Tasty Ways to Use Up a Box of Cornflakes

Move over, cornflake cookies. From sweet bars to savoury pies, these delicious recipes will have you seeing the classic cereal in a whole new light.

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Cornflake Recipes - Cornflake-Coated Crispy Bacon
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Cornflake Recipes You’ll Fall in Love With

Cornflake-Coated Crispy Bacon

“I’ve loved my aunt’s crispy-coated bacon ever since I was a child. Now I’ve shared the super simple recipe with my own children. We still enjoy a big panful every Christmas morning—and on many other days throughout the year!” —Brenda Severson, Norman, Oklahoma

Get the recipe for Cornflake-Coated Crispy Bacon.

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Cornflake Recipes - Pineapple Crunch
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Pineapple Crunch

“A co-worker shared the recipe for this refreshing pineapple dessert years ago. Every time I take it somewhere, it’s a favourite.” —Betty Wiersma, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Get the recipe for Pineapple Crunch.

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Cornflake recipes - Firefighter Chicken Spaghetti
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Firefighter’s Chicken Spaghetti

“I’m always in the kitchen making dishes for my family, neighbours or the local fire department to try. My husband is a firefighter in our town, and this chicken spaghetti recipe is a favourite there.” —Krista Davis-Keith, New Castle, Indiana

Get the recipe for Firefighter’s Chicken Spaghetti.

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Cornflake recipes - Crispy Baked Corn Flake Chicken
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Cornflake Chicken

“I took a recipe off a box of baking mix and altered it to make the prep easier. The result was this moist oven-fried cornflake chicken with a thick golden coating that’s a lot crisper than the original.” —Angela Capettini, Boynton Beach, Florida

Get the recipe for Cornflake Chicken.

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Potato Salmon Casserole

“I like to experiment with cooking new things, which is how I came up with this tasty dish. It’s a great way to work salmon into your menu.” —Laura Varney, Batavia, Ohio

Get the recipe for Potato Salmon Casserole.

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Crispy French Toast

“Cornflakes add irresistible crunch to this easy baked French toast recipe. My light version uses egg substitute and skim milk but still gets plenty of flavour from vanilla, spice and a kiss of orange.” —Flo Burtnett, Gage, Oklahoma

Get the recipe for Crispy French Toast.

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Bacon Breakfast Cookies

“Chock-full of bacon, cornflakes and raisins, these cookies are a handy breakfast on the go.” —Louise Gangwish, Shelton, Nebraska

Get the recipe for Bacon Breakfast Cookies.

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Scotch Eggs

“A crispy coating made with cornflakes and pork sausage dresses up this Scotch egg recipe. They’re fabulous hot out of the oven. Or enjoy them cold for a snack.” —Dorothy Smith, El Dorado, Arkansas

Get the recipe for Scotch Eggs.

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Microwave Brussels Sprouts

“Prepare these dressed-up microwave Brussels sprouts when your conventional oven is filled with the main dish. I think you will agree the cheese topping makes these sprouts special enough to include in a holiday meal.” —Gloria Warczak, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Microwave Brussels Sprouts.

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Chicken Bites With Apricot Sauce
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Chicken Bites with Apricot Sauce

“Satisfying a hungry crowd is simple with these oven-baked morsels. The bite-sized chicken pieces are served with an incredibly easy sauce that combines apricot preserves and mustard.” —Michelle Krzmarzick, Redondo Beach, California

Get the recipe for Chicken Bites with Apricot Sauce.

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Hot Chicken Salad Pies

“These hot chicken salad pies come together in a snap! They’re perfect for when you have leftovers on hand and need to use them up.” — Shirley Gudenschwager, Orchard, Nebraska

Get the recipe for Hot Chicken Salad Pies.

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