10 Great Green Vegetable Recipes

Low in calories and rich in vitamins, green vegetables like kale, spinach, arugula and swiss chard are nutritional superstars. Here are ten delicious recipes that give veggies a starring role.

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Arugula salad with Asian pear and roasted beets
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Graham Elliot’s Arugula Salad with Asian Pear and Roasted Beets

One of the simplest green vegetable recipes, this dish is composed of three ingredients that are allowed to taste like themselves: arugula, pears and beets.

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Great green vegetable recipes like kale soup
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Kale & Chicken Soup

This chicken kale soup has the added health benefit of flaxseed oil, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids and delivers a delightful nutty flavour. If you can’t track down flaxseed oil at your grocery store, you can use a dark sesame oil instead.

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Frittata with Swiss chard
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Frittata with Swiss Chard

A frittata is a great way to make a satisfying dish with what’s left in your fridge. Add some swiss chard for an earthy flavour and serve with zucchini for a meal that’s rich in minerals and nutrients.

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Roasted salmon with spinach
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Roasted Salmon with Sautéed Greens

Feeling sluggish? Tuck into some roasted salmon, which is high in iron-a proven energy-booster. 

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Strata with chard
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Strata with Chard

This take on the classic brunch dish marries the mild spinach-like flavour of chard with the richness of a quiche. You can add swiss cheese and caramelized onions for even more vibrant flavour!

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Spinach lasagna
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Easy One-Step Spinach Lasagna

When you need to put a meal on the table that can feed a crowd, this vegetarian recipe saves time without compromising on flavour.

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Green bean and red bell pepper salad
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Green Bean and Roasted Red Pepper Salad

This light and healthy salad is a snap to make.

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Sauteed Brussels sprouts
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Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

The smoky flavour of bacon and the soft texture of Brussels sprouts will convince you and your guests that this is a perfect summer dish.

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Cucumber soup
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Cool Cucumber Soup

This is a great soup to make on a steamy summer’s day since it requires no cooking at all. Just mix the ingredients together and the soup is ready to eat.

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Summer steak salad
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Summer Steak Salad

The combination of arugula and basil makes this the perfect summer salad. You can also add other greens of your choosing or edible flowers!

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