50+ Beautiful Doors From Across Canada

We challenged you to capture Canada's most beautiful doors on camera, and you delivered! From weathered wooden doors to sleek, classical designs, check out this gallery of gorgeous door photography.

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Doors Across Canada - Museum Of Nature Ottawa
Photo: Paula Brown

Museum piece

“I love the entrance doors to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa,” writes Paula Brown. The ornamental moose heads between the archways is the perfect Canadian flourish!

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Doors Across Canada - Vanishing Point
Photo: Alan Cheng

Vanishing point

Scarborough, Ontario’s Alan Cheng captured this seemingly endless series of doorways while strolling through a museum. Thank goodness for the numbers—it looks like a place that would be easy to get lost in!

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Doors Across Canada - Green Farm Shed
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Handsome hue

Although this door is set in an old farm shed, that gorgeous shade of green is inspiring us to give our own front door a makeover. Thanks to Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario, for sharing this colour cue.

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Doors Across Canada - Canadian Parliament Buildings Door
Photo: Melanie Corbin

Standing on guard for thee

It’s easy to forget how grand Canada’s Parliament Buildings are—until people stand in the shot for scale! Melanie Corbin of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, snapped this impressive pic on a visit to our nation’s capital.

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Doors Across Canada - Gardner Dunton House
Photo: Karen Allin

History lesson

“The Gardner Dunton House was built in the 1840s,” writes Karin Allin, whose photo hints at the historic structure’s glory days. “It sits on the property of Peel District School Board, in Mississauga, Ontario.”

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Doors Across Canada - Setting Sun on red door
Photo: Linda Sweeney

House of the setting sun

It looks cold enough to see your breath, but this red door still seems to be basking in the sunlight. Thanks to Linda Sweeney of Miramichi, New Brunswick, for submitting this fantastic photo.

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Doors Across Canada - Underground Tunnel
Photo: Shawn Fitzpatrick

Chamber of secrets

“Enter—if you dare!” writes Shawn Fitzpatrick of Kingston, Ontario. The fact that the door is slightly ajar is enough to spark the imagination… We can’t help but wonder what lies beyond!

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Doors Across Canada - Red Barn Door
Photo: Kim Ross

Take me back to Gaspereau

“Having a particular fondness for old barns, this is one of my favourites,” writes Kim Ross of New Minas, Nova Scotia. “Located in the farming community of Gaspereau, Nova Scotia, this barn has been standing for many years. Many of the older style barns had hay mows on the second floor, as does this one, with a door for getting the hay in and out. I love the faded red paint and rusty old hinges showing the wear and tear of the elements over the years. The bonus in this shot is that I got two doors for the price of one!”

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Doors across Canada - Quebec warehouse with red doors
Photo: Maryalice Wood

(Ware)house beautiful

This immaculately restored old warehouse wouldn’t be out of place in a bustling European port. But as photographer Maryalice Wood discovered on a stroll through Vieux Quebec, it’s very much on this side of the Atlantic!

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Doors Across Canada - Bothwell Oil Museum
Photo: James Pollock


James Pollock’s shot of a door at the Bothwell Oil Museum in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, is as pretty as a painting. From the incredible textures of the worn and weathered planks to the reflection of the fall foliage in the glass, it’s a bona fide work of art.

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Doors Across Canada - Brenda Snape
Photo: Brenda Snape

Restoration project

“A fresh new look! Getting a face lift in downtown Toronto,” writes photographer Brenda Snape of Aurora, Ontario. The elaborate Corinthian capitals on those columns are well worth preserving!

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Beautiful doors
Photo: Brittany Walker

In living colour

Brittany Walker of Melita, Manitoba, says, “I travelled to St. John’s a while back and while there, snapped this picture of a colourful door in the downtown area. St. John’s is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind city filled with colourfully painted homes.“

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Doors Across Canada - East Block Of Parliament Doorway
Photo: Cindy Mulvihill

Positively regal

On a visit to Ottawa, Cindy Mulvihill of Low, Quebec, was struck by this impressive arched doorway in the East Block building of Parliament. The blackened stone, wrought iron lamp posts and stained glass windows create a real sense of majesty.

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Doors across Canada - Red door in green ivy
Photo: Maryalice Wood

Cutest door on campus

You’ll find this eye-catching red door at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It certainly caught the attention of shutterbug Maryalice Wood of Langley, B.C.

