25 Chicken Soup Recipes That’ll Warm the Soul

When you need a hearty helping of comfort food, nothing beats chicken soup from scratch.

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Chicken Veggie Soup

“This satisfying veggie soup hits the spot at lunch or dinner. Add a side salad and some whole grain bread for a delicious, nutritious meal.” —Amy Cheatham, Sandusky, Ohio

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Grandma’s Chicken ‘n’ Dumpling Soup

“I’ve enjoyed making this rich homemade chicken dumpling soup recipe for over 40 years. Every time I serve this type of soup, I remember my southern grandma, who was very special to me and was known as an outstanding cook.” —Paulette Balda, Prophetstown, Illinois

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Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

“I like to make this smooth, creamy soup when company comes to visit. Its zippy flavour is full of southwestern flair. My family enjoys dipping slices of homemade bread in this chowder to soak up every bite!” —Susan Garoutte, Georgetown, Texas

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Creamy Chicken Rice Soup

“I came up with this creamy chicken rice soup recipe while making some adjustments to a favourite stovetop chicken casserole. We like this soup for lunch with a crisp roll and fresh fruit.” —Janice Mitchell, Aurora, Colorado

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Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

“The keys to this amazing chicken matzo ball soup are slow-cooking it and using boxed matzo ball mix. Some people swear by seltzer, but I find it’s not necessary—the mix makes perfect, fluffy matzo balls every time due to its baking powder. Add chicken fat (schmaltz) for extra-authentic flavour. The matzo balls will taste as if they came straight from Grandma’s kitchen.” —Shannon Sarna, South Orange, New Jersey

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Spicy Chicken Tomato Soup

“Cumin, chili powder and cayenne pepper give my slow-cooked specialty its kick. I serve bowls of it with crunchy tortilla strips that bake in no time. Leftover soup freezes well for nights I don’t feel like cooking.” —Margaret Bailey, Coffeeville, Mississippi

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White Bean Chicken Chili

“My sister shared this white bean chicken chili recipe with me. I usually double it and add one extra can of beans, then serve with cheddar biscuits or warmed tortillas. The jalapeno adds just enough heat to notice but not too much for my children.” —Kristine Bowles, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Chunky Creamy Chicken Soup

“I am a stay-at-home mom who relies on my slow cooker for fast, nutritious meals with minimal cleanup and prep time. I knew this recipe was a hit when I didn’t have any leftovers and my husband asked me to make it again.” —Nancy Clow, Mallorytown, Ontario

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Chicken Barley Soup

“No question—this is my favourite barley soup! It’s so filling that I serve it as a hearty main dish, and I have given the recipe to many of our friends and relatives. It simply tastes too good to keep to yourself!” —Diana Costello, Marion, Kansas

Get the recipe for Chicken Barley Soup.

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Anaheim Chicken Tortilla Soup

“Put a little spice in your menu with my favourite Anaheim pepper recipe. The peppers, jalapenos and cayenne heat up this full-flavoured tortilla soup.” —Johnna Johnson, Scottsdale, Arizona

Get the recipe for Anaheim Chicken Tortilla Soup.

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Lunch-Box Chicken Soup

“A friend gave me this recipe, and I tweaked a few things to make it healthier. It’s so delicious and quite easy to make! I use it for family gatherings, church functions, care packages…just about anything. For shortcuts, I sometimes replace the celery and carrots with 2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables. The prepackaged rice saves time, too, so you can have the soup ready and waiting even when the kids are busy with activities.” —Jean Ann Fairchild, Shelby, Ohio

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Chicken and Kale Tortellini Soup

“With tender tortellini, artichokes, greens and lots of herbs, this soup is so flavourful. The fact that it’s easy to make is just a chilly-night bonus.” —Emily Hobbs, Springfield, Missouri

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Pressure Cooker Loaded Chicken Veggie Soup

“When someone at our house gets sick, I whip up this quick and easy chicken soup. It resembles chicken noodle, but uses a variety of veggies instead of noodles for even more nutrition. Plus, if you use a pressure cooker or slow cooker, it makes meal prep even simpler!” — Courtney Stultz, Weir, Kansas

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Chicken cassoulet soup recipe
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Chicken Cassoulet Soup

“After my sister spent a year in France as an au pair, I created this lighter, easier version of traditional French cassoulet for her. It uses chicken instead of the usual duck.” —Bridget M. Klusman, Otsego, Michigan

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Mediterranean Chicken Orzo Soup

“My husband is Greek, so I’m always trying new Mediterranean recipes. This soup is his favourite dish that I make. Serve it with a little feta or Parmesan and a side of toast.” —Kristine Kosturos, Olympia, Washington.

Get the recipe for Mediterranean Chicken Orzo Soup.

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Chicken Potpie Soup

“My grandmother hand-wrote a cookbook; she created this amazing pie crust, and I added the delicious soup for it.” —Karen LeMay, Seabrook, Texas

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Chicken Gnocchi Pesto Soup

“This is an old recipe from southern Italy. My mother gave it to me when I was first married. It started out as a holidays-only dish…but my children and grandchildren love it so much that we have it every chance we get!” —Norma Manna, Hobe Sound, Florida

Get the recipe for Chicken Gnocchi Pesto Soup.

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Chicken Wild Rice Soup

“I’m originally from Minnesota, where wild rice grows in abundance and is very popular in recipes. This creamy chicken and wild rice soup has been part of our Christmas Eve menu for years. To save time, I cook the chicken and wild rice and cut up the vegetables the day before.” —Virginia Montmarquet, Riverside, California

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Curly Noodle Chicken Soup

“I created this recipe for a dinner I hosted for a group of friends. The main course was Italian, and I needed a good soup, so I converted a favourite tortilla soup recipe by substituting pasta and adding different seasonings.” —Maxine Pierson, San Ramon, California

Get the recipe for Curly Noodle Chicken Soup.

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Rave Review Chicken Soup

“Nice and warm on a cold winter’s day, this hearty chicken soup gets rave reviews from my family and friends. It goes nicely with fresh-baked biscuits.” —Caroline Simpson, Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Lemony Chicken Soup

“While living in California, I enjoyed a delicious chicken-lemon soup at a local restaurant. When I returned to Texas, I experimented with many versions before landing on this one.” —Brenda Tollett, San Antonio, Texas

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Chicken Corn Soup with Rivels

“Traditional chicken soup is rich with a dumpling-like soup stretcher called rivels. This healthy recipe is brimming with chicken, vegetables and herbs. You won’t be able to resist it.” —Elissa Armbruster, Medford, New Jersey

Get the recipe for Chicken Corn Soup with Rivels.

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Broccoli-Chicken Rice Soup

“I transformed leftover chicken and rice into this tasty soup. It even passed the company test.” —Karen Reed, Middletown, Ohio

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Comforting chicken noodle soup recipe
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Comforting Chicken Noodle Soup

“A good friend made us this rich, comforting, creamy chicken noodle soup after the birth of our son. It was such a help to have dinner taken care of until I was back on my feet. This yummy dish is so simple to fix that now I give a pot of it (along with the recipe) to other new mothers.” —Joanna Sargent, Sandy, Utah

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Italian chicken soup recipe
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Italian Chicken Soup

“This satisfying soup gets its Italian flair from fennel, thyme, basil and orzo pasta. If you don’t start with a low-sodium or sodium-free stock, you might want to decrease the amount of salt called for in the recipe.” —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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