Oh, What a Summer! Your Best Canadian Cottage Photography

It's never easy to say goodbye to the lazy, hazy days of summer! We're reliving the happy memories with this presentation of striking cottage photography from talented Canadian shutterbugs.

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Big Lake, Manitoulin Island
Photo: Jillian Manton

Reflecting on summer

“Every year I spend time at Big Lake, Manitoulin Island,” writes Jillian Manton of Cambridge, Ontario. “I can see the lake from my cottage so every morning I get up early to enjoy the view. One morning, I noticed how incredibly calm the lake appeared. I rushed out of the cottage with my camera in hand and was thrilled to see that the lake looked like a beautiful mirror. I love the colourful reflection of the trees and foliage in the water.”

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Laurentians, north of Montreal
Photo: Jaan Ranne

Tea for two

“At our cottage in the Laurentians, north of Montreal, there are two Adirondack chairs on our dock, where my wife Ruth and I frequently enjoy a cup of tea after supper,” shares Jaan Ranne of Kinburn, Ontario. “One evening, she finished her tea before me but left her favourite mug on the arm of the chair. The mix of colours, along with the setting sun and the lake reflecting the shoreline and clouds, provided a great photo opp.”

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British Columbia
Photo: Betty Weir

B.C. beauty

“My husband and I were on vacation last summer with our daughter Krista and her fiancé Mark, who were visiting from London, England,” says Betty Weir of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. “Mark had been to B.C. once before and absolutely loved the mountains. He couldn’t wait to visit again. We had gone hiking just outside Fernie and stopped to have a drink at a lodge with a beautiful view of the mountains. I took this photo down by the little beach there and it turned out to be Mark’s favourite photo of the trip!”

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Greenfield, N.S.
Photo: Dodie Mezo

Sounds of silence

“While at our cottage on Ponhook Lake in Greenfield, Nova Scotia, I sat in one of these chairs with my coffee every morning, listening to the usual sounds of people getting up and coming down to the lake to start their day,” says Dodie Mezo of Toronto. “On this particular day, I got up just before dawn so that I could go down to the lake to watch the sunrise. Where usually the sounds of cottagers rising echoed across the lake, now there was only silence. I was overwhelmed by the pure stillness of that moment.”

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Dwight, Ontario
Photo: Rick Bywater

Early morning mist

“I happened to be driving along the shoreline of the beach in Dwight, Ontario, at sunrise one morning,” says Rick Bywater of Huntsville, Ontario. “The red chairs in the foreground and the colour of the clouds caught my attention—they really added to the beauty of the whole scene.”

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Woman takes her cedar strip boat to the cottage
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Destination: Cottage!

Our “At the Cottage” Theme Pic Challenge garnered some amazing submissions, like this happy snap from Cathy Gauthier of Ontario. “My best friend Dianne takes her cedar strip boat ahead to their cottage as we go a bit slower in a pontoon boat, loaded with our gear and two dogs,” Cathy writes.

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Maqua Lake in Fort McMurray, Alberta
Photo: Tricia Reid

All is calm

Tricia Reid of Fort McMurray, Alberta, writes: “Maqua Lake is untouched paradise not far from completely destroyed Boreal Forest. Coming here you can forget for a moment the devastation that occurred in May, 2016.”

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Girl with her dog at the family cottage
Photo: Kelly Coates

Ahoy, there!

Kelly Coates of Ontario captured this sweet shot of her granddaughter Britton boating with Buddy the dog at the family cottage.

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Dock at Lake Kamaniskeg
Photo: Norma Keith

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Norma Keith really nailed the vibe of our cottage photography challenge with this shot of a dock in Ontario’s Kamaniskeg Lake. You can just feel the warmth of the setting sun reflecting off the surface of the lake… Beautiful!

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Row of kayaks by the lake
Photo: Wendy Erlendson

Dip, dip and swing

Wendy Erlendson of Manitoba writes, “These summer colours make me want to jump in a kayak and paddle the lake!”

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Cottage in New Brunswick
Photo: Brett McMillan

Summer in silhouette

Brett McMillan writes, “Getting home to New Brunswick after spending a week in the big city of Toronto was a relief.” Talk about a return to paradise!

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Blue sky at the cottage
Photo: Cheryl Power

Peace and quiet

Photographer Cheryl Power of Newfoundland and Labrador took this serene shot while relaxing at her cabin. Just look at those Monet-like skies. Incredible shot, Cheryl!

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Family of ducks swimming in lake
Photo: Colleen McConville

Group of seven

Is everyone on board? Colleen McConville of Ontario captured this fantastic shot of a duck family on Morrison Lake, Muskoka.

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Deck chairs at Hudson Lake, Ontario
Photo: Connie Capes-Leslie

Take a seat

Few things say “R & R” like a cluster of comfy deck chairs arranged on the dock. Photographer Connie Capes-Leslie captured this shot on Hudson Lake in Ontario.

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View of lake and mountains at the cottage
Photo: Maddisen Dyck

Snow-capped summit

Wouldn’t you love to wake up to this view? Maddisen Dyck of British Columbia never takes it for granted. “Gazing out at the gorgeous lake from the beach at our cottage is always so relaxing,” she writes.

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Paddleboard in the lake
Photo: Heather Loewen

Ready, set, paddle!

You can either kick back and relax during the summer or try out every activity you can. With this shot, photographer Heather Loewen of Alberta is all about the latter.

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Collecting sea shells at the cottage
Photo: Linda Sweeney

Can you dig it?

Linda Sweeney of New Brunswick captured this postcard-perfect image of good old family time at the cottage. We hope they found some buried treasure!

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Fishing at Dickson Pond, Alberta
Photo: Deb Sandau

Gone fishin’

Sometimes fishing is more about soaking up the sun than it is about catching dinner. Either way, this peaceful shot from Deb Sandau at Dickson Pond, Alberta, is enough to bring anyone’s stress level down.

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Bird flies from dock at the cottage
Photo: Cathy Nixon


Wow… Talk about perfect timing! Between the fast-fading twilight and the split-second take-off of a bird in flight, Cathy Nixon of Alberta was in the right place at just the right time.

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Man kitesurfing at the cottage
Photo: Judy Fazio

Catching the wind

If traditional waterskiing isn’t enough to send your pulse racing, you can always take up kitesurfing! Judy Fazio of Manitoba certainly makes it look like a lot of fun.

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Boy next to Canadian flag at the cottage
Photo: Cindy Herbert

Wave that flag

Photographer Cindy Herbert’s shot makes us proud to be Canadian. And this little one is too, by the looks of it!

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Qualicum sunset
Photo: George Cope

Red sky at night…

…Sailor’s delight! Photographer George Cope snapped this truly spectacular scarlet-hued sunset on Qualicum Beach, British Columbia.

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Nottawasaga River in Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Photo: Paula Eves

A century of summers

Some family cottages have been passed down from generation to generation—a fact that Paula Eves of Ontario is truly grateful for. “This is the beautiful Nottawasaga River in Wasaga Beach,” she writes. “I’m standing on the dock at the family cottage, built in 1907 by my great-grandparents.” Just imagine… 114 years of fun family memories!

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Two women on kayak with two dogs
Photo: Cindy Bartoli

Ship shape

“When purchasing a new sit-on-top kayak, I had two requirements: it needed to be stable and I had to have room for my dogs,” writes Cindy Bartoli of Ontario. “My daughter and her friend ensured it met both with flying colours!”

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