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How To Ask For A Raise

Don’t get shot down when you ask for a raise using these tips from Claudia Ferryman, president of the Rainmaker Strategies Group.

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1. Know What You Want

Assess your ask. Do you want cash, or could more vacation time or a free parking spot sweeten the deal?


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2. Be Confident

Before the meeting, shore up your confidence by making a list of your accomplishments and skills.


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3. Do Your Research

Find out what people with your position are paid at comparable organizations.


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4. Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until your performance review, because by then it’ll be too late to change your boss’s mind.


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5. Be Prepared to Negotiate

Start with 10 per cent more than what you’re seeking, and prepare to negotiate down from that number.


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6. Show Them A Little Love

Share how much you love working with the organization.


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7. Use The Word “We”

Keep tone conversational, using “we” when appropriate to create common ground.


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