Quick Tricks to Make Store-Bought Stuffing Mix Taste Homemade

Dress up your dressing with ingredients you've already got on hand.

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Dried fruit
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Fruit, especially dried fruit like raisins, cranberries, figs and apricots can seriously improve a dreary box of stuffing. That bit of sweetness plays beautifully with other flavours on the table. I’ve found that fresh fruits like apples and pears are stellar as well.

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Add toasted walnuts to store-bought stuffing mix
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Toasted Nuts

Nuts are a delicious, simple way to add some crunch to store-bought stuffing mix. In fact, lightly toasted nuts add a layer of texture not only to stuffing, but the holiday spread as a whole. Our top picks? Pecans, walnuts, almonds and pistachios.

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Brown butter
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Brown Butter

If you (or someone at your table) is allergic to nuts, but loves a rich, nutty flavour, look no further than brown butter. A touch sweet, a tad savoury, brown butter is easy to make and wonderfully delicious. It’s definitely something to add to recipes on a regular basis.

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Add bacon to store-bought stuffing mix
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Chopped Bacon

It’s a universal truth that bacon makes everything taste better. Adding some chopped bacon (or pancetta) to your stuffing mix is a surefire way to improve its flavour. Make sure you cook the bacon before mixing it into the stuffing.

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Slicing mushrooms
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Another great way to add a mouthwatering savoury element to stuffing is by adding mushrooms. They’re vegetarian-friendly, which is perfect if you need a meat-free option for your guests.

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Sauteed onions
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Sauteed Onion

Something as effortless as a chopped onion can completely transform your stuffing mix. Red and Spanish/yellow onions have a sharper bite to them, while white onions are much milder. You could always use shallots for a sweeter, more subtle flavour.

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Spice rack
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Dried Spices

Keep things easy with a dash of paprika or a sprinkle of cayenne. Or, totally change your stuffing mix with a spice blend like Cajun seasoning, Old Bay, poultry seasoning, adobo or Lawry’s.

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Grated cheese
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Grated Cheese

A little grated cheese can make even the most standard boxed stuffing mix taste outstanding. A good cheddar or Parmesan brings a bit of sharpness, but there are loads of great-tasting milder versions. Gouda, mozzarella and provolone are some of our top picks.

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Add sausage to store-bought stuffing mix
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Sausage Crumbles

Use sausage to amp up your stuffing’s flavour. If pork isn’t your thing, you could use beef, tofu or chicken sausage instead.

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