Canada’s Most Beautiful Lighthouses

We challenged you to capture Canada's most beautiful lighthouses on camera, and you delivered! From instantly recognizable landmarks to humble beachside beacons, these towering structures certainly made striking subjects for photography.

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Lighthouse Canada - Manitoba lighthouse
Photo: Reba Meyer

Little Lighthouse on the Prairie

The coasts don’t have a monopoly on lighthouses! Case in point, this handsome riverside beacon snapped by Reba Meyer of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.

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Lighthouse Canada - Port Prim Lighthouse Pei
Photo: Lorraine St-Jean

End of the Road

Take Prince Edward Island’s Route 209 to its very end, and you’ll find the Point Prim Lighthouse standing proudly at the edge of the shore. Thanks to Lorraine St-Jean of Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, for sending in this shot.

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Cape Spear Lighthouse Canada
Photo: Cindy Mulvihill

East Coast Icon

You can almost hear the cries of the gulls in Cindy Mulvihill’s spectacular photo of the Cape Spear Lighthouse in Newfoundland. The landmark 1836 structure is a must-see east coast attraction.

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Canadian Science and History Museum Lighthouse
Photo: Zubair Hossain

A Landlocked Lighthouse?

“This lighthouse may seem a little unusual, since unlike all other lighthouses it is not by the water,” writes Zubair Hossain. “This is part of the collection of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, placed right outside the museum. I took this photo this September, during the Harvest Full Moon. I like how the calmness of the night, the bright moon and Ottawa’s favourite lighthouse came together in this frame.”

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Cape North Lighthouse - Cape Breton, Canada
Photo: Paula Brown

Take Two!

Photographer Paula Brown was also inspired by Ottawa’s enigmatic beacon, noting that it’s a fairly recent transplant to our nation’s capital. “The Cape North Lighthouse stood at Money Point, near Cape North, Cape Breton, from 1908 to 1980. It was originally installed at Cape Race, Newfoundland.” So it’s not only a landlocked lighthouse, but a well-travelled one, too!

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Fisgard Lighthouse in Victoria Canada
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

A Monumental First

“Fisgard Lighthouse at Fort Rodd Hill in Esquimalt, B.C. just outside of Victoria is a popular place to visit by tourists and locals alike,” writes Alexandra Fontaine of Mission, B.C. “It is a national historic site and the first lighthouse built on the west coast of Canada.”

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Lighthouse at Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Photo: Norma Keith

An Octagonal Tower

Looking for a great day trip from Toronto? Located two and a half hours east of the Big Smoke, Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton makes a fantastic outing. That’s where Norma Keith snapped this striking shot of the park’s distinctive eight-sided  lighthouse, which dates back to 1840.

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Neil's Harbour Lighthouse Canada
Photo: George Vanderberg

Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse

Between the fisherman’s shack, lobster traps, and lighthouse emblazoned with maple leafs, it doesn’t get more east coast than this! George Vanderberg of Lethbridge, Alberta, took this fantastic photograph on a visit to the historic Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse in Nova Scotia.

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Couple standing in front of PEI Lighthouse
Photo: Melanie Corbin

Maritime Memories

Melanie Corbin of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, commemorated her last day of a Prince Edward Island vacation with this keepsake photo. Definitely frame-worthy!

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Peggy's Point Lighthouse at sunset
Photo: Maria Powell

Postcards From Peggy’s Point

Peggy’s Point is very likely the most photographed lighthouse in Canada—and with good reason. “What a thrill to photograph the lighthouse at sunset while home in Nova Scotia on vacation from Alberta,” writes Maria Powell.

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Rose Blanche Stone Lighthouse Newfoundland Canada
Photo: Wilf McQuinn

On the Rocks

Built in 1871, the imposing Rose Blanche Lighthouse in Newfoundland enjoyed a full restoration in 1999. As photographer Wilf McQuinn of Huntsville, Ontario, notes, the unique stone structure stands 95 feet, and has a light that’s visible up to 13 miles (21 kilometres) away.

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West Point Lighthouse in PEI Canada
Photo: Vivian Wever

Be Our Guest

Measuring 67-feet (and 8-inches) high, the West Point Lighthouse has the distinction of being the tallest lighthouse on Prince Edward Island. It’s also one of the most unique hotels in Canada, offering guests the opportunity to spend the night in the iconic striped structure, which dates back to 1875. Thanks to Vivian Wever of Grande Prairie, Alberta, for sharing this wonderful pic.

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Two Lighthouses on the Welland Canal
Photo: Jerry Whitaker

Double Duty

The south entrance to the Welland Canal is marked by this pair of beacons, as photographed by Jerry Whitaker of Fonthill, Ontario.

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Pelee Island Lighthouse Canada
Photo: Rosie Arthurs

Towering Achievements

Not content with its status as the second oldest lighthouse on Lake Erie, the Pelee Island Lighthouse has another claim to fame: It’s the southernmost lighthouse in the entire country! Thanks to Rosie Arthurs of Orillia, Ontario, for sharing this shot.

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Cobourg Harbour Lighthouse
Photo: Ann Lane

Safe Harbour

Brr! You can just feel winter’s chill in Ann Lane’s fantastic photo of the harbour in Cobourg, Ontario.

