These Stunning Tulip Photos Are the Next Best Thing to a Garden Tour

We challenged you to capture blooming bulbs on camera, and you delivered! From fresh-cut arrangements to full flowerbeds, these fantastic original photos showcase the simple beauty of the tulip.

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Pictures Of Tulips - Pink Petals and Honeybee
Christopher Porter

Stunning Pictures of Tulips From Across Canada

Those colours alone have us abuzz with excitement for spring! What makes this striking shot even more impressive is that it was captured by a 14-year-old photographer. First-time Theme Pic Challenge contributor Christopher Porter writes, “This is a picture of a bee on a tulip at Trueman Farms, Aulac, New Brunswick. I took the image myself. The reason I chose this image was because it took a lot of effort and time to take it, and has a great appearance.” We couldn’t agree more, Christopher. Thank you for sharing!

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Pictures Of Tulips - Raindrops
Alain Seguin

Dewy Detail

“April showers bring May flowers,” writes photographer Alain Seguin of Richmond, B.C. Those glistening raindrops certainly make a welcome change from ice and snow, and these brilliant purple blossoms seem to have enjoyed their refreshing soak.

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Pictures of Tulips - Chilliwack Tulip Festival
Maryalice Wood

Field of Dreams

A carpet of red tulips stretching as far as the eye can see… Maryalice Wood snapped this stunning landscape at the annual Chilliwack Tulip Festival in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

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Pictures of Tulips - Open Parrot Tulips
Marnie Bonnett

Fleeting Beauty

These fully-opened parrot tulips are on borrowed time, but the fleeting nature of their beauty makes them that much more special. Thanks to Marnie Bonnett for this poignant reminder that we should always make time to stop and smell the roses—and every other blossom, for that matter!

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Colourful Wildflowers
Kim Ross

Harbingers of Spring

“These brightly coloured tulips beckoned me and my camera to the edge of a local road in Canning, Nova Scotia, to capture the changing season,” writes photographer Kim Ross. “So pretty, they really perk a person up, knowing the warmer climes are just around the corner. Always a welcome sight!”

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Pictures Of Tulips - Fringed Tulips
Karen Allin

Positively Shocking

Do not adjust your screen! The petals of these “fringed tulips” have a frizzy outer edge that makes them look as though they’re buzzing with electricity. Thanks to Mississauga, Ontario’s Karin Allin for sharing these fascinating variations on your garden-variety tulip.

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Flowers Through Gate
Norma Keith

Through the Garden Gate

Thanks to Norma Keith for allowing us a sneak peek at her pretty white and purple tulips! A lovely composition—and a gorgeous backyard, to boot.

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Snow Covered Tulip
Julie Sabo

Snow Joke

Winter has a habit of overstaying its welcome, as this poor early-bloomer can attest. Edmonton’s Julie Sabo manages to capture the predictably unpredictable nature of the Canadian spring on camera.

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Pictures Of Tulips - Tulip Festival In Ottawa
Francis The

Festival Season

For more than 70 years, flower lovers from around the world have flocked to Ottawa for the annual Tulip Festival. The beloved event showcases more than one-million bulbs, which apparently cover an area equivalent to nine NHL arenas! Thanks to Francis The of Mississauga, Ontario, for whetting our appetites for this year’s showcase.

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Pictures Of Tulips - Tulip Festival In Ottawa
Paula Brown

A Capital Showcase

We couldn’t resist one more shot of the Tulip Festival, this time from Ottawa resident Paula Brown. “The Peace Tower on Parliament Hill makes such a splendid backdrop,” Paula writes.

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Open Yellow Tulip
Brenda Mannings


“Last fall I planted some tulip bulbs. Of course, by the time spring rolled around I forgot what I had planted where,” writes photographer Brenda Mannings of Port Carling, Ontario. (We can relate!) “This pretty tulip is my first tulip to bloom and I can’t get enough of it!”

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Urban Tulips
Ashley Duffus

Towers and Flowers

Even city folk need to flex their green thumbs now and again! In this particularly pretty shot, Toronto’s Ashley Duffus snapped pale pink-and-yellow tulips against the backdrop of an urban high-rise.

