Home Improvement

Who better to provide home improvement tips than HGTV Canada stars like Bryan Baeumler, Sarah Richardson and Brian Gluckstein? Whether you’re investing in a major reno or a light makeover, these do-it-yourself home improvement hacks will ensure you get the best return on investment.

Inside Chris Hadfield’s Cottage

For space traveller Chris Hadfield, a little slice of Ontario cottage country is the ultimate destination.

9 Videos That Will Inspire You to Save the Planet

From giving up on meat to living in a more sustainable home, it's easier than you may think to make...

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15 Ways to Control Allergy Triggers at Home

Research shows that indoor air pollution, often caused by dust mites and mould, can be up to 10 times greater...

18 Steps to a Zero-Waste Kitchen

Reduce, reuse, recycle: These expert tips will help you find new ways to cut waste in the kitchen.

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7 Secrets for a Greener Lawn

The grass doesn't have to be greener on your neighbours's lawn. The best part? You don't need costly lawn services...

14 Ways to Green Your Home

Turn your household into an eco-oasis-and save money-with simple modifications.

How to Take the Ultimate Family Photo

You've pulled it off: the family has gathered, the table is set, and even the cat seems jolly. Now what...

5 Clever Ways to Display Your Holiday Cards

If you keep your holiday cards from year to year, pull them out to rekindle memories and to make attractive...

How To Spar According to Christie Blatchford

How to spar according to National Post columnist, Christie Blatchford.

How To Get It Done In 60 Seconds

We've gathered some expert advice to teach you how to save time and get it done in 60 seconds.

How To Build A Rainy-Day-Chasing Fort

The best way to have fun indoors on a rainy day? Build a fort! Here is the best way to...

How To Achieve Instant Instagram Glory

Get everyone checking out your photos with these tricks for becoming Insta-famous.

How To Make A Transcendent Grilled Cheese

Make the perfect, most delicious grilled cheese sandwich with these tips from Nicole Fewell, owner of Calgary's Cheezy Bizness food...

How To Ask For A Raise

Don't get shot down when you ask for a raise using these tips from Claudia Ferryman, president of the Rainmaker...

24 Easy Easter Crafts

With Easter just around the corner, liven up your home with these 24 creative crafts. They're simple and fun so...

4 Essential Tips on How to Arrange Furniture

The placement of furniture is almost as important as the pieces themselves. They can open or close a living room,...

3 Secrets To Shoveling Snow

Breeze through your next snowstorm with these no-fail snow shoveling tips.

10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

If you want to rock around the Christmas tree, make sure you select the right one. Follow these 10 tips...

6 Tips to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

Keep your tree healthy through the holidays, and follow these easy Christmas tree maintenance tips.

Making It Right: An Interview with Canadian Contractor Mike Holmes

The celeb contractor opens up about gaining trust, exposing mistakes, and tackling some surprising projects on his new show Holmes...

10 DIY Ways To Tune-Up Your Bike

Skip the bike shop and instead try some of these home remedies for quick bike fixes. From rusted chains to...

4 DIY Home Decor Apps

Imagine gorgeous new interior designs and enjoy fresh decorating advice with these handy home decor apps. 

8 Easy DIY Door and Lock Fixes

Stuck lock, squeaky hinge or loose doorknob? We've got eight DIY solutions to common door and lock problems.

6 DIY Window Fixes

Seal a leak, stop a crack and patch up a torn screen with these cheap, easy do-it-yourself window fixing solutions.

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Transform your home's energy profile and save on electricity and heating with these 10 handy tips to make your home...

What Your House Colour Says About You

The hues chosen for a room's walls and ceiling can help determine whether your interior design is a hit or...

Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

Have a laugh at these hilarious real-life texts taken from the cellphones of parents.

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3 Essential Tree-Buying Tips

Make sure you get the right Christmas tree by following these three time-tested tree buying tips.

Pour-In Paint Ornament

This simple process will allow you to create unique Christmas balls in any color you choose. If you have trouble...