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10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

If you want to rock around the Christmas tree, make sure you select the right one. Follow these 10 tips on how to pick the perfect tree and keep it looking great all holiday long.

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Size It Up

Measure the height of the room 
in which the tree will be on 
display, and the width of the stand. 
Then bring the tape measure to 
the farm or garden centre.

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Shake it First

Give the tree a shake and run your 
fingers along the needles. If it starts to 
shed excessively, just imagine the mess it will 
leave on your carpets.

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Assess the Trunk

The best way to ensure 
a tree stands up straight is to buy one with-
wait for it-a straight trunk. If there are any 
significant kinks in the stem, walk away.

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Keep an Eye on the Cut

Make sure there’s a fresh, straight-across cut on 
the bottom of the trunk. This will help the tree sit 
properly in the stand and absorb lots of water.

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Water Daily

Water the tree daily or live with 
the consequences: a brown fire hazard

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Let It Decompress

Before hanging anything, let the branches decompress 
for up to 24 hours. This helps get rid of the scrunched, 
straight-from-the-store look if the tree was bundled.

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Don’t Forget the Skirt

Lay a stylish tree skirt at the base to collect fallen needles.

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Work From Top To Bottom

Test the lights to make sure they work, then string them 
evenly around the tree, working from top to bottom.

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Place the Tree Topper Next

Place the tree topper first so you don’t knock off 
ornaments later when you reach for the peak.

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Layer Your Decorations

Layer on the rest of the decorations. For a balanced 
look, place all the big ones first, then the medium 
ones, then the small ones.