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5 Clever Ways to Display Your Holiday Cards

If you keep your holiday cards from year to year, pull them out to rekindle memories and to make attractive holiday displays. Here are five clever ideas.

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Strings of the Season

Turn your holiday cards into a decorative focal point by pinning them to lengths of pretty ribbon attached to a curtain rod.

You’ll need:
– 153 cm long ribbon that’s about an 4 cm wide
– 3 cloth buttons
– glue
– stick pins
– your holiday cards

1. Cut the ribbon into one 24-inch length and two 18-inch lengths and notch the ends.
2. Glue or sew 1 button at apex of each notch to weight ribbons.
3. Hang ribbons from curtain rod. Loop unnotched end of one of the shorter ribbons around curtain rod, and pin in place.
4. Repeat with two other ribbons, staggering them as shown in photo. Use stick pins to attach cards as you receive them.

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Frame Collage

Gather old picture frames or buy some inexpensive ones and put the cards in the frames. Make collages in the frames to display them in your home. You can also buy two-sided frames that allow you to flip the frame and read the inscriptions.

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Tree Decorations

With a hole-punch, put a hole through one corner of the cards and then run coloured string through several cards. So, instead of using garland, you can decorate your tree with strands of greeting cards. By displaying cards this way, people can also see the inside and read who sent the cards.

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Card Wreath

With some minimal craft store supplies, you can create a wreath with your holiday cards.

You’ll need:
– a craft store wooden hoop, about 20 cm in diameter
– about 20 clothes pins
– glue (ideally hot glue and a glue gun)


1. Glue the pins around the inside of the hoop so the jaws point out. You can also paint the pins green to look like a wreath.
2. Once the glue is dry, clip cards in the clothes pins and hang up your new wreath.

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Paper Angels Centrepiece

Repurpose your greeting cards to make an attractive centrepiece for your holiday table.


1. With the card folded, on the blank backside, use a pencil to draw (or trace) an outline of a half angel, with it facing the centre of the fold.
2. At the bottom leave a 2.5 cm tag, which will serve as the base.
3. Cut the outline out, join the two sides of the base with tape, and you have one angel.
4. Use different size cards to make more and arrange in the centre of your table.