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Doors across Canada - Kelowna train station orange door
Photo: Maria Powell

All aboard!

The Kelowna, B.C., train station boasts this brightly-painted door, which caught the eye of shutterbug Maria Powell.

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Doors Across Canada - Blue Rodeo stage door
Photo: Deb Sandau

Exit stage left

If this door looks a bit “stagey,” it’s with good reason! “I took this picture at the Badlands Amphitheatre in Drumheller waiting for Blue Rodeo to begin,” writes Deb Sandau. “The actors for The Badlands Passion Play come through this on the second tier of the stage.”

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Doors Across Canada - sunny yellow doorway
Photo: John Schnell

The bright side

Dealing with a dark and gloomy front entrance? Here’s a surefire fix—cover every square inch with a coat of sunny yellow paint! Edmonton’s John Schnell snapped this unabashedly cheerful doorway on a visit to Banff back in 2010.

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Doors Across Canada - rustic granary
Photo: Rebecca Bromberger

Rural relic

This old granary has seen better days, but Rebecca Bromberger’s photo manages to capture its weather-beaten beauty.

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Doors Across Canada - Rainbow Shed
Photo: Rosa Cross

Over the rainbow

The cheerful paint job on this little shed is sure to put a smile on your face. Thanks to Rosa Cross of Tancook Island, Nova Scotia, for sharing this sweet photo.

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Doors Across Canada - Crab Door Knocker
Photo: Ruth Boudreau

Maritime flair

Between the brilliant emerald hue and crab-shaped knocker, this home’s entryway has curb appeal in abundance. According to photographer Ruth Boudreau of Brasdor, Nova Scotia, it’s “One of many doors in Lunenburg with a nautical theme.”

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Doors Across Canada - Niagara Falls Statue
Photo: Cindy Herbert

Hidden gem

In lieu of more conventional studs, this handsome wooden door boasts elaborate decorative florets. Cindy Herbert of Welland, Ontario, discovered this hidden gem in the base of a statue in Niagara Falls.

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Doors Across Canada - rustic door on door
Photo: Helen Rempel

Doors on doors

“This door was taken at a ghost town in Saskatchewan,” writes photographer Helen Rempel of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. “I spruced it up a bit with adding a few flowers and a bit of texture.”

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Doors Across Canada - Hall's Linens in Paris, Ontario
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Parisian elegance

Paris, Ontario, makes for a great day trip from Toronto, particularly if you’re a fan of historical architecture. Here, Rhonda Beirnes showcases one of many vintage doors you’ll spot on a stroll through the charming downtown, this one belonging to the 120-year-old Hall’s Linens.

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Doors Across Canada - Yellow Door Frame
Photo: B. Gustafson

Fancy framework

Sometimes it’s not the door, but the frame that steals the spotlight. That’s certainly the case with this fascinating bit of millwork photographed by B. Gustafson of Victoria.

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Doors Across Canada - Toronto Door Mural
Photo: Russ Hayes

The art of camouflage

A gorgeous wall mural renders this back door very nearly invisible! Sherbrooke, Quebec’s Russ Hayes snapped this stunning artwork on a stroll through the streets of Toronto.

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Doors Across Canada - Chateau Ramezay Montreal
Photo: Norma Keith

Postcards from Montreal

You don’t have to be a Habs fan to find this facade impressive! Baltimore, Ontario’s Norma Keith took this fantastic photo of the historic Chateau Ramezay on a visit to Montreal.

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Doors Across Canada - Shed Door Bonnie Dominix
Photo: Bonnie Dominix

Flown the coop

With its distinctive full moon cut-out, this shed door bears more than a passing resemblance to a birdhouse. By the looks of the rusted hinges and peeling paint, any former residents have long since flown the coop! Thanks to Bonnie Dominix of Harbour Mille, Newfoundland, for sharing this wonderful shot.

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Doors Across Canada - Fort William Collegiate Institute Richard Main
Photo: Richard Main

Higher learning

“Many students passed through these doors,” notes photographer Richard Main of the imposing Fort William Collegiate Institute in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Although the archway is marked with the date of 1919, much of the structure dates back to 1907, and its combination of classical and medieval architecture helped secure its heritage building designation in the 1980s.

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Doors Across Canada - White Church With Blue Doors
Photo: Russ Hayes

Going to the chapel

There are plenty of white churches across Canada, but these brilliant blue doors and striking architectural details set the Eglise Saint Wilfrid de Kingscroft in a class by itself. You’ll find the charming white clapboard structure in the Quebec hamlet of Kingscroft, about an hour and a half east of Montreal. Thanks to the talented Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec, for putting this gem on our radar!

