How To Spar According to Christie Blatchford

How to spar according to National Post columnist, Christie Blatchford.

How To Spar According to Christie BlatchfordPostmedia News

Win a fight
The secret is not to think of it as a fight. Look, I make my living as a bigmouth. I voice my opinion on everything, and people have a right to disagree. If you see it that way, it becomes a victory of common sense over bad temper.

Avoid a fight
I try to be civil. I might get an angry email, and if I answer politely, briefly and sign off cheerfully, I’ve learned that often people respond well to that. It’s not always going to be perfect; just don’t make it worse.

Say sorry and mean it
You don’t have to worry about sounding sorry if you’re actually sorry. A list of my mistakes would stretch from here to Paris and back. I’ve learned there’s great relief in fessing up. And when you mean it, people know.

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