A Walk in the Woods: 20 Stunning Nature Photos from Across Canada

Let’s face it: what’s better than taking a walk through the woods with your camera in hand? From majestic trees to freckled fawns, these shots—captured by Our Canada readers—are some of our favourites.

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A walk in the woods
Photo: Paula Brown

The sun shines through

Photographer Paula Brown writes: “This is truly my reflecting spot as the sun sets on the wooded path behind our house!”

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Pine cones hanging from evergreen tree
Photo: Cheryl Power

Pine cones

Simply put: this photo just puts a smile on our face. Thanks to Cheryl Power for sharing!

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Red pine woods of Petawawa, ON
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Standing tall

Photographer Robbie Gorr captured these red pine woods in Petawawa, Ont.

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A pair of baby deer in Bon Echo Provincial Park
Photo: Kayla Cuddy

Caught by surprise

Photographer Kayla Cuddy found these adorable fawns in Bon Echo Provincial Park, Ont.

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Walking the forest trail at McLean's Park on Manitoulin Island
Photo: Brenda Newman

Leaves of gold

Brenda Newman snapped this gorgeous pic while walking through McLean’s Park on Manitoulin Island, Ont.

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A fawn in the late fall in Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, Mississauga, Ontario
Photo: Karen Allin

Ready for my close-up

A fawn in the late fall in Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, Mississauga, Ont., as captured by Karen Allin.

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A walk in the woods
Photo: Deb Sandau

Off-the-beaten path

Photographer Deb Sandau took a walk in the woods and found this creek in Fairmont, B.C.

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A walk in the woods
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

Old formations

The ruggedness and majesty of old growth cedars, as captured by Alexandra Fontaine.

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Beckett Woods, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Photo: Russ Hayes

Light the way

The sun shines through the trees of Beckett Woods in Sherbrooke, Que., as captured by Russ Hayes.

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Woman sitting to admire the beautiful scene
Photo: Noella Shank

Sitting pretty

North Bay, Ont., resident Noella Shank takes a break to admire her beautiful surroundings. Thanks for sharing, Noella!

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Buntzen Lake near Port Moody, BC
Photo: Maryalice Wood

A scenic view

Maryalice Wood happened upon the mesmerizing Buntzen Lake while on a walk near Port Moody, B.C.

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A walk in the woods
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Mountains beyond mountains

Photographer Lynn Mabley writes: “I love going for a walk on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.” Judging by this shot, we certainly know why!

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Downed tree in Fish Creek Park, Calgary
Photo: Bruce Wallace

Mother nature

Photographer Bruce Wallace found the beauty in this fungus growth on a downed tree in Fish Creek Park, Calgary.

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Canadian red maple leaf
Photo: Ann Lane

A splash of colour

In two words: quintessentially Canadian. Thanks to Ann Lane for sharing!

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Fall foliage
Photo: Marnie Bonnett

Fall foliage

A bright blue autumn sky is the perfect backdrop for these brilliant trees. Thanks to photographer Marnie Bonnett for sharing!

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Horseback riding in the York Regional Forests Trails Hall Tract
Photo: Brenda Snape

Autumn stroll

Photographer Brenda Snape captured this evocative scene on the York Regional Forests Trails Hall Tract in Newmarket, Ont. It just screams fall, doesn’t it?

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Wild mushroom in the woods
Photo: Edith Beerda

Fly agaric

Edith Beerda was walking in the Driftwood Canyon near Smithers, B.C., when she happened upon this lovely wild mushroom known as Fly agaric. “It was tucked away next to the log just a bit off of the path we were walking alongside,” she writes. “What a delight to behold on an otherwise dreary day!”

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A walk in the woods
Photo: Tammy Green

Best pals

“My sweet little grandson Shea and our dog Tucker take a walk in the woods to go visit a historical spot called Margaret’s Cave,” writes photographer Tammy Green of Harrington Harbour, Que. “He was so excited to visit and, of course, Tucker stayed close to him!”

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Path at Whitemud Park in Edmonton
Photo: Jackie Gartner

Wooden crossing

Photographer Jackie Gartner captured this remarkably tranquil path in Edmonton’s Whitemud Park.

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Schooner Cove trail, Tofino, BC
Photo: Mike Lane

Strike a pose

Mike Lane posed with this majestic tree at the Schooner Cove Trail in Tofino, B.C.

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