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Doors Across Canada - Planks On Angle
Photo: Frank Koenig

Horizontal hold

When Frank Koenig of Morinville, Alberta, spotted this wacky-looking abandoned building, he knew he had to take a snapshot. Although the hinges are (somehow!) still holding, the planks that make up the door itself have sagged over time, creating this eye-popping effect. Isn’t it curious how the lines still manage to match up, even though they’re no longer perfectly horizontal?

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Doors Across Canada - Yonge and Eglinton alley
Photo: JM Fontaine

Mean streets

Although the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton is a cluster of steel and glass skyscrapers, Toronto photographer JM Fontaine exposes its gritty underbelly in this moody shot of a derelict doorway.

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Doors Across Canada - Elora Ontario
Photo: Marianne Detmar

Wall of doors

Marianne Detmar encountered this cheerful installation while walking through the beautiful town of Elora, Ontario. “Such a unique and colourful way to use old doors,” she writes. “So many wonderful things to see and do here!”

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Doors Across Canada - Camp Morton Historic Site
Photo: Victoria Emms

Keep out!

Between the bars and the sternly worded notice, it’s unlikely this entryway sees much traffic—of the two legged or four-legged variety! Victoria Emms of Anola, Manitoba, snapped this pic on a visit to the Camp Morton Historical Site.

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Doors Across Canada - Assiniboine Park Door In Tree
Photo: Cindy Herbert

Homegrown Hobbiton

Cindy Herbert of Welland, Ontario, didn’t have to travel all the way to Middle Earth to find this Hobbit hole! The enchanting door is set into the trunk of a tree in Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park.

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Doors Across Canada - Barn Door With Hinges
Photo: Donna Smith

Gold Rush relic

Rust-red hinges give these barn doors a truly distinctive appearance. Vernon, B.C.’s Donna Smith took this fantastic photo in Keno City—a tiny Gold Rush relic nearly 500 kilometres outside of Whitehorse.

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Doors Across Canada - Blue Door In Tree
Photo: Paula Eves

Positively enchanting

“This creative project was done by a man in my community who wanted to fill a hole in the tree trunk,” writes Paula Eves of Sarnia, Ontario. “It was a very popular spot, but unfortunately, the tree recently had to come down.” We can’t help but wonder where the inhabitants have moved to… Have you seen any of these fairy doors spring up in your neck of the woods recently?

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Doors Across Canada - Painted Garage Door
Photo: Erla McCormick

Doorways to her world

Erla McCormick says this photograph captures the “doorways to her world.” “Through the smaller doors lays my world of home. A place I care for my son, Kris, along with my dog, Chewbacca, and cat, Trouble,” Erla writes. “Behind the garage door is my salvation. Why, you ask? Because it stores my Classic, 1962 Pontiac Tempest LeMans Convertible. Candy apple red! When I am out driving in it, sun on my face, wind in my hair, all of my worries disappear. So both doors are very important, especially in today’s crazy world!”

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Doors Across Canada - Camp Door
Photo: Kim Ross

Uncle Doug’s Camp door

“This camp door is certainly showing its age,” writes Kim Ross of the beloved property at Fisherman’s Reserve, Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia. “Built about 150 years ago, it’s still standing, albeit a bit weatherbeaten. I love the battered look of the door, every inch of metal rusted by the salty sea air. Even the window has survived—quite a feat given the high winds that come in off the Atlantic Ocean.”

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Doors across Canada - Bella Coola totem pole
Photo: Maryalice Wood

Impressive entrance

“A doorway into history,” writes photographer Maryalice Wood, who captured this striking shot in Bella Coola, gateway to British Columbia’s famed Great Bear Rainforest.

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Doors Across Canada - Mackenzie Hall
Photo: Justine Coulter

Classic Canadiana

Situated in one of Windsor, Ontario’s most historic neighbourhoods, Mackenzie Hall was built in the 1850s by none other than Alexander Mackenzie—Canada’s second Prime Minister. Thanks to Justine Coulter of Harrow, Ontario, for sharing this fascinating slice of local history.

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Doors across Canada - ornamental door detail
Photo: Gee Wong

In the details

Where else but Quebec City could you find such impressive classical detail? The ornamental millwork on these doors is nothing short of breathtaking. Many thanks to Kitchener, Ontario, photographer Gee Wong for sharing this beautiful shot.

