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20 Food Jokes Almost Everyone Will Find Funny

Hungry for some healthy food jokes? Hope you like it extra cheesy!

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Broccoli cabbage on a colored background. Pattern of fresh broccoli cabbage. Top view of broccoli. Isolatedulrich22/Shutterstock

Hot seat

What’s the best way to burn vegetables?

Roast them.

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One egg fried with ketchup in a plastic bottle on a yellow background. An even circle of fried egg. The view from the topAnn Yuni/Shutterstock

Hot to trot

Which condiment adds the most kick?


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delicious slices of serrano hamRobcartorres/Shutterstock

So corny

Why are butchers so hilarious?

They always ham it up.

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Delicious chocolate chip cookies on color background, flat layNew Africa/Shutterstock

Just famished

What’s the best food when you’re so hungry you could eat a house?

Cottage cheese, wall nuts, and kitchen sink cookies.

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eggs layflat on blueSata Production/Shutterstock

Food critic

Why are chefs so harsh?

They’re always beating eggs.

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hot plate on pinkKinek00/Shutterstock

Saucy sizzle

What’s the most desirable kitchen appliance?

A “hot” plate.

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Set of new silver cutlery on coral background, flat layNew Africa/Shutterstock

Dinner guest

Which friends should you always take out to dinner?

Your taste buds.

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Trendy food flat lay concept on light pink background with fresh big ginger root close up copy space isolatedbarmalini/Shutterstock


How do you make a recipe pop with ginger?

Play “Spice Girls” songs while you cook.

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Fresh raw leek on yellow background, top view. Ripe onionNew Africa/Shutterstock

Spoiler alert

What kind of vegetable is known for spoiling?

A leek.

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Flat-lay boiled mussels scattered on tabletopFREEPIK2/Shutterstock

So strong

What’s the best food to eat before a workout?


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Hot red peppers randomly on blue background,flat lay design.marcin jucha/Shutterstock

Fire flavour

What should you do if your soup is too hot?

Add a chilly pepper.

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tofu bowls on purpleHong Vo/Shutterstock

Health nuts


Who’s there?


Toph who?

Sorry, we don’t serve tofu.

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Napkin holder with paper serviettes on table against color background. Space for textNew Africa/Shutterstock

Sweet dreams

What part of a meal makes you the most sleepy?

The nap-kin.

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cheese cubes on greenNew Africa/Shutterstock

Here all week

What’s the main ingredient in canned laughter?

Processed cheese.

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squash on greenNew Africa/Shutterstock

Careful now

What are the most dangerous recipes?

Ones that call for squashes and whipped cream.

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burger layflat on yellownazarovsergey/Shutterstock

Grade A beef

When is eating just like school?

When you have three or four courses.

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Fresh ripe cut zucchinis on light blue background, flat layNew Africa/Shutterstock

Stomach growling

What’s an omnivore’s favorite food?


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Pattern of fresh Green lettuce on blue background. Top view. Summer concept. CollageShch_photo/Shutterstock

A little romance

How do you ask a foodie out to dinner?

Say: “Lettuce meat for a date.”

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Tasty hot dogs on color backgroundPixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Mmm, mmm

How do you truly savour a hot dog?

With relish.

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Flat lay composition with raw pasta on color backgroundNew Africa/Shutterstock

Mindful eating

What’s the most relaxing type of pasta?


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