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50 Best Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Kids can go on and on and on with knock-knock jokes. Get ready to knock your socks off!

25 of the Funniest Family Christmas Photos

These festive families put the ha-ha-ha in the holidays.

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12 Hilariously Bad Job Ads That Actually Ran

These actual classified ads are proof that some companies just aren't worth working for.

How Indigenous People Got Their Very Own Comedy Night

Janelle Niles started the comedy show Got Land? to help bring more Indigenous voices to the big stage.

How to Tell If You’re Literally or Figuratively Haunted

Science or seance? Inner demon or genuine demon? Supernatural or just super natural?

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100+ Work Cartoons to Help You Get Through the Week

Take a break at your home office and laugh with our collection of Reader's Digest cartoons about work life.

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The 100 Funniest Quotes of All Time

Between the savage insults and hilarious insights, this collection of the funniest quotes of all time will leave you laughing.

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50+ Canadian Comedians to Watch Out For—and Their Best Jokes

These Canadian comedians are making us proud—and making us laugh, too! Check out the best jokes from these rising stars...

20 Silly Warning Labels That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Warning: Do not read this post while unconscious.

29 Cat Quotes Every Cat Owner Can Appreciate

We love our furry friends and know that you do, too.

14 Working from Home Memes That Are Hilariously Accurate

The majority of Canadians are working from home for the foreseeable future. Instead of longing to get out of the...

20+ Dog Quotes Every Dog Owner Can Appreciate

There's a reason why dogs are man's best friend.

15 Shocking Pranks, Practical Jokes and Hoaxes

In honour of April Fool's Day, here are 600 years of fast ones that you won't believe people actually pulled...

Funny Facts About Laughing That Are Sure to Make You Smile

You'll get a chuckle from this trivia about one of our most ancient forms of expression and communication.

The Mysterious Origins of April Fool’s Day

This terrible tradition is way older than you think.

22 Beach Puns That Are Shore to Make You Laugh

"Life's a beach" is so last year! These beach one-liners, ocean puns, and jokes are perfect for your next sojourn...

25 Disney Jokes That Will Give You a Good Laugh

When you wish upon a star (or Google), you get some quality Disney-themed humour!

13 Funniest Things Caught on Pet Cams

Our furry friends do the darndest things—particularly when they think we're not watching.

How to Complete a Renovation Without Getting a Divorce

When it comes time for a home renovation, relationships can become strained, but with our expert advice, hopefully working on...

What If the Person Who Named Walkie Talkies Named Everything?

You've probably never thought about how weird the word 'walkie talkie' is until now. Here's what would happen if we...

13 Funny (and Punny) Compliments That’ll Win Everyone Over

Who doesn't love a good pat on the back? Here, we've rounded up 13 funny compliments that are sure to...

The 15 Most Memorable Academy Awards Moments from History

In the show's 91-year history, audiences have witnessed the good, the bad, and everything in between, but these moments deserve...

20 Food Jokes Almost Everyone Will Find Funny

Hungry for some healthy food jokes? Hope you like it extra cheesy!

The 22 Funniest Court Cases of All Time

Lawyers actually have a lot of fun doing what they do, and I should know. I'm a lawyer. Check out...

45 Funny Stock Photos You Won’t Be Able to Unsee

They'll definitely make you scratch your head!