How To Get It Done In 60 Seconds

We’ve gathered some expert advice to teach you how to save time and get it done in 60 seconds.

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 60 Second Shower

60 Second Shower

What you’ll need:
    – Shower cap       
    – Soap
    – Towel
    – Taylor Swift

How To Do It:
0 sec: Turn on tap.
1-5 sec: Let water heat up.
6-8 sec: Enter stream face first, soak front.
9-11 sec: Turn, wet other side.
12-40 sec: Soap key regions (face, pits, bits, feet, etc.)
41-45 sec: Sing chorus to Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.”
46-60 sec: Rinse, rinse, rinse.

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 60 Second Massage

60 Second Massage

Have partner lie down on their stomach. Stand at their waist, facing head.

0-15 sec: Glide hands up the back along spine, over the shoulders and down the sides, then up through lower back.
16-30 sec: Moving toward the shoulders from hips, gently squeeze and release skin and muscle between thumb and fingers.
31-60: Repeat steps.

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 60 Second Seduction

60 Second Seduction

According to Bree Williamson, soap star (Deception, One Life to Live):

0-5 sec: Get trapped in a secret room/dungeon/jet.
6-12 sec: Ask your crush about themselves. This will allow you to determine they’re not an evil twin.
13-30 sec: Have a heated exchange-the louder and angrier the better.
31-40 sec: Point out the dangers! “We’re running out of air/time/altitude!”
41-55 sec: What’s the logical thing to do when faced with imminent death? Clothes! Floor! Now!
56-60 sec: If you’ve done it right, you’ll have a few seconds for a slo-mo musical montage.  

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 60 Second Office Chat

60 Second Office Chat

According to Diane Craig, Founder and President of Corporate Class:

0-5 sec: Read body language-approach co-worker only if signs are positive.
6-11 sec: Inquire as to how his or her day is going.
12-20 sec: Reply in kind, either by commiserating (“Yeah, my deadline is crazy too!”) or celebrating (“Yeah, I’m so glad we met that crazy deadline!”)
21-45 sec: Be especially careful to reciprocate if topic turns personal (if they say their son won a soccer game, talk about your kids, etc.).
46-55 sec: Break off with appropriate comment on the last thing said.
56-60 sec: Hold eye contact, then exit.

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 60 Second Serenity

60 Second Serenity

0-3 sec: Inhale deeply through your nose.
4-6 sec: Hold breath.
7-9 sec: Exhale through your nose.
10-25 sec: Relax shoulders. Roll them forward five times, then back five times.
26-30 sec: Tense all muscles, then release.
30-50 sec: Visualize yourself in a soothing setting.
51-60 sec: Repeat three-part breathing cycle.

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 60 Second Pitch

60 Second Pitch

According to Shelle Rose Charvet, certified speaking consultant:

0-5 sec: Explain what benefit your idea brings or what problem it can prevent or solve.
6-11 sec: State idea clearly and concisely.
12-20 sec: State how idea can be achieved: i.e. steps to go through, choices and options.
21-45 sec: Provide an example showing your idea at work using someone in the same position or situation.
46-55 sec: State why solving the problem is important to the listener.
56-60 sec: Show appreciation; thank listener for his or her attention.

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