Cooking Tips

Want to take your culinary skills to the next level? These cooking hacks will save you time, money and effort in the kitchen.

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13 Refreshing Cocktails to Sip This Summer

Cheers to the weekend! From watermelon margaritas to frozen brandy old-fashioneds, these cool cocktail recipes pair beautifully with a backyard...

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The Genius Trick to Soften Ice Cream That’s Hard as a Brick

...And more clever kitchen hacks that will save you time, money and effort.

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10 Ice Cream Truck Copycat Recipes

Can you hear that familiar jingle down the block? Take a trip back to childhood with these ice cream truck...

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Tired of the Same Old Sandwiches?

Get out of your lunch rut with these refreshing midday meal ideas.

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30 Quick BBQ Recipes Ready in 30 Minutes—Or Less!

From steak kebobs to savoury grilled veggies, these mouthwatering summer meals will be on your table in no time.

You’ve Been Using a Whisk Wrong This Whole Time

In the latest viral video taking over the Internet, a pro chef reveals the secret technique that will save time—and...

20+ Lower-Carb Summer Desserts

Light, refreshing and about 30 grams of carbs (or less) per serving, these delightful dessert recipes add the perfect finishing...

How the Hamburger Became the World’s Favourite Sandwich

One of the few foods you can find at both fast-food drive-throughs and Michelin-starred restaurants, burgers are, well, king.

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20 Refreshing Mocktails That Taste Just Like Summer

These thirst-quenching beverages don't need booze to taste great.

Easy No-Bake Pies That Are Perfect for Summer

Top off tonight's dinner with a decadent dessert—no oven required!

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12 Quick and Easy Ground Beef Dinners (That Aren’t Burgers)

A dozen delicious reasons to start thawing out that ground beef you've got stashed in the freezer.

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20 Refreshing Ice Pops to Make This Summer

From fresh fruit to decadent chocolate, you'll want to stock your freezer with these sweet homemade treats.

The Scoop on Gelato

Discover the fascinating story of how this frozen Italian treat has won fans all over the world.

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50 Fruity Summer Desserts That Are Easier Than Pie

You'll love these easy, breezy treats that make the most of summer's sweetest produce.

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Simple Summer Meals That Are Perfect For Weeknights

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cooking an elaborate meal. Here are...

These Refreshing Frozen Drinks Are the Next Best Thing to AC

Grab the blender, some ice and go to work on these chilly thrillers.

If You See Spots or Bumps on Your Eggs, This Is What It Means

We’re here to crack the code before you crack your next egg.

This Hack Will Stop Meat From Sticking to Your Grill

Plus, tips for naturally cleaning grill grates and checking propane tank levels!

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A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Fresh Summer Produce

Discover a week's worth of delicious dinner recipes that make the most of in-season asparagus, strawberries and tomatoes.

Simple Meals You Can Make With 5 Ingredients—Or Less!

Chances are, you've already got everything you need to put these delicious dishes on tonight's dinner table.

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Delicious Dinners That Cook in 20 Minutes (or Less!)

Short on time? Instead of reaching for the take-out menu, try one of our speedy suppers that can be on...

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Professional Chefs Reveal Their Best-Ever Grilling Tips

Summertime and the cooking is easy! Just follow these surefire tips to flame-broiled heaven.

How the Taco Became One of the World’s Favourite Hand-Held Foods

The delicious dish can be found just about everywhere, from barrios across Latin America to Mexican restaurants in many of...

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Never Store These Fresh Foods Together

Sick of wasting money on spoiled, wilted produce? These smart food storage tips will keep all of your groceries fresher,...

This Simple Trick That Makes Store-Bought Frosting Taste Homemade

Don’t have time to make frosting from scratch? This viral video reveals the secret to making store-bought frosting *that* much...

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Celebrate Rhubarb Season With These Perfectly Sweet and Tart Treats

You know summer is right around the corner when the rhubarb is ready to harvest. What better way to put...

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Thrifty Meals From Grandma’s Recipe Book

Stretch your family's food budget by putting these delicious dishes into heavy rotation.