10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mother’s Day in Canada

Mother's Day in Canada is right around the corner—Sunday, May 14, to be precise. Here's some fascinating trivia to mark the occasion.

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Mother’s Day in Canada isn’t Mother’s Day in the UK

Mother’s Day in Canada and the United States is celebrated on the second Sunday in May (in 2023, that makes Sunday, May 14 Mother’s Day in Canada). In the United Kingdom, however, “Mothering Day” takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This year, it was observed on Sunday, March 19.

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As a holiday, it unites Canadians

According to a Caddle study published by the Retail Council of Canada, nearly three out of four Canadians celebrate Mother’s Day.

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Motherhood in Canada

There are just over a thousand babies born each day across Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the average age of a new mom has increased significantly over the past twenty years. In 2001, the average age of a mother at delivery was 29; now, it’s closer to 31.

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Mothers Day Canada - M is for Mother
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“M” is for Mother

Across languages, most words for “mother” start with the letter M.

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Our moms are our heroes

Moms deserve the praise: A 2018 study from Welch’s revealed that the average mom works the equivalent of two-and-a-half full-time jobs. Further to that, a 2012 study quoted in Reader’s Digest found that 84 percent of Canadians think that being a mother is one of the hardest jobs there is, and 64 percent of us consider Mom to be one of our heroes.

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The origins of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day actually started in the United States in 1908 with Anna Marie Jarvis, who wanted to commemorate her own mom’s Mother’s Day Work Clubs, which raised money for women with tuberculosis. Jarvis set up the holiday as, of all things, a sober day of reflection.

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How much Canadians spend on Mother’s Day

A Caddle study published by the Retail Council of Canada reveals just over half of Canadians spend $50 or less on Mother’s Day. The most popular purchases involved food, drinks and dining out, with about one in four planning on treating mom to a restaurant meal.

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Joan Rivers Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Joan Rivers offered sage advice for moms

There are a million sayings about motherhood, but few summed it up quite like Joan Rivers: “Always give them the freedom to make mistakes, and then never miss an opportunity to say, ‘I told you so,'” and, “Sometimes you’re their best friend, sometimes you’re their enemy, but you’ll always be their bank.”

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We buy a lot of Mother’s Day cards

Mother’s Day is known as a Hallmark holiday for a reason: 78 percent of respondents to a National Retail Federation survey said they plan on buying Mother’s Day cards.

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What moms really want

It turns out the greatest gift you could give mom doesn’t cost a thing. According to new research reported by The Independent, what moms really want for Mother’s Day is time—time with their loved ones, as well as time for themselves. So after your visit this Mother’s Day, why not leave mom to do her own thing while you take something off of her incredibly full plate?

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