Fall Pies You’ll Want to Make All Season Long

From pumpkin to sweet potato to pecan, here are 11 fall classics, perfected.

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Fall pie recipes - Classic Sweet Potato Pie
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Favourite Fall Pie Recipes

Classic Sweet Potato Pie

Fall pie recipes don’t get more traditional than this! “This simple but special deep-dish pie provides a down-home finish to hearty autumn meals. Pecans and pumpkin pie spices make this a comforting seasonal classic.” —Paul Azzone, Shoreham, New York

Get the recipe for Classic Sweet Potato Pie.

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Fall Pie Recipes - Hazelnut Pecan Pie
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Hazelnut Pecan Pie

“With a blend of chocolate, pecans and hazelnuts, this pie is top-level tasty. But because so it’s easy to make, you can enjoy it often. Your family and friends will think you worked for hours in the kitchen. It’s incredible plain, but a dollop of whipped cream takes it over the top.” —Brenda Melancon, McComb, Mississippi

Get the recipe for Hazelnut Pecan Pie.

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Fall Pie Recipes - Walnut-Cranberry Pie
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Walnut-Cranberry Pie

“After this ruby red pie got rave reviews on Thanksgiving, I was happy to bake it again for Christmas dinner. The naturally tart cranberries are perfectly sweetened and accented with walnuts, raisins and lemon.” —Shirley Glaab, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Get the recipe for Walnut-Cranberry Pie.

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Dark Chocolate Cream Pie

“Caress every taste bud with this smooth, old-fashioned pie. Topped with a dollop of fluffy whipped cream, it will have chocolate fans standing in line.” —Kezia Sullivan, Sackets Harbor, New York

Get the recipe for Dark Chocolate Cream Pie.

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Fall Pies - Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Pie
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Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Pie

“This is the best holiday pie I’ve ever tasted, with apple butter, orange and maple flavours mingling with the pumpkin. I use fresh pumpkin if I have a little extra time.” —Stan Strom, Gilbert, Arizona

Get the recipe for Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Pie.

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Kentucky Pecan Pie

“This rich, dense Kentucky pecan pie recipe is perfect for your next party. It features a delicious dark chocolate filling topped with plenty of toasted pecans.” —Emily Baldwin, Fort Collins, Colorado

Get the recipe for Kentucky Pecan Pie.

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Personal Pear Pot Pies

“Talk about cutie pies! These tasty pear mini pies, baked in ramekins, are super easy. Frozen puff pastry makes it simple to treat your loved ones to personal-size desserts.” —Barbara Engelhart, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Get the recipe for Personal Pear Pot Pies.

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Maple Pumpkin Pie

“Tired of traditional pumpkin pie? The maple syrup in this special pie provides a subtle but terrific enhancer.” —Lisa Varner, El Paso, Texas

Get the recipe for Maple Pumpkin Pie.

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Chocolate Cream Pie

“Our teenage son, John, has done lots of 4-H baking. His favourite is this old-fashioned chocolate cream pie recipe with a flaky crust.” —Mary Anderson, De Valls Bluff, Arkansas

Get the recipe for Chocolate Cream Pie.

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Walnut Mincemeat Pie

“As a cold and tasty finishing touch, my husband and I usually put a dip of ice cream on top of our mincemeat pie slices. The recipe comes from my mother. Each year, I make it for Christmas and for my sister-in-law’s New Year’s party.” —Laverne Kamp, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Get the recipe for Walnut Mincemeat Pie.

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Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie

“There is nothing I don’t love about this pie! I adore the flavours, and I like that I can sneak some whole grains into the crust. It belongs on every holiday dessert buffet.” —Mary Leverette, Columbia, South Carolina

Get the recipe for Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie.

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