21 Delicious Summer Grilling Recipes

Hosting a backyard bash? These summer grilling recipes-covering everything from baby back ribs to seafood to vegetables and fruits-are sure to satisfy every guest’s appetite.

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Grilled Toulouse Sausage BBQ Pizza
Photo: duBreton Certified Humane® and Organic Pork

Grilled Toulouse Sausage BBQ Pizza with Goat Milk Feta and Artichoke Tapenade

Take your next BBQ on an international journey without leaving your backyard, thanks to this delicious, easy-to-prepare recipe from Top Chef Canada All Stars competitor Andrea Nicholson and duBreton Certified Humane® and Organic Pork.

Get the recipe here!

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Gourmet burger
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Ultimate Moose Burger

Take your burger game to the next level with this recipe by Chef Katie Hayes of Newfoundland’s Bonavista Social Club. Moose is a gamey meat that sports a bold, own one-of-a-kind flavour.

Make your own Ultimate Moose Burger!

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Grilled eggplant slices
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Grilled Eggplant with Herbs and Balsamic Vinegar

A backyard barbecue doesn’t always need meat! In fact, your guests will likely forget all about chicken and baby back ribs in their rush for a second serving of this grilled eggplant recipe.

Click here for our Grilled Eggplant with Herbs and Balsamic Vinegar recipe.

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Grilled lobster tails
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Grilled Lobster with Limoncello Butter

What better way to celebrate the all-too-brief Canadian BBQ season than by grilling up some fresh East Coast snapper? This mouthwatering lobster recipe taps the zesty tang of limoncello-a tasty lemon liqueur.

Get the recipe for Grilled Lobster With Limoncello Butter.

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Jamaican Barbecued Chicken
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Spicy Jamaican Barbecued Chicken

Tired of the same old summer grilling recipes? Treat your family and friends to this tasty spicy Jamaican barbecued chicken. The vibrant and exciting flavours take grilled chicken to the next level.

Get the recipe for the Spicy Jamaican Barbecued Chicken.

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Summer grilling recipes: Texas-style BBQ Chicken
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Texas-Style Barbecued Chicken

If you’re looking to impress guests with some down-home cooking, look no further than this no-fuss Texas-Style Barbecued Chicken recipe.

Click here to get the recipe.

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Smoked spareribs with bbq sauce
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Smoked Spareribs with Backwoods BBQ Sauce

Nothing gets guests’ mouths watering like the smell of juicy ribs sizzling on the grill. This recipe is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills as a grill-master.

Get the Smoked Spareribs with Backwoods BBQ Sauce recipe here.

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Swordfish taco
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Barbecued Swordfish Tortillas

Combining a mix of seasonal herbs and vegetables with low-fat swordfish, this taco recipe is a healthier alternative to hot dogs. Even the tortillas are rich in antioxidants!

Make your own Barbecued Swordfish Tortillas!

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Pork burger with fried egg
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Heritage Pork Burger

Served between two thick slices of buttered brioche bread and topped with an optional sunny-side-up fried egg, this burger recipe by Chefs Connie DeSousa and John Jackson of Calgary’s CHARCUT Roast House is simply divine.

Make your own Heritage Pork Burger this weekend!

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Scallop burger
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Qualicum Bay Scallop Burger

Is the mere thought of a scallop and bacon burger served on a fresh Portuguese bun enough to get your mouth watering? If so, you simply must try this dish by Chef Kunal Ghose of Victoria’s Red Fish Blue Fish restaurant.

Click here for the Qualicum Bay Scallop Burger recipe.

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Grilled halbut is one of the best summer grilling recipes
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Grilled Halibut Steaks with Tomato and Red Pepper Salsa

An grilled halibut steak can be a beautiful thing. In this recipe, a lively tomato and red pepper salsa compliments the halibut to perfection.

Check out our Grilled Halibut Steaks with Tomato and Red Pepper Salsa recipe.

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Lemon and vegetable skewers
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Lemon Chicken and Vegetable Skewers

Check out this simple grilling recipe that’s bursting with summer flavour and is about as fun to make as it is to eat!

Get the Lemon Chicken and Vegetables Skewers recipe.

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Ribs being barbecued on the grill
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Cider-Brined St. Louis-Style Ribs

Bourbon? Check. Barbecue sauce? Check. St. Louis-style ribs? Oh, you get the idea. This recipe is perfect for anyone craving some good old Southern cooking.

Try the Cider-Brined St. Louis-Style Ribs recipe yourself!

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Grilled Chicken Breast with Corn & Capsicum Relish
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Grilled Chicken Breast with Corn & Capsicum Relish

This dish may look and sound like hard work, but trust us, there are very few summer grilling recipes as easy-to-make and thoroughly satisfying as this one.

Check out the Grilled Chicken Breast with Corn & Capsicum Relish recipe.

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Grilled Corn With BBQ Rub
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Grilled Corn with BBQ Rub

Corn on the cob is a mainstay at any barbecue. The secret to making yours amazing lies in this sweet and savoury rub recipe.

Click here to get the recipe for Grilled Corn with BBQ Rub.

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Fruit skewers on a grill
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Barbecued Fruit Skewers

Looking for a simple, healthy and colourful side dish? Try these barbecued fruit skewers-they’ll surely be a hit with the entire family.

Get the recipe for Barbecued Fruit Skewers.

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Chargrilled Baby Octopus
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Chargrilled Baby Octopus with Roasted Capsicum

Whether marinated, deep-fried, served raw, or added to a fresh summer salad, octopus is a surprisingly versatile ingredient. This particular recipe pairs octopus with the heat of roasted capsicum.

Get the Chargrilled Baby Octopus with Roasted Capsicum recipe.

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Baby back ribs with bbq glaze
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Baby Back Ribs with Apricot BBQ Glaze

With their uniquely tart apricot glaze, these baby back ribs will be the showstopper at your backyard barbecue.

Get the Baby Back Ribs with Apricot BBQ Glaze recipe.

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Citrus-grilled chicken and melon salsa
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Citrus-Grilled Chicken with Melon Salsa

This dynamic dish pairs chicken in a citrus and chili marinade with an antioxidant-rich melon salsa.

Get the recipe for Citrus-Grilled Chicken with Melon Salsa.

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Grilled squid
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Barbecued Calamari with Tomato Vinaigrette

Intimidated by the thought of grilling up something other than burgers and dogs? Don’t be! This quick and easy calamari recipe is the perfect way to step out of your barbecuing comfort zone.

Get the Barbecued Calamari with Tomato Vinaigrette recipe.

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Indian-style grilled chicken with rice
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Indian-Style Grilled Chicken

Add intoxicating aromas to your barbecue with this Indian-Style Grilled Chicken recipe, which utilizes several flavourful herbs and spices.

Make your own Indian-Style Grilled Chicken!

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