Canada in Bloom: Stunning Flower Photography From Across the Country

After a seemingly endless winter, nothing beats the vibrant colours of Canada in bloom! Check out this gallery of spectacular flower photography.

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Flower Picture Gallery - Pink Tulips
Photo: Heather Korlak

Pictures of Flowers From Some of Canada’s Prettiest Gardens

We challenged you to share your best pictures of flowers, and you delivered!

Heather Korlak of North Vancouver, B.C., writes: “when I moved here from Manitoba I would take daily walks to get to know my new neighbourhood. The spring flowers were abundant—and early, from my Prairie perspective. The beautiful tulips in Pemberton Heights caught my eye—they were so pretty and soft-looking.”

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Pictures of flowers - Tulip From Above
Photo: Vanessa Vincent

View From Above

Vanessa Vincent of St. John’s shares this lovely shot of the top of a tulip, which she snapped in nearby Bowring Park.

These pictures of tulips are the next best thing to a garden tour.

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Pictures of flowers - Red Tulip
Photo: Elaine Howard

Burst of Colour

“These tulips and daffodils created a beautiful burst of colour in my flowerbed,” writes Elaine Howard of Wallacetown, Ontario. “My daughter had brought the tulip bulbs back from Holland as a souvenir for me.”

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Pictures of Flowers - Peach Tulip
Photo: Ann Lane

About to Blossom

“I captured this pic in the front garden of my sister’s house during an evening visit,” says Ann Lane of Cobourg, Ontario.

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Pictures of Flowers - Maple Leaf Tulips
Photo: Norma Keith

Iconic Bloom

“I snapped this photo in one of my flowerbeds,” says Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario. “These are the Canada 150 Tulips, also known as Maple Leaf Tulips. It was the official tulip of Canada’s 150th anniversary. It’s a white tulip with fiery flashes of red that symbolize flames and resembles the Canadian Flag.”

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Dandelions in field
Photo: Jessica Arnold

A sea of yellow

With this pretty picture, Jessica Arnold of McBride, B.C., gives summer’s most misunderstood flower its due. “Dandelions might not be everyone’s favourite,” she says. “Some might even see them as a nuisance, but my grandpa has taught me that they are the best for bees, who get their winter store from dandelions.”

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Cherry blossom tree
Photo: Aiden Mahoney

Cherry blossoms

Photographer Aiden Mahoney of Stephenville, Newfoundland, snapped this picture in his backyard. Summer comes slowly to western Newfoundland—enjoy these beauties while they last!

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VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver
Photo: Margaret Newton

Lush canopy

Few things are more soothing than a leisurely stroll through a green cathedral. Margaret Newton of Port Coquitlam, B.C., took this shot in VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver.

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Pictures of Flowers - Weeping Cherry Tree
Photo: Rena Nixon

Serenity now

Photographer Rena Nixon of New Minas, Nova Scotia, used depth of field to stunning effect to capture this cherry tree in bloom. Great job, Rena!

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Pictures of Flowers - Red tulips
Photo: Linda Prudhomme

A shot of red

These ravishing red tulips captured by Linda Prudhomme of Guelph, Ontario, look as though they’re about to lose their precious petals… Ah, the fleeting beauty of Canada in bloom!

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Pictures of flowers - red poppy
Photo: Glenda Cotnam

Prize blossom

Glenda Cotnam of Thorold, Ontario, shared this dramatic close-up of a brilliant red poppy. You can almost reach out and touch those pleated petals!

These powerful poppy pictures show how we remember.

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Tree blossoms
Photo: Tracy Vandermeulen

Along the river trail

This photo by Tracy Vandermeulen of Carman, Manitoba, proves that tree blossoms can rival the prettiest annuals in the beauty stakes.

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Bright pink rose
Photo: Jeanette Grimshaw

Pretty in pink

Photographer Jeanette Grimshaw of Hamilton, Ontario deserves major props for this detailed photo of a pink rose. Simply gorgeous!

