9 Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes For Every Season

Whether store-bought or hand-picked, enjoy your apples in pies, cider, salads and more with these flavour-packed seasonal recipes.  

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Apple cider pie on wooden table
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Apple Cider Pie

When it comes to apple recipes that are perfect for every occasion, golden crusted apple pie is always a good choice.

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Apple recipes
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Apple and Brie Omelette

Start your day on a scrumptious note with this hot apple, cheese and egg breakfast omelette

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Apple cider with cinnamon sticks
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Apple Cider for Summer

Infused with spicy cinnamon flavour, this tasty cider beverage also mixes the tastes of cranberries, raspberries and vanilla.

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Chicken breasts are one of the apple recipes you can try
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Chicken Breasts with Apples

This recipe’s creamy chicken sauce is made with sweet, crisp dessert apples caramelized in brown sugar and imbued with the tang of dry cider and Worcestershire sauce.

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Apple pie with cinnamon sticks
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Apple Crumble Cinnamon Pie

Another delicious after-dinner treat, this recipe combines apple pie and apple crumble in an unforgettable dessert.

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Salad with apples and walnuts
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Apple and Cheddar Salad with Maple Dressing and Candied Walnuts

Enjoy apples for lunch with this quick salad, coated with an apple vinegar and maple syrup dressing.

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Wild rice and apple salad with cranberries
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Wild Rice Apple Salad

Apple, celery and roasted sunflower seeds pep up this nutty-flavoured salad.

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Apple, Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Red Lentil Soup

Hearty and deliciously spicy, this sweet soup is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like carrots, apples, ginger, cumin, paprika and lentils.

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Bacon, apple and cheddar melt
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Bacon, Apple and Cheddar Melt

A seasonal take on the grilled cheese sandwich, this healthy recipe uses turkey bacon, whole-grain bread and low-fat cheese.

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