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  • 5 Life Lessons It's Never Too Late to Learn>>

    Want to lead a satisfying life? Studies show people who enjoy rich ties with friends and family are happier, healthier and more resilient. When it comes to relationship advice, it's also wise to approach conventional wisdom with a critical eye. Here are five essential lessons that depart from the norm.>>

  • 3 Expert Opinions on Boosting Your Libido>>

    I can't get my libido to match my spouse's. Is there anything to be done?>>

  • 3 Tips for Complaining Successfully>>

    Here's how you can complain effectively and get results.>>

  • 7 Secrets to Make Your Relationship Last>>

    Every long-term relationship has its bumps, and they can pop up at any time. Learn to navigate them smoothly — before they send your relationship into a ditch.>>

  • 9 Relationship Habits You Didn't Know Were Normal>>

    Are you in a normal, healthy relationship? Discover nine 'unhealthy' couple habits that are actually perfectly normal - in limited quantities.>>

  • 10 Secrets For Improving Your Sex Life>>

    Does your sex life need a boost? Discover simple secrets you and your partner can use to improve the frequency and quality of your love life.>>

  • 7 Reasons You Should Be Having More Sex>>

    Good news! Sex doesn't just feel great, it's also good for you. As if you needed an excuse, here are seven healthy reasons to grab your partner and head for the bedroom.>>

  • 10 Adorable Lunch Box Notes>>

    Pack a smile along with your child's lunch with these easy, creative note ideas.>>

  • 7 Lies Men Tell Women>>

    He says you look great in that dress, that he loves your friends and that you're the best he's ever had, but shoud you believe him? Discover the subjects men lie about most and what they're really thinking. >>

  • 10 Ridiculous Facebook Groups>>

    Think your Facebook friends are strange? We've discovered the weirdest, funniest and pettiest Facebook groups around. And yes, you can still join these if you want.>>

  • 6 Ways To Be a Better Lover>>

    Has sex become a tired routine? While hormones may deplete with age, nurturing your passion can refuel the fire. Try these simple suggestions to put the heat back into your bedroom encounters. >>

  • Surviving Infidelity>>

    What would you do if, after a lifetime of marriage, you learn your spouse is cheating on you? Here is one woman’s story.>>

  • What Your Marriage Counsellor Doesn't Want You to Know>>

    If you knew these things, you wouldn’t need a marriage counselor, would you? This insider info comes from psychologist Karen Sherman and from psychotherapist Wendy Allen, Ph.D., author of How to Survive the Crisis of an Affair.>>

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Another Argument>>

    These strategies can stop a fight before it starts.>>

  • The 7 Stages of Marriage>>

    Building a successful marriage is a lifelong challenge. Understanding the different phases a marriage goes through may help you build a stronger and better relationship. Read on to learn more about the seven stages of marriage.>>

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