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Cape Bona Vista Lighthouse Canada
Photo: Norma Keith

Keeper For a Day

Ever wonder what life was like for a light keeper back in the 19th century? You’ll get to experience it firsthand with a visit to Cape Bonavista Lighthouse in Newfoundland, where you can climb all the way up to the light at the top of the tower, and learn the tricks of the keeper’s trade from exhibits and interpretive guides. Thanks to photographer Norma Keith for adding this historical site to our ever-growing list of must-see Canadian attractions.

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Fisgard Light in Victoria
Photo: Mike Lane

All in the Details

Mike Lane of Saanichton, B.C., captured Victoria’s Fisgard Lighthouse from a particularly pretty angle. Architecture buffs will note the Gothic Revival flourish in the arched window just below the beacon. They don’t make ’em like this anymore!

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Lighthouse Silhouette on Lake Huron
Photo: Donna Colarossi

Striking Silhouette

Framed against the setting sun, this Lake Huron lighthouse presented a photo opp that Donna Colarossi couldn’t resist. Thanks for sharing!

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Covehead Harbour Lighthouse in PEI Canada
Photo: Alan Cheng

New Kid on the Block

“Built in 1967 and rebuilt in 1975, the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse is relatively new compared with other lighthouses in PEI,” writes Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ontario. Nevertheless, Alan notes, it serves as a visual—and cultural—landmark of the local community.

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Alexander Graham Bell Statue
Photo: Ruth Boudreau

(Very) Still Life

If you’re waiting for these folks to clear off the bench, you’ll be here a while! Ruth Boudreau of Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia, sent in this shot of “Alex and Mabel Bell enjoying the view of the lighthouse in Baddeck.” That Alex she’s referring to? None other than Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, who’s immortalized in this bronzed statue along the Baddeck waterfront.

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Kincardine Lighthouse in Ontario Canada
Photo: Diane Zinger

Staying Power

The original kerosene-powered lamp has been replaced with a 500-watt electrical bulb, but Kincardine, Ontario’s 1880 lighthouse still stands proud. The charming structure on the banks of the Penetangore River is an essential stop if you’re travelling through the Grey Bruce region. Thanks to Diane Zinger of Miller Lake, Ontario, for sharing this summery shot.

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Bayfield Lighthouse Conversion
Photo: Marianne Detmar

Unreal Estate

Searching for your dream house? Marianne Detmar of Brantford, Ontario, may have found it! Although it looks like a historic lighthouse conversion, this impossibly pretty property in the Lake Huron community of Bayfield only dates back to the 1990s.

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Seacow Head Lighthouse - PEI Canada
Photo: Dean McMurrer

Seeing Red

Is any shoreline more distinctive than the rolling red banks of Prince Edward Island? Dean McMurrer of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, captured this brilliant shot of the Seacow Head Lighthouse perched high above the Northumberland Strait.

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Port Credit Lighthouse and mural in Mississauga, Ontario
Photo: Karen Allin

Urban Lighthouse

Situated along the always-bustling Lakeshore Road in Mississauga, Ontario, the Port Credit Lighthouse is admired by thousands of motorists every day. Karen Allin’s fantastic photo showcases the colourful mural that brings the Lake Ontario horizon right to the lighthouse’s doorstep.

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Pointe A La Renommee Light in Quebec
Photo: Fred Allin

Back in Action

Check out that fog bank rolling in! It looks as though the Pointe à la Renommée Light, in L’Anse à Valleau, Quebec, is about to get a good workout. Thanks to Fred Allin of Etobicoke, Ontario, for sharing this awesome shot.

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Lighthouse on the Ottawa River
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Fall Foliage

Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario, snapped this lighthouse on the Ottawa River, beautifully framed by autumn leaves.

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Lighthouse Canada - Peggy's Point lighthouse
Photo: Russ Hayes

Take Me Back to Peggy’s Cove

You didn’t think we could limit ourselves to just one Peggy’s Point Lighthouse shot, did you? Here’s the iconic beacon in broad daylight, as captured by the incredibly talented Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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Goderich Lighthouse - Lake Huron Ontario
Photo: Lina Tasca

Golden Glow

At one point named “the prettiest town in Canada,” Goderich, Ontario, can also boast this handsome lighthouse, which sits high above its shores. Judging from the golden glow on the structure’s west-facing side, photographer Lina Tasca captured this shot during one of those famed Lake Huron sunsets.

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Ferryland Lighthouse Newfoundland Canada
Photo: Paul O'Toole

Tough Enough

Encased in iron, Newfoundland’s Ferryland Lighthouse looks built to withstand a hurricane—and to be fair, it’s probably seen its share of those since 1870. Thankfully, the weather looked clear and calm when Paul O’Toole of Kingston, Ontario, took this photo of the formidable structure.

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Port Aux Choix Lighthouse Newfoundland Canada
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Pepperpot Style

Port au Choix, Newfoundland, is home to one of Canada’s richest archaeological sites, as well as the lovely Point Riche lighthouse. The somewhat squat octagonal structure tapers dramatically; an example of the “pepperpot” style of lighthouse. Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ontario, couldn’t have chosen a prettier evening to shoot this local landmark. Just look at that sky!