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Pictures Of Tulips - Cream And Burgundy
Tim Fletcher

Garden Stars

“These unique yellow and purple two-tone tulips are always a highlight of our front garden in Grimsby, and bring out admiring comments from visitors,” writes photographer (and obviously talented green-thumb) Tim Fletcher.

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Tulip Garden
Heidi Sanita

Take Your Pick

There’s a breathtaking abundance of tulip varieties—and Heidi Sanita seems to have captured most of them in this incredible shot! Which is your fave?

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Rows Of Purple Tulips
Alana Zaal

Purple Reign

Of all the colours you can find in the garden, nothing pops quite like purple! Thanks to Alana Zaal of Abbotsford, B.C., for sharing these vibrantly hued specimens.

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Pictures Of Tulips - Pink In Sea Of Yellow
Robb Berezan

Outstanding in its Field

When farmers rotate their crops, and the odd stalk of corn pops up in a soybean field the next season, it’s known as “volunteer corn.” Does that make this a volunteer tulip? Whatever the term, we’re glad Robb Berezan was on hand to capture this lone pink tulip standing out in the crowd.

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Moody Blooms
Richard Bourdeau

Moody Blooms

What a difference a backdrop makes! Richard Bourdeau photographed this bunch of red and white tulips on black, to striking effect. “These were presented to my wife, Karoline, at an Easter dinner that we hosted,” Richard writes. “Although the tulips made a great visual gift, my wife needs to be able to smell the flowers to appreciate them. She found these tulip amazingly fragrant and thoroughly enjoyed them. I, as the visual recipient, thoroughly enjoyed the colours.”

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Yellow Tulips And Hosta
Robbie Gorr

The Perfect Pairing

What is it about hostas that makes them play so nicely with other plants? Take, for instance, this hosta’s variegated leaves, which complement these yellow tulips so perfectly. Robbie Gorr captured this pretty vignette at a garden in Pembroke, Ontario.

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White Tulip
Erla McCormick

Simply Chic

In stark white, it’s the texture of these petals that takes centre stage. Check out the impressive detail in Erla McCormick’s striking shot!

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Tulips At The Empress, Victoria
Alexandra Fontaine

Tea and Tulips

Afternoon tea at the Empress is a rite of passage for visitors to Victoria, and the grand dame hotel never looks more regal than it does during the spring bloom. Alexandra Fontaine captured this fantastic photo during her last trip to the B.C. capital.

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Maple Leaf Tulip - Canada 150 Tulip
Cindy Mulvihill

Our Very Own Variety

Did you know Canada has an official tulip? Released in honour of the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Maple Leaf Tulip (also known as the Canada 150 Tulip) bears the distinctive colours of our flag. Thanks to Cindy Mulvihill of Low, Quebec, for sharing this pretty slice of Canadiana.

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Bloom With A View
Erica Henault

Bloom With a View

The scenery doesn’t get any prettier than Sidney By The Sea on Vancouver Island. Erica Heanult’s fantastic photo makes us want to pull up a deck chair and soak up the views.

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Cat And Tulips
Maria Powell

Purr-fectly Delightful

Here’s an aww-inspiring shot if we ever saw one! “Olivia Spaceboots loves smelling the flowers, especially where tulips are concerned,” writes Calgary’s Maria Powell. Check out that pose—she’s a natural!

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Underside Of Tulip
Cheryl Power

A Different Perspective

You rarely see pictures of tulips taken from this angle, but Cheryl Power proves we’ve been missing out! What a lovely gradation of colour from the green of the stem to the soft yellow and pink of the petals.

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Bunches Of Yellow Tulips
Nancy Gerber

Tulips By the Bunch

“Strolling along Port Moody, I came across this lovely display of wrapped tulip bunches in front of a florist shop,” writes Surrey, B.C.’s Nancy Gerber. “My favorite colour is teal and the yellow tulips were a lovely contrast.” They’ll certainly make a lovely addition to someone’s spring tabletop decor!

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