20+ Beautiful Blue Jay Photos That Will Inspire You to Invest in a Backyard Feeder

We challenged you to capture these brilliantly coloured birds on camera, and you delivered! Check out this gorgeous gallery of winged wonders.

Pictures of blue jays - blue jay in flight
Photo: Gail Kirkelund

Pictures of Blue Jays Across Canada

Talented wildlife photographer Gail Kirkelund shared this shot of a determined-looking blue jay in flight. As Gail notes, he looks as though he’s on a mission!

Pictures of Blue Jays - Pair Of Blue Jays Perched On Bowl
Photo: Julie Dier

Two in Blue

Julie Dier of Perth Road Village, Ontario, caught this adorable double-act snacking on the peanuts she left out in a bowl on her deck.

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Pictures Of Blue Jays - Blue Jay In Bird Bath
Photo: Leslie M.

Splish, Splash…

…Someone was taking a bath! Leslie M. of Winnipeg snapped this blue jay in the middle of his daily ablutions.

Pictures Of Blue Jays - Close Up
Photo: Tracy Vandermeulen

Looking Sharp

This beautiful blue jay is most definitely ready for his close-up. The degree of detail in Tracy Vandermeulen’s photo is nothing short of striking—check out the patterns in that plumage!

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Pictures Of Blue Jays - Bird House
Photo: Wilf McQuinn

This Place Has Gone to the Birds!

We’re not sure what’s cuter: Wilf McQuinn’s beautiful log-cabin bird feeder, or the three jays squabbling over seeds?

Pictures Of Blue Jays - Blue Jay In Basket
Photo: Cindy Mulvihill

A Tisket, a Tasket…

…A blue jay in a basket? Cindy Mulvihill of Low, Quebec, spotted this little sweetie enjoying a makeshift perch.

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Blue Jays On A Frosty Morning
Photo: Sharon Peters

Winter Wonderland

When the world is blanketed in a layer of hoar frost, the blue of a jay’s plumage really seems to pop, doesn’t it? Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, snapped this pretty pair on a crisp winter morning.

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Pictures Of Blue Jays - Mid Flight Feathers Splayed
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

Shake a Tail Feather

“I took many clicks to capture this blue jay in flight and displaying its beautiful feathers,” writes Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ontario. Your persistence paid off, Isabelle—the sharp focus in this action shot is nothing short of breathtaking!

Blue jay and red berries
Photo: George Vanderberg

Seconds, Please!

George Vanderberg of Lethbridge, Alberta figures there’s one thing on the mind of this backyard visitor: “Hey, did you know you’re just about out of peanuts?”

Blue jay eating peanut wings spread
Photo: Cathy Gautier

Simply Irresistable

“‘I don’t like peanuts,” said no blue jay ever!” writes photographer Cathy Gauthier. “If you put out peanuts, the blue jays will magically appear here in Magnetawan, Ontario.”

Picture of baby blue jay
Photo: Julie Sabo

The Fledgling Flies the Nest

It’s odd to see a blue jay before it develops its characteristic colouring, but that’s exactly what Julie Sabo snapped from her front window in Edmonton.

“A few minutes earlier, I’d inadvertently disturbed a nest hidden in the hedge that runs beside our front yard. Momma blue jay swooped down and pecked my 90 year old Mom on the top of her head. The babies took this opportunity to flee the nest and hung around our front yard for quite some time with momma cautiously watching on.”

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Pictures Of Blue Jays - Blue Jay Perched On Iron Stand
Photo: Gwen Card

Model Behaviour

Between the pretty perch and beautiful back-lighting, you’d almost think this blue jay staged his own photo opp! Thanks to Gwen Card of Belmont, Ontario, for sharing this fantastic shot.

Group Of Blue Jays Feeding
Photo: Heather McIlravey

Feeding Frenzy

If a flock of crows is called a murder, and a group of geese is a gaggle, what should we call a feeding frenzy of blue jays? We’ll let you noodle that over while admiring Heather McIlravey’s cute pic.

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Blue jay sitting in a blue spruce tree
Photo: Shelley Marshall

A Perfect Pairing

Blue jay? Meet blue spruce! Thanks to Shelley Marshall of Peterborough, Ontario, for sharing this serene winter scene.

Here are more photos that celebrate the beauty of the Canadian winter.

Pictures Of Blue Jays - Jumping Jay Flash
Photo: Julie Dier

Jumping Jay Flash

Photographer Julie Dier is a quick draw with her camera, capturing this magic moment where a prancing jay seems to defy gravity. Fantastic shot!

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Blue jay in orange foliage
Photo: George Vanderberg

Feathers and Foliage

“Sitting pretty in the fall colours of our Mountain Ash tree,” writes photographer George Vanderberg. The blue feathers against the reds and oranges of the autumn foliage make for a truly striking shot. Thanks for sharing, George!

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Pictures Of Blue Jays - Blue Jay Flying With Peanut
Photo: Linda Derkacz

Dinner to Go

Framed against a backdrop of birch bark, this blue jay is scouting for somewhere he can dine in peace and quiet! You’ll find more of Linda Derkacz’s incredible images in this gallery of “in the backyard” photography.

Picture Of Blue Jay In Shrub
Photo: Laura McArthur

Call of the Wild

Laura McArthur’s picture of a blue jay is so crisp, you can almost hear its signature call—the soundtrack of backyards across Canada each winter.

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Little Blue Jay
Photo: Paul O'Toole

In Between Meals

Photographer Paul O’Toole writes, “A Blue Jay takes a quick break from its almost constant food foraging routine.”

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Blue Jay And Cardinal
Photo: Mary Hindle

Bye Bye, Birdie!

You can bet Mary Hindle’s hilarious shot of a fierce feathered showdown is destined for a future “Caption Corner” in the pages of our magazine! Get your funny captions primed and ready for our Facebook callout.

Blue jay in birch tree
Photo: Jim Stickel

Magnum’s Opus

This handsome fellow has become such a regular at Jim Stickel’s place, he’s even been given a name: Magnum!

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