Cornish Pasties

“My Great-Aunt Gladys was from a small mining town in England where pasties were popular. I loved to watch her craft each Cornish pasty, as she made them in different sizes depending on who was eating. Serve with a green salad to make a wonderful meal.” —Verna Hainer, Pueblo, Colorado

Cornish PastiesTaste of Home
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
8servings 30minutes + chilling 50minutes
Servings Prep Time
8servings 30minutes + chilling
Cook Time
Portions: servings
Portions: servings
  1. In a large bowl, mix flour, salt and baking powder; cut in shortening until crumbly. Gradually add water, tossing with a fork until dough forms a ball. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  2. Preheat oven to 375°. In another large bowl, combine beef, onion, potatoes, turnips, salt and pepper. Divide dough into 4 equal portions. On a lightly floured surface, roll 1 portion into a 9-in. circle. Mound 1-1/2 cups filling on half of circle; dot with 1 tablespoon butter. Moisten edges with water; fold dough over filling and press edges with a fork to seal. Place on a parchment-lined rimmed 15x10x1-in. baking pan. Repeat with remaining dough, filling and butter. Cut slits in tops of pasties. Bake 50-60 minutes or until golden brown. (If desired, pour milk into slits halfway through baking time.) Serve with ketchup.
  3. Freeze option: Freeze cooled pasties in a freezer container. To use, reheat pasties on a parchment-lined baking sheet in a preheated 375° oven until heated through.
Recipe Notes

Cornish Pasties Tips

What is a traditional Cornish pasty?

A traditional Cornish pasty is a baked, handheld pastry crust filled with meat(s) and, traditionally, root vegetables. It is upheld as the national dish of Cornwall, United Kingdom.

What pastry is Cornish pasty made from?

Cornish pasties are usually made with short crust pastry. This pastry consists of twice the amount of flour to fat and a small bit of ice water to hold the dough together and roll it out into a circle to form the pasty. The pastry should be sturdy enough to encase the fillings and bake up nice and golden. You can certainly use a store-bought pastry dough for pasties, if you wish. We recommend Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts.

Nutrition Facts
1/2 pasty: 556 calories, 32g fat (10g saturated fat), 47mg cholesterol, 864mg sodium, 46g carbohydrate (3g sugars, 3g fibre), 19g protein.