4 Investment Rules Every Woman Should Follow (1/5)

Find out everything you need to know to ensure you stay financially secure throughout life's ups and downs

Why women need to invest more than men

Why women need to invest more than men

When it comes to saving enough for retirement, women face barriers that are gender-specific. For example:

• On average, hourly wages for women are still lower than for men. Over time, this leads to a significant wage disparity and fewer opportunities to save.
• Women are primary care givers for children and elderly parents, resulting in more work absence and reduced earnings.
• Women, on average, live longer than men and therefore may need more retirement saving to fund a longer retirement.
• Studies show many women can lack confidence when it comes to making investment decisions.

How can women overcome these barriers and start building a sound financial future? Here are four basic rules of investing that you can follow.

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