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Shades of Grey: Canada’s Best Black and White Photography

Colour often steals the spotlight, but there’s something elegant and understated about black and white photography. Here are 25 breathtaking shots of Canada captured in glorious greyscale.

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Woman in fieldPhoto: Helen Rempel

Storm clouds

This wonderful shot looks like a modern, black-and-white version of an Andrew Wyeth painting. Taken near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, photographer Helen Rempel used a self-timer as she stood at the edge of a canola field.

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Battle island lighthousePhoto: Richard Main

To the lighthouse

Richard Main really nailed the vibe of April’s Theme Pic Challenge with this gorgeous photo of the Battle Island Lighthouse near Lake Superior. It’s a great example of the power of depth and contrast.

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Crowsnest MountainPhoto: Tracey Halladay

Misty mountain

Alberta’s Crowsnest Mountain got its name from the local Cree Indians because of the ravens that nested in the region. This shot captures everything we love about mountains-they’re beautiful, historic and larger-than-life. Great job, Tracey!

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Moon at Regina, SaskatchewanPhoto: Wes Tollefson

Silent protector

According to Aboriginal legend, the moon guards the earth at night and has the ability to change the moods and thoughts of humans. With this photo, Wes Tollefson captures the moon in all its amazing and unknowable glory.

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Lake near Mattawa Adventure Camp Photo: Tanya Allen

Night swimming

Photographer Tanya Allen of Ontario took this serene shot from the docks at the Mattawa Adventure Camp on a cool and foggy Thanskgiving weekend.

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Mother and son walking at duskPhoto: Aiden Mahoney

Mother and son

Nothing says happiness like some quality family time. Alden Mahoney snapped this shot of his wife and son walking at dusk on Deadman’s Cove Beach in Newfoundland.

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Alberta landscapePhoto: Darlene Wuenschel

Field of dreams

The great thing about a black-and-white landscape photograph is it’s hard to tell whether it was taken yesterday or 100 years ago. However, one thing’s for sure: the Alberta landscape never looked more peaceful. Thanks for sharing, Darlene!

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dale-matthies-train-stationPhoto: Dale Matthies

Station to station

Photographer Dale Matthies found inspiration in the old Beach Street Station Restaurant in Goderich, Ontario.

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Maple leaves Photo: Kim MacDonald Cameron

Under the canopy

It really is impossible to make a maple leaf look bad. Kim MacDonald Cameron took this photo during a recent trip to Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Classic car at waterfrontPhoto: Dave Carnahan

Hot rod

Anyone in the mood for a race? Dave Carnahan of Ontario took this photograph at Cobourg’s waterfront, where a selection of old and classic cars can always be seen.

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Man cutting woodPhoto: Linda Sweeney


Linda Sweeney of New Brunswick writes: “My husband doing what loves to do in his retirement years-splitting next year’s wood.” He’s done a great job by the looks of it!

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Old gearsPhoto: Sean Donnelly

Modern times

The black-and-white theme inspired photographer Sean Donnelly of Ontario to take this high-contrast (and amazingly detailed) shot of worn-out gears.

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Railway tracksPhoto: Cindy Herbert

Round the bend

This postcard-perfect image of Canada’s old railway tracks was captured by Cindy Herbert of Ontario. Thanks for sharing, Cindy!

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Snow covered farmhousePhoto: Linda Koopmans

Frosted delight

What a beautiful composition. This farmhouse, located in Bloomsbury, Alberta, looks as if it’s being eaten alive by those frost-covered trees. Great eye, Linda!

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Old buggy in barnPhoto: Wes Tollefson

Patiently waiting

Wes Tollefson of Saskatchewan captured this shot of an old buggy. By the looks of it, the buggy has been sitting in that barn for ages!

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Cowboy at farmPhoto: Janice Storch

Branding time

Janice Storch used black-and-white to her advantage by capturing this slice of life in rural Alberta. Who else wants to be a cowboy for a day?

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Owl perched on fencePhoto: Jim Stickel

The watchman

Photographer Jim Stickel of Alberta captured this shot of a stoic owl perched on a fence post during a chinook in the south of the province.

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Cat seated next to car at farmPhoto: Deb Sandau

Moment in the sun

Photographer Deb Sandau grabbed her camera to take this cute shot of Angel, the farm cat. Judging by her graceful pose, she might like the attention!

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Jaguar at Toronto ZooPhoto: Karen Allin


Don’t be fooled by those awesome rosette patterns-jaguars are deadly. Photographer Karen Allin took this shot at the Toronto Zoo.

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Icy Trees at Rice Lake, Ont.Photo: Norma Keith

Long road ahead

Canadian winters can often be brutal, but Norma Keith’s photograph of a peaceful, ice-covered road proves that they’re often worth it.

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Iceberg at Cape BonavistaPhoto: Wilmar Chopyk

What lies beneath

Photographer Wilmar Chopyk was lucky enough to get a glimpse of this iceberg at Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland. These large pieces of freshwater ice attract huge crowds in the province every year. Great timing, Wilmar!

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Low angle of railroadPhoto: Bailey Beatrice Holliday

On the tracks

No longer in use, the Vancouver Island Railway runs from Victoria to Courtenay-this shot in particular was taken behind Courtenay. Photographer Bailey Beatrice Holliday writes: “This railroad is an amazing testament to the history of the Island.”

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Cows heading out to pasturePhoto: Cathy Martin

Till the cows come home

Photographer Cathy Martin snapped this lovely shot of dairy cows heading out to pasture in the early morning in Napan, New Brunswick.

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Bay of FundyPhoto: Roger Lafontaine

Bay of Fundy

What a view! Photographer Roger Lafontaine writes: “While waiting for the high tide to go kayaking, we took a walk by the Hopewell Rocks and took a few pictures from the lookout tower near by.” Thanks for sharing, Roger!

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Abandoned house in rural OntarioPhoto: Doug Burlock


Photographer Doug Burlock’s shot of an abandoned rural farmhouse in Ontario is delightfully mysterious. The cavernous trees make it even more creepy!

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