30 Wild Weather Pictures From Across Canada

Mother Nature can often be beautiful, but she can also be windy, stormy and wet. From tornadoes to blizzards, check out these wild weather pictures snapped by Our Canada readers.

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Weather Pictures - Storm Clouds Over Prairies
Photo: Cat Taylor

Keep your eyes on the skies…

We just had to share this submission from Cat Taylor of Calgary in our roundup of incredible weather pictures. Cat writes, “At first glimpse, the colour seems ‘off’ in this picture, taken west of Red Deer, Alberta, but that is truly the surreal light that pervades when this kind of storm is rolling in. Frightening and awesome at the same time!”

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Weather Pictures - Scarborough Tornado
Photo: Richard Bourdeau

City under siege

Although Ontario’s “Tornado Alley” centres on the southwest region of the province, the bulk of the GTA still falls in its path. Richard Bourdeau snapped this sinister shot from a high-rise in North York. “I was sitting on the balcony when I sighted the funnel cloud. Fortunately, I had my camera handy and a few seconds to take some shots. The tornado did not touch down, to my knowledge, and lifted up a few seconds after I shot.”

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Weather Pictures - Winter Fog
Photo: Cheryl Goff

Simply chilling

“A foggy winter morning with the landscape covered in hoar frost,” writes Cheryl Goff of Oshawa, Ontario. “What will the fog reveal in the distance as it burns off?”

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Weather Pictures - Chesterman Beach Bc Storm
Photo: Mike Lane

Hold on tight!

You can almost feel the force of the wind in Mike Lane’s dynamic shot of a boarder braving the waves at Chesterman Beach, B.C.

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Weather Pictures - Strange Cloud Formation
Photo: Sandy Sinclair

The calm before the storm

Looks like these simmering clouds are about to boil over! Sandy Sinclair snapped this striking photo while travelling west between Oakville and Newton, Manitoba.

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Weather Pictures - Rose Covered In Snow
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Winter strikes back

There’s something poetic about Robbie Gorr’s pic of a delicate rose sagging under the weight of an unwelcome snowfall. “The seasons aren’t always predictable and sometimes summer meets winter after some unexpected weather,” Robbie writes. Let’s hope that beautiful blossom was resilient enough to bounce back afterwards.

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Weather Pictures - Rainfall At Sunset Over Lake
Photo: Cat Taylor

An angler’s sky

“When the fishing is good, weather doesn’t matter,” writes Cat Taylor, who took this fantastic photo near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. “These youngsters didn’t pay any attention at all to the incoming storm!”

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Weather Pictures - Storm Surge Waves Crashing Pier
Photo: Karen Allin

Pier pressure

That poor shoreline is certainly taking a battering! Karen Allin of Mississauga captured this powerful storm surge on Lake Ontario.

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Weather Pictures - Glowing Clouds
Photo: Grace Matthies

Fire in the sky

As photographer Grace Matthies puts it so beautifully, this is the “energy inside the storm.” The contrast between the fiery glow and the sinister dark clouds is absolutely striking. Thanks for sharing, Grace!

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Weather Pictures - Quebec City Storm
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Gimme shelter

Photographer Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ontario, reflects on this vacation snap. “We got caught in this thunderstorm in Quebec City a few years ago and had to take shelter in Chateau Frontenac… There are worse places to wait out a storm!”

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Weather Pictures - Flooded Cycle Path
Photo: Deb Sandau

The tide is high

When Red Deer, Alberta, flooded back in 2013, Deb Sandau captured this shot of a partially-submerged bike path. Hopefully the waters receded soon afterward, or some unsuspecting cyclists were in for a rather wet surprise…

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Weather Pictures - Little House On The Prairie
Photo: Karen Carley

Early warning

That old expression “you could see it coming from a mile away” certainly applies to the Prairies! This incredible image from Coaldale, Alberta’s Karen Carley is truly frame-worthy.

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Weather Pictures - Storm On Lake Erie
Photo: Marianne Detmar

Any port in a storm

“When a storm comes up on Lake Erie while fishing you do your best to try and get to shore—fast,” writes Brantford, Ontario’s Marianne Detmar. “Thankfully made it to the dock at the Port Dover marina just in time.”

