Pour-In Paint Ornament

This simple process will allow you to create unique Christmas balls in any color you choose. If you have trouble pouring the paint, purchase it in squeeze bottles or use a small funnel.

Pour-In Paint Ornament

What you will need:

3-ounce paper cup

Single-hole punch

3-inch clear glass ball ornament

1 ounce acrylic craft paint

Spray glass cleaner

3/4-inch foil star stickers

Wooden coffee stirrer


To prepare cups as drying stands for ball, punch holes around rim. Remove ornament cap from ball. Pour half of paint into ball through opening (see illustration A).


Rotate ball so paint coats entire inside surface (illustration B), then pour excess paint back into original container.


Place ball, open-end-down, into cup (illustration C). Punched holes will allow air to circulate freely. Let ball drain 24 hours or until inside is completely dry.


Clean ball with glass cleaner. Apply stars to ball surfaces at random. Burnish each sticker with coffee stirrer, pressing gently from center out to edges (illustration D). Replace ornament cap.