How To Build A Rainy-Day-Chasing Fort

The best way to have fun indoors on a rainy day? Build a fort! Here is the best way to do it, according to Toronto’s Reich+Petch Architects.

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Step 1: Get The Right Toolbox

Step 1: Get The Right Toolbox

You’ll need to have the right tools to get it done right. The architects suggest gathering the following items for your toolbox:

1. Twine
2. Christmas lights
3. Bedsheets
4. Pillows and couch cushions
5. Cereal boxes
6. Empty paper-towel rolls
7. Wooden spoon
8. Towels, preferably blue
9. Bath toys
10. Placemats
11. Pen and paper
12. Small toy figurines (i.e. G.I. Joe, Lego, etc.)

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Step 2: Build Palisade Walls

Step 2: Build Palisade Walls

Next, you need the right walls. Here’s what to do:

1. Stack pillows and cushions around outside of fort, leaving space for windows.
2. Prop cereal boxes between the pillows to form windows.
3. Place paper-towel rolls between the windows and use as cannons on advancing hordes.

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Step 3: Build A Roof
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Step 3: Build A Roof

To protect your heads, you’ll need a sturdy roof:

1. Tie twine across the room by hooking it around chairs, couches, light fixtures, or curtain rods.
2. Next, wrap Christmas lights around twine.
3. Finally, drape bedsheets over lights to make canopy with “stars”.

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Step 4: Protect the Perimeter

Step 4: Protect the Perimeter

To ensure your fort will stand sturdy and tall, you need to protect the perimeter. Here’s how to do it:

1. Roll out towels around the fort to form a moat
2. Drop bath toys into moat to serve as guards
3. Use placemats to form an entranceway into your fort or as a bridge over the moat.
4. Brandish your kitchen spoon to protect the fort from invaders.

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Step 5: Take An Adventure

Step 5: Take An Adventure

Now that you’ve got our guards on the lookout and your moat to protect you, take your pen, paper, and the rest of your figurines inside your fort and plan an adventure!

1. Map out the different areas of your fort, such as the windows, moat, cannons, and door.
2. Once you’ve done that, place your figurines on the map so they can help you plan your new adventures.

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