Incredible Candid Photography From Across Canada

We challenged you to share your best candid photography, and you delivered! These spur-of-the-moment snaps showcase life at its most authentic—and unplanned.

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Candid photography - Puppy kisses
Photo: Ann Boddy

Puppy love

When Ann Boddy’s dog pulled a sneak licking-attack on her sister, she just had to capture the moment on camera. We’re so glad she did—this candid shot had us in stitches!

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Candid photography - War of 1812 soldiers whispering
Photo: Karen Allin

A soldier’s secret

Karen Allin captured this candid moment between two War of 1812 re-enactors at the Bradley Museum in Mississauga, Ontario. We can’t help but wonder whether they’re discussing military strategy, or tips on staying cool in those stifling uniforms!

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Candid photography - Man and dog on dock
Photo: Christine Muchmore

Waiting for the jumpers

“My husband was down on his hands and knees with our son’s dog Clay waiting for the fish to jump at the moths landing on the water,” writes Christine Muchmore of Maberly, Ontario. “I couldn’t resist this adorable candid moment!”

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Candid photography - Cowboy bucked from horse
Photo: Mike Lane

Hold your horses

“This isn’t quite as easy as it looks,” writes Mike Lane of Saanichton, British Columbia. Thanks to Mike’s own quick reflexes, we can marvel at this action shot of a rider falling from a bucking bronc at the Williams Lake Stampede.

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Candid photography - Photographer chickadee
Photo: Paula Brown

For the birds

“We were at Point Pelee near Windsor, Ontario, a few winters ago and my husband was taking a few bird shots when I noticed the chickadee fly by,” writes Paula Brown. “It was so funny as Dave never did get one bird shot!”

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Candid photography - Women laughing
Photo: Russ Hayes

Warm smiles

As William Arthur Ward put it so eloquently, “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” Russ Hayes’ candid shot of friends enjoying a laugh in Lac Brome, Quebec, beautifully underscores that sentiment.

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Candid photography - Dog in van
Photo: Erla McCormick

You are not going anywhere without me!

“I brought my van to help my son move from North Bay to the country,” writes Erla McCormick of Sarnia, Ontario. “We were going in and out of the house with loaded arms. My dog Chewbacca is my best friend and he follows me everywhere I go. While going in and out of the house, I kind of lost track of Chewy’s comings and goings. At one point, I came out of the house wondering where he could be. This is where I found him. It was literally the last spot left in the van, and when I saw him, all I could think was that he was telling me, ‘You are not going anywhere without me!’ He amazes me all of the time.”

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Candid photography - Catch and release
Photo: Sue Thompson

Catch and release

This lucky fish will live to see another day! Thanks to Sue Thompson of Chatham, Ontario, for sharing this summery shot.

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Candid photography - Wakeboarding
Photo: Heather Loewen


Talk about perfect timing! Heather Loewen of Lloydminster, Alberta, managed to capture this adventurous wakeboarder suspended in mid-air.

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Candid photography - Man reading beside tractor
Photo: Norma Howes

Reading material

“Every mechanic has to take a minute to read the manual,” writes Norma Howes of Rock Creek, British Columbia. Given the attention this gentleman’s giving to those instructions, it looks like that tractor’s maintenance is in good hands.

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Candid photography - Man making bubbles
Photo: Alan Cheng

Forever blowing bubbles

You’re never too old for playtime, as this sweet shot from Scarborough, Ontario’s Alan Cheng proves.

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Candid photography - Lying on graffiti underpass
Photo: Sylvie O'Rourke

Nap time

This probably isn’t the comfiest place to catch 40 winks, but it certainly makes for a striking photograph! Sylvie O’Rourke snapped this candid shot during a hard-earned cycling break in St. Zotique, Quebec.

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Candid photography - Llama alpaca encounter
Photo: Dan Wever


Here’s a candid photo that’s sure to put a smile on your face! Dan Wever captured this close encounter between his wife and a friendly llama on a trip to Newfoundland. We certainly hope that llama isn’t due for a shearing anytime soon—his ‘do is magnificent!

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Candid photography - little girl splashing in mountain lake
Photo: Maria MacKeigan

Carpe diem

Swimming wasn’t necessarily on the agenda when Maria MacKeigan and her daughter, Jordan Grace, visited Alberta’s Lake Minnewanka—but that didn’t stop them from making a splash! “Jordan Grace went straight for the water, no bathing suits needed; she began to play and I began to snap some fun pictures,” Maria writes. “I love the way she lives life. Every day is an adventure.”

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Candid photography - Indigenous dancer
Photo: Maria Powell

Quiet contemplation

Maria Powell shared this striking shot of a young Indigenous dancer deep in thought as he exited the stage following a performance at the Calgary Stampede.

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Candid photography - Groundhog in tulips
Photo: Sylvie O'Rourke


You’ve heard of stopping to smell the roses? Well, this groundhog is making do with tulips! Sylvie O’Rourke captured this magical moment at Ottawa’s legendary Tulip Festival.

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Candid photography - Dog jumping on beach
Photo: Deb Sandau

Spring in her step

“My husband Dave wanted to see just how high our pup could jump,” writes Deb Sandau of Red Deer, Alberta. “She proved her point that she was able to go as high as she could to get the prize!”

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Candid photography - Deer piggyback
Photo: Sharon Laurin

Getting a leg up

It’s not unusual for Sharon Laurin to spot wildlife frolicking in her front yard in Ste. Anne, Manitoba. What was unusual was the moment this fawn jumped on its hind legs to get a better view over the back of its mother. Too cute!

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Candid photography - Calgary Stampede cowboys talking
Photo: Maria Powell

Cowboys in conversation

Here’s another fantastic candid that Maria Powell snapped at the Calgary Stampede. Find out why the Stampede really is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

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Candid photography - Chipmunk sneaking a drink
Photo: Vivian Wever

An unexpected guest

“I put out a dish of water for the birds as it was very hot,” writes Vivian Wever of Grande Prairie, Alberta. “Never expected a chipmunk to join in on a long drink of cool water!”

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