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How To Make A Transcendent Grilled Cheese

Make the perfect, most delicious grilled cheese sandwich with these tips from Nicole Fewell, owner of Calgary’s Cheezy Bizness food truck.

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Craving an ooey gooey treat? Follow our tips to be the master of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.


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1. The Right Tool


To begin, use a non-stick frying pan or skillet on a low heat-if you try to work too fast, the bread will cook before the cheese melts.


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2. The Right Bread

Source quality white bread from a bakery. The high sugar content of processed bread makes it burn faster and white bread has a more neutral flavour than brown that lets the flavours of the filling shine.


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3. The Right Cheese

For the tastiest results pick local cheeses that haven’t been processed, and grate them so they melt faster. A blend of old white cheddar and gruyere gives a nice kick for the basic grilled cheese.


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4. Butter

What makes the grilled cheese sandwich decadent is applying a thin layer of salted butter to the exterior sides of each slice of bread. 


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5. A Little Extra On The Side

Make sure there are a few different flavours going on for balance-experiment with combinations of sweet, savoury, salty, spicy and creamy. Figs, olives and goat ricotta work well for a Mediterranean-inspired snack. The crispiness of toasted bread and the gooiness of melted cheese create a wonderful contrast in textures. You can add pickles, onions or bacon to a standard grilled cheese for extra crunch.


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