite lighthouse in Newfoundland
Photo: Gloria Young

Solid as a rock

In Rose Blanche, Newfoundland, this granite lighthouse was built in 1871, operated until 1940, restored in 1999 and is now a Heritage Site. Thanks to Gloria Young for sharing this fascinating slice of Canadian history.

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Vintage home and car
Photo: Joyce Stolte

Shouldn’t this be in black and white?

From the vintage car to the period homestead, Joyce Stolte’s photograph looks as though it’s travelled through time. What a fantastic period piece.

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Architectural photography - Boian Hall, formerly Boian School
Photo: Rebecca Bromberger

Living history

We’re smitten with this incredibly textural photograph of Willingdon, Alberta’s Boian Hall, now a Romanian Pioneer Museum. Thanks to Rebecca Bromberger for sharing.

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Architectural photography - Peachland Museum
Photo: Diane Turner

Just peachy

“The unique eight-sided Peachland Baptist Church was built in 1910 and served as a place of worship until 1964,” writes photographer Diane Turner, who captured this sunny shot in Peachland, B.C. “Over the years, it was used as a temporary Municipal Hall, Parks and Recreation Office, Fire Brigade Hall and Public Library.”

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Log church in Alberta
Photo: Karen Carley

Pioneer days

This charming log church was snapped by Karen Carley in Millarville, Alberta. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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