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Beautiful doors
Photo: Alan Cheng

A study in contrasts

Alan Cheng of Scarborough writes, “In the summer of 2012, while vacationing in P.E.I., I snapped this photo at a gas station near the town of Borden-Carleton, the starting point of the Confederation Bridge on the Island. The bright white door stood out nicely against the vivid green of the wall.”

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Beautiful doors
Photo: Cathy Martin

Treasures close to home

“Napan, New Brunswick, has become one of my favourite places to explore,” shares Cathy Martin of nearby Miramichi. “Most of the time, I take landscape photos of sweeping fields, the river or farms, but I discovered this gem along the way.”

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Beautiful doors
Photo: David Lee

Stagecoach stop

David Lee of Chilliwack, B.C., captured this great shot of a cabin that was part of an original stagecoach stop, located behind the newer Ashcroft Manor Teahouse in Ashcroft, B.C.

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Beautiful doors
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Arched entrance

Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario, writes,”I snapped this pic of the front door of St. George’s Anglican Church in the village of Portage-du-Fort, Quebec, as part of a series of photos of old churches and cemeteries that I took in that area.”

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Beautiful doors
Photo: Rosa Cross

Initial impression

Rosa Cross of Tancook Island, Nova Scotia, writes “Growing up on Tancook Island during the ’60s and ’70s, it seemed that a lot of houses had these aluminum screen doors with the initial of the family’s last name in the centre. Alas, the ‘C’ pictured here is not for Cross but rather Crooks—another Tancook family name!”

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Light brown door
Photo: Linda Swance

The bigger picture

Linda Swance of Burlington, Ontario, writes: “This door is very unique. Not for the door itself, but the house it belongs to. It is the entranceway to an old silo! The silo was converted into a very extraordinary castle/home! It can be found just outside Elora, Ontario.”

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St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in downtown Toronto
Photo: Karen Allin

Heavenly gates

We’re smitten with Karen Allin’s shot of the massive front doors of Toronto’s St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

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Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Photo: Glenn Holtzhauer

Historic hotel

You can’t visit Niagara-on-the-Lake without indulging in a spot of tea at the historic Prince of Wales Hotel! The Victorian-era property is shown here in a detail shot snapped by Cambridge, Ontario’s Glenn Holtzhauer.

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Bright red door
Photo: Vanessa Vincent

Getting a handle on things

Vanessa Vincent shared this striking detail shot of handsome door hardware against a backdrop of brilliant red. Isn’t it incredible what a fresh coat of paint can do?

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Rocks in front of door
Photo: Rosa Cross

No entry

Photographer Rosa Cross writes, “Rocks rolled in along the beach to make this door impassable.” We just hope nobody was inside at the time!

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Doors Across Canada - Yellow Door Red Door
Photo: Russ Hayes

The power of paint

They may be #twinning from an architectural perspective, but the doors of this Kingston, Ontario, duplex have distinct personalities thanks to their different hues. Which do you prefer: Yellow or red? Thanks to Russ Hayes for sharing this fun photo!

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Doors Across Canada - Mystery Mansion
Photo: Shawn Fitzpatrick

Mystery mansion

This spooky abandoned estate would make the perfect setting for a mystery story. It certainly makes an atmospheric subject for Shawn Fitzpatrick’s skilful photography.

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Doors Across Canada - Distillery District
Photo: Gee Wong

An excellent vintage

Although Toronto’s Distillery District is most famous for its annual Christmas Market, its historic architecture makes it worth visiting year round. These black steel doors set into a sea of red brick make a striking subject for Gee Wong’s camera.

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Beautiful doors
Photo: Glenn Holtzhauer

Twice as nice

Glenn Holtzhauer of Cambridge, Ontario, shared this pretty pic that he captured in Quebec City back in 2011. Those little wall-mounted planter pots are such a charming idea!

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Doors Across Canada - Barn in St. Jacobs, Ontario
Photo: Marianne Detmar

St. Jacobs gem

“While walking the streets of St. Jacobs, I came across this beautiful door,” writes Brantford, Ontario, photographer Marianne Detmar. Between the the intricate glasswork on the sidelights and transom, and the warm and welcoming wreath, it’s easy to see why it made such an impression. (Those salvaged shutters are just aching to be reinvented as do-it-yourself room dividers!)

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