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  • 7 Tips for an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner>>

    Few family traditions inspire as much anticipation—and anxiety—as Thanksgiving dinner. Here's how, with a little food science and common sense, you can avoid a Turkey Day disaster.>>

  • 10 Weekend Breakfast Recipes>>

    You have to reward yourself sometimes. After a long week of hard work, why not use Saturday or Sunday morning to whip up an indulgent breakfast for you and the family? Here are 10 sweet and savoury brunch recipes to whet your weekend appetite.>>

  • 11 Delicious Squash Recipes for Fall>>

    Squash season is here! There's no better way to eat local, fresh and tasty than with these nutrient- and fibre-rich recipes.  >>

  • Why Kids Should Get Comfy in the Kitchen>>

    Sarah Elton, author of Starting From Scratch, on why it’s exciting for kids to be in the kitchen.>>

  • Our 12 Best Mac and Cheese Recipes>>

    Macaroni and cheese is a favourite any night of the week. Why not take a step away from your traditional recipe and try one of these delicious variations? >>

  • Our 25 Most Popular Recipes>>

    We've gathered together your favourite recipes, from gluten-free chocolate cake to creamy corn chowder. Which will you try first?>>

  • 3 Hearty Meals for the End of Winter>>

    Even though spring is near, you may still need some comfort food to make it through the final stretch. These three recipes will help warm you up while making use of winter's best root vegetables.>>

  • 10 Decadent Chocolate Recipes>>

    Looking to satisfy a chocolate craving? These 10 delightful cookie, brownie and cake recipes should do the trick.>>

  • 11 Take-Out Style Meals to Make at Home>>

    Got a craving for Pad Thai or lemon chicken but don't want to venture outside, or out of pocket? Here are 11 delicious take-out style dishes you can make in the comfort of your own home, no tip required. >>

  • 8 Comforting Soup Recipes>>

    Good for your soul, soup is also good for your body. Prepare any one of these eight healthy and delicious recipes for yourself and your family tonight.>>

  • 4 Tasty Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes>>

    If you're puzzled about what to make for your gluten-free guests this holiday season, look no further than these four tasty recipes.>>

  • 4 Twists on the Traditional Latke>>

    Chef Zane Caplansky, chef and owner of his eponymous Toronto deli, Caplansky’s, helps make the Festival of Lights even brighter with these delicious recipes.>>

  • 5 Easy No-Cook Pasta Sauces>>

    In the time it takes to cook some pasta, you can have dinner on the table. Here are five spectacular no-cook pasta sauces. Dinner is served!>>

  • 10 Delicious Chicken Recipes>>

    Revive your regular chicken dishes with these 10 delicious recipes.>>

  • 7 Simple Weeknight Meals in Less Than 30 Minutes>>

    Some days the last thing you want to do is spend hours cooking a hearty meal. Here are seven quick and easy recipes to keep your belly full and your evening free.>>

  • 9 Ways To Revive Leftovers>>

    You won't hear any complaints about leftovers when you whip up these simple and tasty meals.>>

  • 9 Thanksgiving Recipes With A Secret Ingredient>>

    Give one of the classics on your menu a little, delicious tweak, and your guests will be raving all dinner long.>>

  • 8 Delicious Things to Stuff Into a Pie>>

    Pie has been called the perfect food. The combination of crispy crust with any of these eight stuffings in between makes for a scrumptious meal or dessert. >>

  • 8 Wonderful Ways To Use Fresh Mint>>

    Fresh mint is as versatile an herb as there is. It can flavour a glass of water, give lift to salads or lamb dishes, and serve as a natural medicine for stress or upset stomach. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to grow. Here are just a few things to do with your mint leaves.>>

  • 10 Summer Recipes From Taste of Home Canada>>

    The newest addition to the Reader's Digest family is Taste of Home Canada. It's a collection of recipes submitted by Canadians like you. Here are 10 tasty recipes that will keep you cool all summer long.>>

  • 7 Pitcher Perfect Summer Cocktails and Soups>>

    With al the warm weather we've been getting, all that's on everyone's mind is how to stay cool. Here are some cocktails and cold soups to get you through the heatwave deliciously.>>

  • 5 Luscious Lobster Recipes>>

    Love lobster? Lucky for you, summer is the season for lobster and here we have 5 decadent recipes that are sure to satisfy.  >>

  • How to Eat a Lobster>>

    Or, why juicy, buttery, drippy, clawed crustaceans are 
the best date food ever.>>

  • Food On A Stick>>

    These four foods on a stick are the perfect portable and portion-controlled snacks to take on the go.>>

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