Sunflower Photography to Brighten Your Day

A gorgeous gallery celebrating bright, beautiful and blooming sunflowers.

Sunflower Photography - Happy facePhoto: Jana Gauthier

Happy Face

Jana Gauthier of Tantallon, Nova Scotia, writes: “I snapped this pic several years ago, while on an afternoon stroll through a sunflower maze at Dakeyne Farm in Mount Denson, N.S.”

Sunflower photography - sunflower ready to bloomPhoto: Robbie Gorr

Ready to Bloom

“I captured this shot of a sunflower just beginning to open,” shares Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario. “I always plant a row or two of sunflowers at the back of my vegetable patch. I enjoy seeing the large, bright flowers in that space and they also serve to attract birds and insects of all kinds.”

Sunflower Photography - Full of joyPhoto: Heather McIlravey

Full of Joy

Heather McIlravey of Severn Bridge, Ontario, sent along this beauty that she snapped in her garden, writing: “I always start sunflowers from seed for all the bees, birds and squirrels to enjoy.”

Sunflower Photography - Field of sunflowersPhoto: Elaine Howard

Golden Meadow

“While travelling the back roads in the rural farming community in which I reside, I came across this wonderful field of sunflowers,” says Elaine Howard of Wallacetown, Ontario. “It was a cloudy day, but the field was bright and full of sunshine!”

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Originally Published in Our Canada