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Weather Pictures - Snowstorm Buried
Photo: Norma Keith


Our backs ache just looking at this picture… Imagine the shoveling in store for poor Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario, after this blizzard. We love the bright yellow sunflower decor standing out in the sea of white—a cheery reminder that warmer weather is always on the way!

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Weather Pictures - Dramatic Sky
Photo: Sandy Sinclair

Dramatic backdrop

“These menacing clouds were snapped near Carman, Manitoba,” writes Sandy Sinclair of Portage La Prairie. “It almost looks like a funnel cloud is forming!” We love how the landscape stands in stark silhouette against those angry yellows and blues… Striking shot, Sandy—thanks for sharing.

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Weather Pictures - Thick Fog Over Pond
Photo: Deb Sandau

A real pea-souper

As the kids might say, this picture is “a mood”—a fall mood, in particular! Thanks to Deb Sandau for sharing this atmospheric shot of a misty autumn morning.

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Weather Pictures - Giant Cloud
Photo: Paula Brown

Mountains in the sky

Sometimes, with a bit of imagination, the clouds can blur the distinction between land and sky. In Paula Brown’s incredible capture, even Ottawa can (temporarily, at least!) transform into the Rockies.

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Weather Pictures - Creepy Face In Clouds
Photo: Janet Jessop


Speaking of optical illusions, do you see the creepy face in the clouds that prompted Janet Jessop to snap this pic? Spooky!

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Weather Pictures - Clouds In Chilliwack Bc
Photo: David Lee

A flurry of activity

“This looked like an avalanche, but was just snow flurries,” says David Lee, who took this jaw-dropping shot of the Eastern Hillsides in Chilliwack, B.C. Between the bright blue sky, streaks of cloud and that little flash of rainbow, this single image showcases so many sides of Mother Nature!

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Ice storm in Toronto
Photo: Karen Allin

Ice weather we’re having

Karen Allin’s photo crystallizes the aftermath of extreme weather.

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Photo: Sharon Peters

Take shelter

Photographer Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, writes: “I took this picture in front of my house. The tornado looked like it was coming down our street but it was actually about three kilometres outside of town.”

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Cycling in winter in Montreal
Photo: Armando Rafael

Commuter life

This bone-chilling action shot was captured by Armando Rafael in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal.

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Weather Pictures - Scary Clouds
Photo: Grace Matthies

Living skies

“Land of Living Skies” might be Saskatchewan’s moniker, but Grace Matthies’ photo, taken in southern Alberta, stakes a claim.

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Ice storm in Miramichi, New Brunswick
Photo: Linda Sweeney

Winter wonderland

Photographer Linda Sweeney found inspiration for our “Wild Weather” Theme Pic Challenge in her hometown of Miramichi, New Brunswick.

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Stormy sky over Northumberland Strait
Photo: Eileen MacDonald

Shades of grey

Eileen MacDonald’s atmospheric shot captures the stormy skies over the Northumberland Strait in Cape Traverse, P.E.I.

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Harbor in Bonavista, Newfoundland
Photo: Alan Cheng

Greenland glaciers

Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ontario, writes: “Blocks of ice broke off from Greenland and reached this small village near the town of Bonavista, Newfoundland.” Incredible story—and photo!

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Storm clouds
Photo: Wendy Wever

Larger than life

This gigantic cloud hanging over the municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc in Ontario was calling out for a photograph! Thanks to Wendy Wever for sharing.

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Stormy weather at waterfront
Photo: Norma Keith

Winter’s fury

The waterfront in Cobourg, Ontario, is taking a pounding in this winter storm, snapped by Norma Keith.

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Weather Pictures - Ray Of Light
Photo: Marnie Bonnett

Ray of light

It can’t always be sunny on Georgian Bay, but even then, it’s breathtaking. Thanks to Marnie Bonnett of Toronto for sharing this inspiring picture.

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Weather Pictures - After The Storm Sunset
Photo: Paula Brown

After the storm

Sometimes after a violent storm, we’re rewarded with a reminder of the beauty of nature. That’s exactly what Ottawa’s Paula Brown captured with this spectacular sunset shot.

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