Heartwarming Animal Photos That Celebrate a Mother’s Love in the Wild

This gallery celebrating the bond between mother and child in nature will brighten your day.

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Horned owl and her young one
Photo: John Kearsley

We Are Family

“I snapped this pic of a great horned owl and her young one on an April day in nearby Carburn Park,” writes John Kearsley of Calgary. “I’d spotted the nest during a hike and after keeping an eye on it for about four weeks, I came upon this beautiful scene.”

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Mallard ducks
Photo: Louise McGorman

Under Her Wing

“Nearby Mill Lake is home to many birds,” writes Louise McGorman of Abbotsford, B.C. “My favourites are the mallard ducks. I start looking for the ducklings in early spring and always get a thrill when I spot the first little family. The mother will hide in the reeds with her brood but eventually she and six or more ducklings come out of hiding and swim close to shore. I’ll often sit on a park bench to watch them. Unfortunately, the ducklings are vulnerable to predators and in spite of the mother’s best efforts to keep them safe, invariably some of her brood become a meal for the eagles. When I snapped this photo, only one duckling remained and was keeping very close to its mother. Although I understand that eagles need to hunt in order to feed their young, I hope that this little duckling survived.”

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Black bears
Photo: Denise Enns

Precious Moment

“We took this photo while on vacation near Golden, B.C.,” says Denise Enns of Winkler, Manitoba. “While driving to our hotel, we spotted this mama bear on the side of the road so we stopped the car and backed up to give her more room. That’s when we noticed the baby bear on the other side of the road coming out of hiding in the ditch. We watched the mama bear walk across the road to meet her baby. It was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. It looked as though they kissed and walked away together. What a precious sight.”

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Doe in conservation area
Photo: Karen Allin

Darling Deer

“This is a doe I call Nosey, but she answers to ‘hi deer,’” explains Karen Allin of Mississauga. “I snapped the pic of Nosey and her fawn in Rattray Marsh Conservation Area on one of my many visits.”

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Moose sighting
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Bonds of Love

“You have to put in a lot of time when you’re trying to spot a moose,” shares Cathy Gauthier of Magnetawan, Ontario. “You have to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Persistence is the key and it paid off big time one evening when I spotted this cow moose and her young calf. What a beautiful sight to behold these two magnificent animals—there is no stronger bond than that between a mom and her baby.”

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Sandhill crane
Photo: Tony Joyce

Eat Up, Little One!

Tony Joyce of Port Moody, B.C., shares this adorable pic that he captured in nearby Burnaby of a sandhill crane mom feeding her newborn chick.

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Mother bear and cub in forest
Photo: Megan Lorenz

Bear Necessities

Megan Lorenz of Etobicoke, Ontario, snapped this wonderful shot, writing, “It’s always such a privilege to be accepted and able to watch a mother with her babies, like I did with this wild black bear and her cub. Black bears are such intelligent animals and the mothers show exceptional parenting skills.”

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Moose sighting in Prince Albert
Photo: Duane Larson

All in the Family

Duane Larson of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, says, “A few years ago, I came across this beautiful family on Kingsmere Lake, Saskatchewan. I have spotted quite a few moose over the years, but this was my only experience seeing a family together.”

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Mountain sheep in Banff National Park
Photo: Garth Walker

Nimble-Footed Pair

Garth Walker of Calgary writes, “I snapped this photo when my wife and I were in Banff, Alberta, on a day trip. The pic was taken at the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff National Park, where we enjoy hiking. Mountain sheep usually hang out at the top of the mountain and provide great photo opportunities.”

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Cow and calf on farm
Photo: Linda Swance

Got Milk?

Linda Swance of Burlington, Ontario, sent along this priceless pic, writing, “This little calf couldn’t get enough of its mama’s good stuff—if you look closely, you can see its tiny tongue licking its lips.”

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Two deer in Campbell River, British Columbia
Photo: Callie Boyle

Don’t Forget Your Ears, Deer!

Callie Boyle of Campbell River, B.C., sent along this cute pic of mother and baby getting cleaned up!

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Canada goose and goslings
Photo: Suhem Diab de Abbas

Mother Goose

Suhem Diab de Abbas of Leamington, Ontario, shares this adorable photo of a Canada goose and her fuzzy little goslings contemplating the water.

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Horse and foal
Photo: Kaylee Melhoff

Her Mane Focus

Kaylee Melhoff of Eastend, Saskatchewan, captured this lovely image on a nearby ranch located south of Herbert, Saskatchewan, owned by friends of her family. “There was an entire herd of horses that were quite interested in what we were doing as we snapped their photos,” shares Kaylee, “including this mom and her foal.”

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