These Copycat Candy Recipes Taste Just Like the Real Thing

From Almond Joy cake to Toblerone-inspired chocolate hazelnut brownies, you'll love these make-at-home versions of candy aisle classics.

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Almond Joy Cake
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Almond Joy Cake

“This is a fantastic Almond Joy cake recipe—tastes just like the candy bar.” —Daria Burcar, Rochester, Michigan

Get the recipe for Almond Joy Cake.

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Sour Candy Cupcakes
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Sour Candy Cupcakes

“If you love the pucker of sour candies, then these sour candy cupcakes will be right up your alley. The sour dust sprinkled on top gives you an instant pucker when you first take a bite, but the sweetness soon follows.” —Elizabeth Bramkamp, Gig Harbor, Washington

Get the recipe for Sour Candy Cupcakes.

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Layered Peanut Butter Brownies
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Tastes Like Reese’s: Layered Peanut Butter Brownies

“The combination of chocolate and peanut butter makes these layered brownies a real crowd pleaser. They’re so good that they won a ribbon at the fair.” —Margaret McNeil, Germantown, Tennessee

Get the recipe for Layered Peanut Butter Brownies.

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Caramel Tassies
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Tastes Like Twix: Caramel Tassies

“These buttery, smooth caramel tassies make a nice addition to a dessert tray. These are one of my family’s favourites.” —Jane Bricker, Scottdale, Pennsylvania

Get the recipe for Caramel Tassies.

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Chocolate-Covered Cherry Thumbprints
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Tastes Like Chocolate-Covered Cherries: Cherry Thumbprints

“When I dig out my best cookie recipes, I’m reminded of baking with my children when they were little. These thumbprints with cherries elicit such sweet memories.” –Deborah Puette, Lilburn, Georgia

Get the recipe for Cherry Thumbprints.

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Malted Milk Bark Exps Tohdj22 264209 E08 04 2b
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Tastes Like Whoppers: Malted Milk Bark

“An old-time candy gets a fresh makeover. This is one of our favourite malted milk ball dessert recipes. The malted milk powder adds such a unique flavour to this bark so don’t be tempted to skip it.” —James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor

Get the recipe for Malted Milk Bark.

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Coconut Chocolate Slices
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Tastes Like Mounds: Coconut Chocolate Slices

“These crispy cookies with a chewy coconut centre travel really well. When my son was in the Army, I often sent boxes to him, and he told me they always arrived in perfect condition.” —Cheri Booth, Gering, Nebraska

Get the recipe for Coconut Chocolate Slices.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies
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Tastes Like Toblerone: Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

Toasted nuts, Nutella and liqueur transform fudgy homemade brownies into a hazelnut-lover’s dream. They’re the perfect dessert for a casual meal on Christmas Eve or as a yummy gift.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies.

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Peppermint Patty Sandwich Cookies
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Tastes Like York Peppermint Patty: Peppermint Patty Sandwich Cookies

“At my annual holiday party, these cookies are a big hit with everyone, especially when I mix festive food colouring or crushed candy canes into the filling.” —Amy Martin, Vancouver, Washington

Get the recipe for Peppermint Patty Sandwich Cookies.

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Chocolaty Peanut Clusters
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Tastes Like Mr. Goodbar: Chocolaty Peanut Clusters

“I turn to my slow cooker to prepare these convenient chocolate treats. Making candies couldn’t be any easier!” —Pam Posey, Waterloo, South Carolina

Get the recipe for Chocolaty Peanut Clusters.

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Salted Caramel Pretzel Rice Krispies Treats
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Salted Caramel Pretzel Rice Krispies Treats

Craving a snack that’s both salty and sweet? These salted caramel Rice Krispies treats can’t be beat. Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Get the recipe for Salted Caramel Pretzel Rice Krispies Treats.

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