25 of the Funniest Family Christmas Photos

These festive families put the ha-ha-ha in the holidays.

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funny Christmas photo
Courtesy Lori Hudson/Reminisce

Scared of Santa

“My son, Miller and his wife, Annie, took their children, Vera and Duke, to see Santa around in Tampa, Florida. I think Santa feels the same way as Vera and Duke!”

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Lander Bethel/Country

Look what I found

“At Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church, an eager almost-two-year-old stole the show during the Nativity portrayal. When the young shepherd, Landyn, saw his grandmother, who was dressed as Mary holding the baby Jesus doll, he ran straight to her. He put his arms out for the baby, which she gave to him, and then ran as fast as he could to show his granddad!” says Lander Bethel of Sherman, Texas.

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funny family christmas photo
Courtesy Normalee Isern/Country

Stitched together

“We started our stocking tradition in 1990. Every time a new family member was born, I would cross-stitch a Christmas stocking as a gift for the baby. At Christmas we enjoy hanging all of the socks together. This photo showcases nearly 30 years of stockings,” says Normalee Isern of Ellinwood, Kansas.

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funny family christmas photo
Courtesy Barbara Kaminska/Country

Let’s go sledding

Barbara Kaminska shared this picture of husband, Bill, herself, and their two daughters at their home on Christmas. She says, “Bill gave our family a new eight-foot toboggan, so everyone could fit on it. Unfortunately, Dec. 25 was as green as could be! We had to test out our new gift in the living room!”

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Courtesy Jennifer Alberti Atwood/Country

Milk and cookies

“Our little Lee woke Christmas morning to find Santa’s treats eaten,” writes Jennifer Alberti Atwood of Dracut, Massachusetts. Those adorable Grinch pajamas say humbug, but that face says Santa is real!

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Sharyn McCormick/Country

Horsey holidays

“The horses don’t sing along, but the neighbours and small businesses love it when my friends and I come caroling,” says Sharyn McCormick of York Haven, Pennsylvania.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Allison Kaisner/Country

Toddlers and trees

“This is a picture of my son, Declan. He just started pulling himself up and loves to look at the tree,” says Allison Kaisner of Fairbury, Illinois. “We had to make a ‘fence’ with our dining room chairs, so he wouldn’t pull ornaments off. He likes to get as close as he can to the twinkling lights.”

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Bonnie Taylor/Country

Put a bow on it

“After my granddaughter Brianna opened her gift, she stuck the wrapping on her head. This is my favourite Christmas photo of all time. It reminds me that our greatest gifts are our children,” says Bonnie Taylor of Kirbyville, Texas.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Debbie Stafford/Country

Trial and error

“This is my daughter and her family,” says Debbie Stafford of Knoxville, Pennsylvania. “You can never snap a photo with young children where they’re all looking or making a nice smile. This is how our Christmas photos always turn out.”

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Melissa Zweygardt/Country

Mixed emotions

“I went with my three grandsons to visit Santa. All three boys had totally different reactions. Santa really is a great guy once you get to know him,” says Melissa Zweygardt of St. Francis, Kansas.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Rebekah Murch/Country

Mixed emotions

Rebekah Murch of Redland, California, shared this photo of her grandmother trying to pose with the grandkids and kittens. Awww!

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Wanda Thompson Scarboro/Country

Down the chimney

“Karoline and Karson Kettles make sure the chimney is all clear for Santa’s arrival,” says Wanda Thompson Scarsboro of Swainsboro, Georgia.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Trisha Goettle/Country

Tie the tree to the roof

“Our youngest son wanted to help bring his tree to the house, so this was the easiest way to accomplish that. His brother helped push him when he needed it,” says Trisha Goettle of Avon, Montana.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Chandra Petty/Country

Santa’s helper

“This was Greyson’s first Christmas—and what a way to get to know Santa than becoming one of his elves!” says Chandra Petty of Owasso, Oklahoma.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Mitzi Bumgarner/Country

Baby makes six

“Every year since my oldest nephew was born, my mother-in-law has used a photo of her grandchildren for her Christmas card photo. Do you realize how hard it is to photograph six children ranging from 5 months to 14 years of age? As I scrolled through my camera, I came across this perfectly imperfect shot. Much to our surprise and enjoyment, this photo actually made it to the Christmas card this year,” says Mitzi Bumbarner of Taylorsville, North Carolina.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Tawny Nelson/Country

Just like daddy

“This year my 19-month-old son Michael got a toy chainsaw just like Daddy’s from his Aunt Ellie. All the other toys were abandoned and ignored as he contemplated how to cut down the Christmas tree just like he had seen Daddy do a few weeks before,” says Tawny Nelson of North Plains, Oregon.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Jana Wilson/Country

Peppermint pony

“This is one of my all time favourite photos of our grandson Cash sharing a candy cane with his pony Chunky Monkey. The bond between a child and a pony is amazing,” says Jana Wilson.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Michelle Jacobs/Country

Is that beard real?

For me, this photo symbolizes the magic of Christmas as seen from a child’s eyes,” says Michelle Jacobs. “This was my son’s first time ever sitting on Santa’s lap alone. He was so captivated and went right for his beard.”

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Marianne Fosnow/Country

Wrapping the gift

“After leaving my wrapping paper within their reach, I returned to this scene. This is my grandson Levi, age 4, wrapping up his 1-year-old sister, Taylor,” says Marianne Fosnow.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Kimberly Goodwin/Country

Holiday hen

“My pet turkey, Ruth, sat down beside me last year when I was in the barn. I decided to decorate her for Christmas since I was decorating our barn for Christmas. Ruth did not mind at all and seemed to enjoy the photoshoot,” says Kimberly Goodwin.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Barbara Masterson/Country

Great minds think alike

“Their surprise was obvious as my daughter and her fiancé exchanged the same gifts—a homemade checkerboard with playing pieces—his crafted with wood and paint, and hers lovingly sewn with fabric scraps. I love this picture because their joy was captured perfectly!” says Barbara Masterson of Turlock, California.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Bette Shute/Country

Lean your ear this way

Bette Shute of Walla Walla, Washington, helps a very merry Santa ring bells for the Salvation Army. Looks like she’s also getting a word in his ear about what she wants for Christmas!

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Leslie Jeannet/Country

Charlie Brown Christmas

“My son, Silas, gave us the cutest Charlie Brown Christmas his first year,” says Leslie Jeannet of Slidell, Louisiana.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Samantha Sumner/Country

The joy of giving

“You receive the gift of seeing pure happiness when you give someone a truly meaningful gift. Putting just a bit of thought and love into a gift can revitalize someone’s holiday spirit,” says Samantha Sumner of Maryville, Tennessee.

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funny christmas photo
Courtesy Dianne Craswell/Country

Frosty the snowgirl

“Each year I get creative with our family’s Christmas card. With the help of a few craft items around the house and part of a snowman decorating kit, my daughter was transformed into a Snow Lady,” says Dianne Craswell.

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