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11 Mistakes You’re Making When Decorating Christmas Cookies

Want your Christmas cookies to look (and taste) like they came straight from a bakery? Take a cue from the...

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Clever Christmas Cookie Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Want to focus on enjoying the festive season? Save time and money on your holiday baking with these clever Christmas...

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60 Greatest Christmas Cookie Recipes of All Time

Planning a Christmas cookie exchange? Here are the recipes for our all-time favourite festive baked treats, sure to get the...

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25 Healthy Winter Soups That’ll Fill You Right Up

It's officially soup season! These healthy winter soups prove that your favourite comfort foods can be good for you, too.

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30 Winter Desserts That Will Make You Feel Warm and Cozy

Keep the winter blues away with these dessert recipes that will warm you from the inside out. Think bread pudding,...

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30 Small-Scale Christmas Dinner Ideas

Skipping the massive ham this year? Try these small-scale Christmas dinner ideas instead.

How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes from Scratch

Grab some vanilla beans! It's time to learn how to make vanilla cupcakes for special occasions, birthdays and just because.

The Royal Family Just Shared Their Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe

From Buckingham Palace, straight to our kitchens.

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The Healthiest Cooking Oils, According to Food Experts

Here's what you need to know about the best cooking oils for your health, including the smoke points, nutrition and...

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20 Best Hot Chocolate Recipes to Warm Up This Winter

Stay warm this season with these ultra-cozy hot chocolate recipes.

This Is How to Make Perfect Microwave Mashed Potatoes

Looking for the perfect side dish? These microwave mashed potatoes are a quick and easy answer.

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99 Genius Tips That Will Make Your Holidays So Much Better

From grocery shopping to cooking to using up the leftovers, we've assembled expert tips to help you through the holiday...

10 Great Tips for Winter Grilling

Why mothball your grill for winter when there are so many perks? Just think—there are no pesky bugs, and you...

This Viral Video Shows You How to Cut Cake with Just a Wine Glass

Whoever gave us yet another reason to love our wine glasses, we salute you!

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9 Quick Tricks to Make Stuffing Mix Taste Homemade

Looking to dress up your dressing? Adding any of these ingredients to store-bought stuffing mix will take your next holiday...

This Is the Real Reason Aluminum Foil Has a Shiny and a Dull Side

Finally! One of your most pressing cooking quandaries, answered.

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25 Holiday Cooking Tips Straight from Grandma

From the stuffing to the cranberry sauce, Grandma has all the top tips to cook the best holiday feast ever!

How to Get That Stinky Fish Smell Out of Your Kitchen

You want to eat fish because it's good for you, but when your salmon piccata leaves behind a stench, it's...

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How to Make the Best Beef Stew

Treat yourself to an oh-so-satisfying Sunday dinner with our recipe for the best beef stew of all time.

This Secret Ingredient Makes the Fluffiest Pancakes Ever

There's something in your refrigerator right now that can make your pancakes and cakes extra moist and fluffy.

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How to Get Perfect Hard-Boiled and Soft-Boiled Eggs, Every Time

There's more than one way to boil an egg, and professional cook and author of

7 Common Slow Cooker Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

On busy days, it's so tempting to hit up a drive-thru so you can skip cooking and cleanup time. But...

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How to Steep the Perfect Cup of Tea Every Time

There's an art to brewing tea that you'll wish you'd known all along.

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10 Nearly-Forgotten Ingredients Grandma Always Cooked With

Ever wonder what ingredients your Gram used to make her dishes extra special? You might find the answer here...

This is How to Make Powdered Sugar in Seconds

No powdered sugar in the cupboard? No problem. You can learn how to make your own powdered sugar at home!

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10 Brain-Boosting Breakfast Recipes

A balanced start to the morning gives your brain long-lasting fuel to sustain you. These 10 breakfast recipes will certainly...