Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again

When it's safe to take a road trip again, how will you be hitting the highway? Take a look at the trailers, RVs and vans these Our Canada contributors rely on to navigate the backroads and bustling city streets of this beautiful country of ours.

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Road Trip Trailers, RVs and Vans - featured image
Photo: Fran Harris

Under the stars

Where else but Miscou Island, New Brunswick, could you get such a spectacular view of the stars wheeling overhead? This striking photo from Fran Harris of Fredericton has us packing our bags for a road trip to the nearest dark sky preserve.

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Road Trip Trailer - VW Westfalia Camper Van
Photo: Glen Woolner

Adventures on the horizon

“This is our beloved ’84 VW Westfalia camper van that has been in the family for 35 years,” writes Glen Woolner of Kitchener, Ontario. It’s pictured here at the Cobble Beach Cars & Coffee event, equipped in much the same manner as when they’re touring around Canada, Glen notes. Check out that impressive collection of adventure gear, loaded up on the van and trailer with maximum efficiently—you’ve got road trip packing down to a science!

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Road Trip Trailer - Icefields Parkway, Canadian Rockies
Photo: Mike Lane

Dwarfed by the Rockies

For jaw-dropping views, you simply can’t beat a road trip along the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park. That’s where Mike Lane of Saanichton, B.C. snapped this striking shot. He sums up the scene perfectly in one word: “Wow!”

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Road Trip Trailer - Awning
Photo: Maria Powell

First time camping

When we think of Drumheller, Alberta, it conjures up images of bone-dry badlands and dinosaur bones. Turns out there’s an entirely different side to it as well, as captured in this lush green photo from Calgary native Maria Powell. The tranquil spot was the site of her first-ever camping trip back in July 2020.

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Road Trip Trailer among Tall Pines
Photo: Frank Koenig

Picnic in the pines

Do you spy the beautiful bouquet in this shot shared by Frank Koenig of Morinville, Alberta? He’d just received the pretty (and patriotic-looking!) red-and-white flower arrangement as a thank-you gift, and brought it camping so he could enjoy it on his picnic table.

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Road Trip VW Van Olive Green
Photo: Sue Thompson

Blast from the past

Imagine the places this fully kitted-out VW van has travelled over the years! Sue Thompson spotted this vintage gem—in absolutely flawless condition—at Chatham, Ontario’s RetroFest.

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Road Trip - Lions Gate Bridge
Photo: Alan Cheng

Through the Lions Gate

“This RV was approaching downtown Vancouver from North Vancouver via Lions Gate Bridge, a scenic bridge linking North and downtown Vancouver,” writes Scarborough, Ontario’s Alan Cheng. The far side of the bridge is obscured by thick fog in Alan’s atmospheric shot, but you can explore what lies beyond in this roundup of great day trips from Vancouver.

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Road Trip Trailer - Sun Lite
Photo: Gail Sherry

Just like new

If Gail Sherry’s Sun Lite trailer looks like it just rolled off the lot, it’s with good reason. “We purchased it last summer and only got to use it four times,” the Winnipeg resident writes. “We are so ready to hit the road. Bring on summer! Hear hear, Gail!

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Road Trip Trailers - Hippie Bus
Photo: Dan Wever

Flower powered

Dan Wever of Grande Prairie, Alberta, has one thing to say about this distinctive van he spotted at a music festival a few summers ago: “Far out, man!” Do you think that’s a custom paint job?

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Road Trip - Pop-Up Trailer At Beach
Photo: Dave Bowman

What the pros know

“A tent trailer and a 6 cylinder car is the best way to see our expansive country,” writes Dave Bowman of Edmonton. Looks like the perfect set-up to us, Dave—and the perfect campsite, to boot!

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Snow Covered Trailer
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Oh, Canada!

“Camping is not a four-season activity in Canada,” notes Robbie Gorr, who shared this shot of a snow-covered trailer. The chilly-looking “Scamper” is probably as eager as we are for the warmer weather ahead!

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Road Trip Trailer - Retro photo
Photo: Dan Wever

From the archives

“I thought it would be different to send in a photo of camping back in the ’60s,” writes Dan Wever. “My parents had five of us kids so this 1960 Ford station wagon and camping trailer were the ideal combination to enjoy the great outdoors.” Takes us back, Dan—thanks for sharing the happy memories!

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Road Trip Trailer With Quad
Photo: Lynn Mabley

The great outdoors

“All set up and ready to camp for a couple of weeks in our beautiful wilderness,” writes Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alberta. Between the four-wheeler, open-air trailer extension and tidy stack of firewood, we can’t imagine a better base camp from which to enjoy the great outdoors!

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Road Trip Trailer - Kids in black and white
Photo: Ann Lane

Just beachy

A sweet photo of two little ones admiring the view from their beachfront campsite is all made all the more nostalgic in black-and-white. Thanks to Ann Lane of Cobourg, Ontario, for sharing this adorable shot.

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Road Trip Trailer Park
Photo: Paula Eves

Those lucky ducks

“Look at this view!” marvels Paula Eves of Sarnia, Ontario. “This photo was taken at a friend’s RV on her front deck at Country View RV and Campground, in Reece’s Corners, Ontario.” We can’t wait to return to these types of peaceful retreats!

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Road Trip Trailer - VW Van In Banff
Photo: Mike Lane

Treasured moments

For Mike Lane, this photo brings back fond memories of camping with his son, David, in Banff National Park. “His favourite spot after we set up our campsite was always the top of the camper,” Mike says. “Here, he’s reading a book while mom and dad start the fire and prepare hot dogs for dinner. Toasted marshmallows later!”

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Road Trip Trailers - VW Westfalia Camper Vans In A Row
Photo: Glen Woolner

Van-tage point

“This is a rear view of our family of VW Westfalias—we call ourselves the Wild Wooly Westies,” writes Glen Woolner. “Similarly equipped, we love to take our families on epic journeys somewhere in Canada.”

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