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White tulips
Photo: Pierrette Carriere

Canadian tulips

Tulips are always a beautiful sign that summer is right around the corner! Thanks to Pierrette Carriere of North Bay, Ontario, for the snapshot.

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Ice plant
Photo: Karen Thompson

In living colour

These eye-popping fuchsia and orange ice plants may look like they’ve been Photoshopped, but that crazy colour contrast is 100 percent natural! Thanks to the talented Karen Thompson of Kelowna, B.C., for sending it in.

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Morning dew
Photo: Andrea Arnold

After the rain

Photographer Andrea Arnold of Calgary says, “Rain makes everything brighter. Just a walk around the neighbourhood was all that was needed for this find!”

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Wild Pacific Trail in British Columbia
Photo: Angelina Minor

Hardy specimens

Photographer Angelina Minor of Port Coquitlam, B.C., took this photo along the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet. “They were clinging to the side of the rock face as the Pacific Ocean crashed below,” she says.

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Monarch caterpillar
Photo: Ted Gough

Monarch of the glen

Ted Gough of London, Ontario, definitely caught a “photo bomb” in action—this caterpillar is trying to steal the show!

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Alium plant ready to bloom
Photo: Janice Andrews

Darling buds

This budding allium is about to blossom into a big purple pom-pom! Thanks to photographer Janice Andrews of Winnipeg for sharing.

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Roses in bloom on Canada
Photo: Lillian Kennedy

Canada Day display

Photographer Lillian Kennedy of Maces Bay, New Brunswick, captured these beautiful roses in bloom on July 1—Canada’s birthday! Thanks for sharing, Lillian.

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Purple vipers and a bumblebee
Photo: Sydney Donkers

A bumblebee’s life

The colours of this bumblebee and purple viper are positively gorgeous. Thanks to Sydney Donkers of Bancroft, Ontario, for sharing.

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Alium in bloom
Photo: Brenda Snape

Up close and personal

There’s often so much beauty to be found by going “macro,” as witnessed in this detailed capture by photographer Brenda Snape of Aurora, Ontario.

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Pictures of flowers - bees on coneflowers
Photo: Erla McCormick

Pollination stations

Erla McCormick of Sarnia, Ontario, managed to beautifully capture these hardworking bees.

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Photo: Kimberly Wood

Favourite fragrance

Want to stop and smell the flowers? You can’t go wrong with lilacs—arguably the most aromatic flowers on a warm early summer’s day. Thanks to Kimberly Wood of Peterborough, Ontario, for sharing.

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Golden chain tree
Photo: Josee Blagdon

Shades of gold

Native to the mountains of central Europe, this beautiful golden chain tree looks right at home here in Canada. This was taken by Josee Blagdon of Victoria.

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Little boy playing with tulips
Photo: Joyce Stolte

Future green thumb

Joyce Stolte of Edmonton says, “My grandson, Micah, enjoying the tulips. Wanted to see if they smelled good!”

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Pictures of flowers - Red conflower
Photo: Maryse Tremblay

Red coneflower

Maryse Tremblay of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, makes the textures come alive with this snapshot of Echinacea Purpurea—part of the sunflower family.

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Wildflowers in Prince Edward Island
Photo: Sharon Peters

Wild and free

Photographer Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, captured these colourful wildflowers along the North Cape Coastal Drive on Prince Edward Island.

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Lavender field
Photo: Norma Keith

Field of dreams

Planted in neat and tidy rows that stretch beyond the crest of a hill, this magnificent lavender field truly showcases the splendour of Canada in bloom. Thanks to Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario, for sharing!

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Edible berries
Photo: Tammy Green

Berry cute

Photographer Tammy Green of Harrington Harbour, Quebec, says, “These yummy berries are called cloudberries—they are very popular here on the Lower North Shore.” Thanks for sharing, Tammy!

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