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Our Canada Theme Pic Challenge: Handmade

Are you looking for some arts and crafts inspiration? Then you’ll love the results of January’s Theme Pic Challenge, which was to showcase unique and quirky handmade objects. These 15 photographs in particular reminded us why it’s so much fun to work with our hands. Enjoy!

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6060 steam train mural on garage doorPhoto: Frank Koenig

Crazy train

When you think about it, there should be more murals on garage doors. Frank Koenig of Morinville, Alta., who sent us this photo, enjoys trains so much he had this lovely 6060 steam train painted for him. Now every time he looks out his kitchen window, he gets to look at a piece of art!

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DressmakingPhoto: Roger Lafontaine

Old fashioned

Roger Lafontaine of Cornwall, Ont. writes: “While touring the east coast, we stopped at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site and met Gisele, one of the interpreters at the Fortress. She was hand-making the borders of one of the dresses!”

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Handmade sign made with flowersPhoto: Diana Gorski

Give peace a chance

“I always try to have flowers in the house all year round,” writes photographer Diana Gorski of Edmonton. “I like to make things out of them just before the bloom ends, and then I make a print so I can always remember the little project I did!” Thanks for sharing, Diana!

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Bird flying onto bird feederPhoto: Isabelle Marozzo

Free bird

January’s “Handmade” Theme Pic Challenge inspired Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ont. to send us this photo of a chickadee landing on a very special feeder. We knew chickadees were small, but who knew they were that small?

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PaddyFest wreathPhoto: Rhonda Beirnes

Arts and crafts

Photographer Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ont. collaborated with her granddaughter Kennedy to make this impressive Paddyfest wreath. The gold coins are a great touch!

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Knitted sweater with dragon designPhoto: Jane Thede

Mother of dragons

Jane Thede of Port Elgin, Ont. really nailed the vibe January’s Theme Pic Challenge. According to Jane, her grandson Eduardo wanted a fire-breathing dragon on his sweater and loudly proclaimed, “My grandma can make anything!”

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Handmade bird feeder outside in winter with woodpeckerPhoto: Norma Keith

Knock on wood

Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ont. captured this woodpecker on her handmade bird feeder. You can check out more of Norma’s great work in our “Cars” Theme Pic Challenge roundup!

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Framed cross-stitch patternPhoto: Joyce Stolte


Photographer Joyce Stolte of Edmonton created this wonderful cross-stitch that reminds us a lot of our “Rustic” Theme Pic Challenge. According to Joyce, the frame is made from old granary boards too!

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Watercolour portrait of winter landscapePhoto: Lillian Kennedy

Winter wonderland

Photographer Lillian Kennedy of Maces Bay, N.B. painted this wonderful Group of Seven-esque winter landscape using watercolours.

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Traditional snowmanPhoto: Brenda Snape

Jack Frost

Photographer Brenda Snape of Aurora, Ont. spent Friday afternoon building this snowman with her husband. Who’s in the mood for a snowman building competition?

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Wool sweater with sheep designPhoto: Karen Allin

Autumn sweater

Photographer Karen Allin of Mississauga, Ont. shares this photo of a wool sweater that her aunt knitted for her in the mid-1980s. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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Wooden bird feederPhoto: Sheri Emerson Sanders

Little wing

Sheri Emerson Sanders of Newfoundland and Labrador writes: “My very handy sweetheart surprised me with this bird feeder because I love to see all the little birds come to our cabin. Labrador doesn’t have a huge variety of small wild birds, but I think this little guy (or gal) is simply beautiful.”

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Spray painted window screensPhoto: Marilyn Crotty

Let the light in

Talk about creative! Marilyn Crotty of Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, spray painted her shed window screens.

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Three children wearing fish blanketsPhoto: Jeannette Greaves

Little mermaids

Photographer Jeannette Greaves of Miami, Manitoba shares this hilarious photo. Teach us how to make one too!

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Handmade glovesPhoto: Brenda Solobay

Five little monkeys

Brenda Solobay of Toronto, Ont. writes: “I made the glove and the monkeys when I worked in daycare. They are attached to the glove with velcro.”