Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Halloween Terms?

As nights lengthen and a chill sets in, the time is ripe to share scary stories. Create a spooky atmosphere with these Halloween words—if you dare!

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Halloween Words - Grimoire
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Halloween Words Quiz

What does grimoire refer to?

A: Cup made from a skull
B: Book of magic spells
C: Haunted wardrobe

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Witch holding grimoire
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Answer: B—Book of magic spells

As in, “The dusty grimoire contained an incantation for revealing any unseen spirits in the room.”

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Halloween Words - Curdle
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What does curdle refer to?

A: Turn mouldy
B: Bleed
C: Separate into lumps

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Curdled dairy
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Answer: C—Separate into lumps

As in, “Jamille interviewed village elders in the hopes of collecting some blood-curdling local ghost stories.”

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Halloween Words - Ephialtes
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What does ephialtes refer to?

A: Madness
B: Nightmare
C: Clairvoyance

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Boy scared in bed
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Answer: B—Nightmare

As in, “Although Fadil’s eyes were open, he was in the grips of an ephialtes.”

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Halloween Words - Samhain
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What does samhain refer to?

A: Pagan festival that evolved into Halloween
B: Mischievous entity that inhabits dolls
C: Formal gathering of witches

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Kids trick-or-treating on Halloween
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Correct answer: A—Pagan festival that evolved into Halloween

As in, “Ancient Celts believed otherworldly beings could pass into this dimension during Samhain.”

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Halloween Words - Dullahan
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What does dullahan refer to?

A: Type of demon found in the Bible
B: Vampire leader
C: Headless horseman of Irish folklore

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Headless horseman
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Answer: C—Headless horseman of Irish folklore

As in, “Legend has it that if the dullahan pauses his ride near a house, somebody there will die.”

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Halloween Words - Shroud
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What does shroud refer to?

A: Mummy’s coffin
B: Burial cloth
C: Seemingly bottomless pit

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Ghostly figure in shroud
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Answer: B—Burial cloth

As in, “The figure wore a shroud as it glided through the darkened passage.”

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Halloween Words - Baleful
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What does baleful refer to?

A: Unnaturally pale
B: Terrified and inconsolable
C: Threatening evil

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Vampire woman eyes
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Answer: C—Threatening evil

As in, “The vampire’s baleful eyes settled on the neck of her neck victim.”

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Halloween Words - Dirge
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What does dirge refer to?

A: Mournful song
B: Dagger used in rituals
C: Werewolf in a human state

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Spooky old pipe organ
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Answer: A—Mournful song

As in, “A dirge sounded from the organ, but there was no player in sight.”

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Halloween Words - Harbinger
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What does harbinger refer to?

A: Decorative tombstone statue
B: Obsessive horror-movie fan
C: Something that signals a future event

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Mothman illustration
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Answer: C—Something that signals a future event

As in, “Some consider sightings of the Mothman—a large, winged red-eyed creature—to be harbingers of disaster.”

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Halloween Words - Phantasm
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What does phantasm refer to?

A: Illusion or ghost
B: Malicious spirit
C: Misguided wish

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Ghost ship in fog
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Answer: A—Illusion or ghost

As in, “A phantasm appeared on the waves when the fog took the shape of a sailing ship.”

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Halloween Words - Eldritch
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What does eldritch refer to?

A: Weird and frightening
B: Ancient
C: In disrepair

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Haunted house interior
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Answer: A—Weird and frightening

As in, “It was impossible to pinpoint the source of the eldritch cackling heard throughout the house.”

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Halloween Words - Caliginous
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What does caliginous refer to?

A: Dark and misty
B: Zombified
C: Causing spine tingles

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Dark and misty forest
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Answer: A—Dark and misty

As in, “On that caliginous evening, it was easy for Marlo to lose his way in the woods.”

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Halloween Words - Astral
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What does astral refer to?

A: Fated
B: Of a supposed non-physical realm of existence
C: Taking place at nighttime

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Crystal ball at seance
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Answer: B—Of a supposed non-physical realm

As in, “The clairvoyant said she would create a bridge between the seance participants and the astral plane.”

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Halloween Words - Triskaidekaphobia
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What does triskaidekaphobia refer to?

Fear of:

A: Curses
B: The number 13
C: Coincidences

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Friday the 13th on calendar
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Answer: B—Fear of the number 13

As in, “Kia’s triskaidekaphobia had her on edge on the 13th of each month.”

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Halloween Words - Revenant
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What does revenant refer to?

A: Witch’s pet black cat
B: Eerie sense of déjà vu
C: Person returned from the dead

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Zombie rising from graveyard
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Answer: C—Person returned from the dead

As in, “The revenant looked like a regular man except for his unblinking eyes.”

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