Berry-Almond Sandwich Cookies

Almond shortbread cookies cradle a delightful berry filling for this Christmas cookie favourite. The recipe is undeniably good.

Christmas cookie recipes - Berry-almond sandwich cookiesPhoto: Taste of Home
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
3dozen 30minutes 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
3dozen 30minutes
Cook Time
Portions: dozen
Portions: dozen
  1. Preheat oven to 325°. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla. Combine flour and salt; gradually add to creamed mixture and mix well. Stir in almonds.
  2. On a heavily floured surface, roll out dough to 1/8-in. thickness. With floured 2-1/2-in. cookie cutters, cut into desired shapes.
  3. Place 1 in. apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake 10-12 minutes or until edges begin to brown. Remove to wire racks to cool.
  4. Spread 1 teaspoon raspberry filling on the bottoms of half of the cookies; top with remaining cookies. Sprinkle with edible glitter or confectioners' sugar. Store in an airtight container.
Recipe Notes

1 each: 167 calories, 10g fat (5g saturated fat), 20mg cholesterol, 114mg sodium, 17g carbohydrate (8g sugars, 1g fibre), 2g protein.

Originally published on Taste of Home.