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10 Wild Weather Photos That Show the True Power of Mother Nature

Mother Nature can often be beautiful, but she can also be windy, stormy and wet. From tornadoes to blizzards, check out these wild shots snapped by Our Canada readers.

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Ice storm in TorontoPhoto: Karen Allin

Wild in the city

Karen Allin captures the aftermath of extreme weather in wintry Toronto.

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TornadoPhoto: Sharon Peters

Take shelter

Photographer Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta writes: “I took this picture in front of my house. The tornado looked like it was coming down our street but it was actually about three kilometres outside of town.”

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Cycling in winter in MontrealPhoto: Armando Rafael

Commuter life

This stunning action shot was captured by Armando Rafael in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal.

This is what it’s like photographing wildlife in the dead of winter.

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Ice storm in Miramichi, New BrunswickPhoto: Linda Sweeney

Winter wonderland

Photographer Linda Sweeney found inspiration in her hometown of Miramichi, N.B.

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Stormy sky over Northumberland StraitPhoto: Eileen MacDonald

Shades of grey

Eileen MacDonald captures the stormy skies over the Northumberland Strait in Cape Traverse, P.E.I.

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Harbor in Bonavista, NewfoundlandPhoto: Alan Cheng

Greenland glaciers

Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ont., writes: “Blocks of ice broke off from Greenland and reached this small village near the town of Bonavista, Newfoundland.”

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Storm cloudsPhoto: Wendy Wever

Larger than life

This gigantic cloud over the Strathroy-Caradoc municipality in Ontario was too striking to not take a photo of. Thanks to Wendy Wever for sharing!

This is what late fall looks like in western Canada.

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Stormy weather at waterfrontPhoto: Norma Keith

Crashing waves

The Cobourg waterfront isn’t safe from stormy weather in this photo by Norma Keith.

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SnowfallPhoto: Lynn Mabley

Start of the snowfall

The majestic trees of Hinton, AB, contrasted with pretty white flurries. Thanks to photographer Lynn Mabley for sharing!

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Summer stormPhoto: Frank Koenig

Storm clouds

Photographer Frank Koenig submited this summer storm brewing in Morinville, AB.

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