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Slate Island Lighthouse Starry Night
Photo: Richard Main

Seeing Stars

Fans of Our Canada’s Facebook page will likely recognize this striking image: it served as our Cover Photo for the month of September! Thanks again to Richard Main of Thunder Bay, Ontario, for sharing his spectacular shot of the Slate Island Lighthouse, set against an eye-popping array of stars… Positively breathtaking.

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Prince Edward Point Lighthouse in Ontario's Prince Edward County
Photo: Paula Brown

Neglected Gem

The Prince Edward Point Lighthouse in Prince Edward, Ontario, has weathered more than a century of storms, and has the battle scars to prove it… Still, with a lick of paint and a fair bit of TLC, this Heritage Lighthouse could shine once more. Thanks to Paula Brown for sharing this atmospheric shot.

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Cape Forchu Lighthouse Canada
Photo: Rosa Cross

“A Light Like No Other”

A lighthouse has stood at Cape Forchu in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, for more than 175 years. The current structure—one of Yarmouth’s biggest tourist attractions—offers a “Climb the Light” experience, with the payoff being a bird’s-eye view of the harbour, breathtaking sunsets, and, after dark, unparalleled stargazing opportunities. Thanks to Rosa Cross of Tancook Island for adding this striking structure to our east coast bucket list!

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Mullins Point Upper Range Lighthouse in Wallace
Photo: Karen Cook

Memories of Mullins Point

“So there I was in Wallace, Nova Scotia. I had spotted the Mullins Point Upper Range Lighthouse across the river and it looked so pretty, especially with the fall colours on display, and the river in the foreground. I was focused on the lighthouse, when all of a sudden this huge, and I do mean huge, flock of double-crested cormorants flew into the view! There were literally hundreds of these birds. I had never seen a flock of that size in my life. They just kept coming and coming! What should I do? Miss the shot with the lighthouse? Or try and focus on at least part of the flock that kept on coming? I went with my instinct and stayed focused on the lighthouse. The birds are blurry, but I somehow think it added to the magic of the moment.

“Wallace is a tiny community on the Northumberland Strait in northern Nova Scotia. Named for legendary Scotsman William Wallace (of Braveheart fame), it is a now a fishing port, but at one time was a booming shipbuilding port. The Mullins Point Upper Range Lighthouse is registered with Canada’s Historic Places. It is unusual as the entire lighthouse is mounted on the gable roof of the story-and-a-half wood frame home of the lightkeeper! This rare design was necessary to fulfill the rear light function and to make sure the light was visible above the surrounding trees.” – Karen Cook, Kingston, Nova Scotia

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Sheringham Point Lighthouse in Sphere
Photo: Kevin Wheeler

Magic Moment

We often speak of photography as “capturing” an image, but Kevin Wheeler’s creative composition takes that expression to the next level. Here, he’s caught B.C.’s Sheringham Point Lighthouse in a glass sphere, which in turn, is captured on camera for us all to admire. Simply magical, Kevin!

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Lighthouse emerging from fog
Photo: Sean Donnelly

Symbol of Hope

Sean Donnelly of Sarnia, Ontario, ventured out into a real pea soup situation to snap this powerful pic. The lighthouse emerging from the fog… A symbol of hope for anyone struggling to find their way.

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Lighthouse Cove in Chatham Ontario
Photo: Sue Thompson

Lighthouse Cove

Sue Thompson of Chatham, Ontario, doesn’t have to travel far to enjoy this pretty panorama—it’s right in her hometown! Located where the Thames River meets Lake St. Clair, Lighthouse Cove boasts one of the three oldest lighthouses on the Great Lakes.

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Lobster Cove Head - Lighthouse Canada
Photo: Dan Wever

A Must-See in Gros Morne

“My wife and I spent 28 days touring the Maritimes and found a few nice lighthouses on Newfoundland,” writes Dan Wever of Grande Prairie, Alberta. “This one is called the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse.” Sounds like the trip of a lifetime, Dan! Thanks for sharing.

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Point Atkinson Lighthouse - West Vancouver
Photo: Alana Zaal

Family Ties

The Point Atkinson Lighthouse in West Vancouver is more than just a pretty picture for Alana Zaal of Abbotsford, B.C. “My ancestor, Edward Woodward, was the first light keeper in 1874,” she writes. What a wonderful family connection!

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Georges Island Lighthouse - Halifax Harbour Pirate Ship
Photo: George Vanderberg

Georges Island Lighthouse

“A favourite photo of mine pictures the tall ship Bounty sailing past the Georges Island Lighthouse in Halifax Harbour,” writes the immensely talented George Vanderberg. “The replica ship of the HMS Bounty was built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in 1960 and appeared in several films. On this occasion it was attending the 2012 Halifax Tall Ship Festival. Sadly shortly after this event the Bounty sank when she was sailing to St. Petersberg, Florida, during Hurricane Sandy.” Your incredible photo is a fitting epitaph for the ship, George—thank you for sharing.

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