Practical tips on how to build and foster healthy relationships with your friends, family and loved ones.

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How to Keep the Peace at Family Dinner This Holiday

Don’t see eye to eye with family members on a hot-button issue? Relationship and wellness expert Deepak Kashyap shares tips on how to prevent your holiday dinner from descending into a heated debate.

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Etiquette Rules We Should Never Have Abandoned

Good manners evolve, but they never go out of style. If you're skipping these social niceties, your manners may need...

Why We Love Dishing Dirt (And How to Curb the Habit)

Even experts acknowledge not all gossip is bad. Here’s how to quash the mean-spirited kind.

Never Say This at a Funeral

Struggling to find the right words to convey sympathy at a funeral? Even the most well-intentioned comments can come across...

How I Learned to Keep Feeling Sexy After 60

Desire doesn’t have an expiry date.

How to Spot Bad Advice

Even loved ones with the best intentions can dish out advice that leaves us feeling exasperated, misunderstood and confused.

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Things You Should Never Say to a Single Friend

Despite our best intentions, the things we say to our single friends can be hurtful—and occasionally even devastating. Relationship and...

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12 Rude Conversation Habits You Need to Stop ASAP

Interrupting people is never a good look. Here are other conversation habits that are just as rude.

How to Break Up With a Friend

How do you decide when a friendship has run its course? And, once you do, what's the best way forward?

How Fly Fishing With My Daughters Brings Us Together

Teaching my daughters how to fly fish was also a lesson in the way that everything in nature is connected.

What Not to Say When Someone Comes Out as LGBTQ+ (And What to Say Instead)

When a loved one takes the brave step to come out to you as an LGBTQ+ individual, the way you...

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7 Communication Skills That Will Improve Your Relationships

Bad communication habits could be standing between you and your best possible relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Consider these...

We All Have Secrets, But Keeping Them to Yourself Can Be Bad For Your Health

Here's how to spill the beans—and why you should.

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How to Overcome Social Anxiety When Being Around People Stresses You Out

These simple strategies will help you get through any social situation, whether it's a best friend's birthday party or your...

How Do You Know If You’re Really a Good Person?

Most of us aspire to improve ourselves, but it can be hard to know what defines a good person. Experts...

3 Habits of Highly Compassionate People

Is the world a less considerate place than it was 30 years ago? Researchers certainly seem to think so, which...

The Surprising Science Behind Friendship

Ever wonder why you hit it off with certain people, forming close bonds that can last a lifetime? It turns...

Empty Nest Syndrome is Real—Here’s How to Cope

Whether it's your first or last who's leaving home to go to college or university, this is an emotional time....

5 Ways to Sharpen Your People Skills After a Year In Isolation

As we prepare to see family, friends and neighbours again in a vaccinated world, it's time to dust off our...

I Helped My Father Get Sober Again. It Saved Our Relationship

I resented the responsibility of getting my father sober—until I realized he just needed me to be there for...

What My Daughter Taught Me When She Came Out As Trans

"When my child told me she was trans, I remember the fear: for her safety, for how the world might...

After 21 Years of Marriage, I Helped My Husband Come Out as Gay

We had three small children when my husband realized he was gay, but helping him come out taught them an...

How My Mom and I Moved Past Our Clashing Personalities and Reconnected

Mom and I agreed long ago that our differences would always present challenges. But during the first lockdown of the...

The Buddy Breakup: How to End a Toxic Friendship

Expert advice on what to do when a fizzling friendship can't be fixed.

How to Get Through Mother’s Day Without Your Mom

Mother's Day can be incredibly painful after losing your mom. Here's practical advice on how to cope, from women who...

The Hidden Downside of Your Social Media Obsession

It turns out social media may not be so social after all.

9 Red Flags in a Relationship that Mean Trouble

Whether you're dating or an already committed couple, pay attention to these warning signs that can mean trouble in your...

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12 Things to Never Do After a Fight

Relationship fights may seem like the end of the world, but it's completely normal and healthy for couples to disagree....