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How To Achieve Instant Instagram Glory

Get everyone checking out your photos with these tricks for becoming Insta-famous.

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You know your pet is the sweetest/fluffiest/cutest in the whole wide Internet. Now you need the right Instagram snap to prove it. Follow these steps to lock down likes and turn your pet into an Insta-star.


(Photo: Instagram, Chantal Levesque)

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1. Capture

Capture your pet doing what your pet does best: catching a Frisbee, snoozing in a shoe, sitting stone-still in a terrarium.


(Photo: Instagram, Dominique Ritter)

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2. Crop

Crop image to dramatic advantage. That face is so adorbs! Make it the focus. Better yet: enhance focus by blurring background.


(Photo: Instagram, Julie Menard)

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3. Choose

Choose the right filter for your shot: for more drama, saturate colours using Mayfair or Lo-Fi; keep to Rise or Valencia for a light and playful tone. For gravitas, try the contrast option.


(Photo: Instagram, Chantal Levesque)