20 Dazzling Night Sky Photos from Across Canada

From wondrous constellations to stunning displays of the northern lights, this gallery of night sky photography from across Canada will inspire you to gaze upwards.

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Night Sky Pictures Tyler Balon
Photo: Tyler Balon

Under the Moonlight

Tyler Balon of Courtenay, B.C. captured this lovely moon rise at Point Holmes. The contrast of the moon’s pink-orange glow against the inky blue tones of the mountain and water make for a beautiful sight indeed!

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Night Sky Pictures Sheri Skocdopole
Photo: Sheri Skocdopole

Ribbons of Light

Swirls of the northern lights reflect in the glassy waters of Sylvan Lake, Alta. during a G2 solar storm in this stunning image sent in by Sheri Skocdopole of Condor, Alta.

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Night Sky Pictures Thelma Day
Photo: Thelma Day

Shoot for the Moon

Did you know that there are eight phases of the moon? Guess which phase is shown in this photo and try to count all the craters! Thank you to Thelma Day of Bonaventure, Que. for sending this snap in.

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Night Sky Pictures Sabine Cane
Photo: Sabine Cane

Starry Night

“Taken a few years ago, I still remember this windy night in May when, no matter where you looked, Lady Aurora put on a fabulous spectacle. I stayed out most of the night, taking many wonderful photos,” writes Sabine Cane of Tawatinaw, Alta.

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Night Sky Pictures Paula Brown
Photo: Paula Brown

Moonlit Stroll

Paula Brown pulled out her camera for this magnificent Supermoon taken from Petrie Island in Ottawa. We love how the silhouette of the tree and hazy clouds add to the mystery of this picturesque scene.

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Night Sky Pictures Melissa Tokariwski
Photo: Melissa Tokariwski

Blinding Lights

This absolutely magical photo of the auroras was taken in Cools Creek by Melissa Tokariwski of East St. Paul, Man. The colours are so vibrant that it looks like a painting!

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Night Sky Pictures Norma Keith
Photo: Norma Keith

Forces of Nature

The moon shone bright above these wind turbines captured by Norma Keith from Baltimore, Ont.

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Night Sky Pictures Kimbelry Sibbald
Photo: Kimbelry Sibbald

Heavenly Reflection

Kimberly Sibbald of Seven Persons, Alta. sent in this beautiful image of Comet NEOWISE and the Big Dipper reflected in Handhills Lake, Alta. The gradient of the sky as it transitions into night is beyond dazzling!

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Night Sky Pictures Lynn Mabley
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Dark Side of the Moon

“I thoroughly enjoy capturing earthshine. This was taken in March 2021,” writes Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alta. Did you know that earthshine is the reflection of light from Earth on the moon?

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Night Sky Pictures Josephine Christensen
Photo: Josephine Christensen

Head in the Clouds

“In this picture, we went for Comet NEOWISE and were also blessed with noctilucent clouds. It was a wonderful night watching this. My kids and husband were with me. Everyone had to come as we will never see this one again,” writes Josephine Christensen of Edmonton.

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Night Sky Pictures Andrea Girones 2
Photo: Andrea Girones

Eclipse at Dusk

Thank you to Andrea Girones of Kanata, Ont. for submitting this captivating time-lapse photo of a lunar eclipse rising over the Ottawa River.

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Night Sky Pictures Joel Weatherly
Photo: Joel Weatherly

Nature’s Light Show

We’re mesmerized by this photo capturing a vibrant aurora borealis during a moderate geomagnetic storm. Thank you to Joel Weatherly of Edmonton for sending this shot in!

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Night Sky Pictures Gloria Pawliuk
Photo: Gloria Pawliuk

Beaming in the Night

Did you know that the moon gets its glow by reflecting light from the sun? Its luminescence was captured by Gloria Pawliuk of Pense, Sask., framed here by pine needles.

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Photo: Deanna Giles

Seeing Green

“This photo was taken by my daughter, Hannah, at Lake Minnewanka, Alta.,” writes Deanna Giles of Nepean, Ont. Thank you for sending in this striking view of the northern lights!

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Photo: Andrea Girones

Sky’s the Limit

The sky appears to be flecked with glitter in this otherworldly snap of the Milky Way above a field near Goderich, Ont. captured by Andrea Girones of Kanata, Ont.

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Photo: David St. Louis

Light Storm

“An incredible display of auroras visible from our farm just east of Elmira, Ont. on October 24, 2011. By far the most intense display we’ve seen in the 12 years we’ve lived here,” writes David St. Louis. What a rare sight!

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Photo: Barbara Hart

Glow Up

Seeing the northern lights in-person is on many Canadians’ bucket lists. This impressive photo taken by Barbara Hart of Enterprise, N.W.T. will have to do until a trip is made.

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Photo: Sharon Peters

Prairie Sky

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alta. snapped this enchanting photo of a colourful night sky above the prairies. We’ve never seen a dreamier view!

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Photo: Alan Cheng

Feeling Blue

“The moon was just rising above the Sleeping Giant, the landmark of Thunder Bay, Ont. It’s still early in the night so the landscape is visible,” writes Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ont.

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Photo: Maryalice Woods

Moon Mist

A bright full moon peeks out beneath a haze of clouds, creating a mysterious atmosphere in this photo submitted by Maryalice Wood of Langley, B.C.

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