10 Money-Management Podcasts Worth Adding to Your Playlist

Want to learn more about financial management? These podcasts will make you a money maven in no time!

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10 of the Best Finance Podcasts

Honing your money management skills can be empowering no matter what stage of life you’re in, helping you feel better informed and even more hopeful about your financial future. So, why not check out a few financial podcasts? A great one can help you build a budget, better explain how mortgages or insurance works, or set you on the path to a successful retirement. We’ve compiled a list of the best finance podcasts that you can listen to in the car, before bed or even while folding the laundry on a Sunday afternoon.

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Best Finance Podcasts Maple Money Show
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Maple Money 

Hosted by Tom Drake, a financial analyst from Alberta, Maple Money strives to help Canadians understand debt repayment, basic investing, financial planning and more. Featuring a new financial expert as his guest each week, Drake covers basic financial topics like budgeting, talking to kids about money and the importance of having an emergency fund. This is certainly one the best finance podcasts for homeowners as it frequently tackles issues like renewing or paying down a mortgage, home renovations, insurance and investing in real estate. Drake offers additional resources on his website.

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Best Finance Podcasts You Need A Budget
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You Need A Budget

If you’ve ever used the popular money management app You Need A Budget (YNAB), this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Jesse Mecham, a former accountant turned entrepreneur who founded the app in 2004, YNAB episodes focus on everyday financial issues such as cash flow management, reducing your grocery bill and addressing your financial needs after major life changes like marriage, divorce or retirement. (And yes, there is plenty of discussion around budgeting!) Ideal for millennials and Gen Z in particular, Mecham also covers topics like spending less on travel, managing your money when you have ADHD, as well as understanding insurance and budgeting for gig workers and nomads.

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Best Finance Podcasts Impact Investing
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Impact Investing 

More than your average financial program, The Impact Investing Podcast with David O’Leary is all about driving social and environmental change through the choices we make as investors. Featuring expert guests with a wide range of interests—for example, an economist who’s also an Anglican minister and the CEO of a non-profit organization, as well as a pair of fund managers who invest in affordable housing projects—the podcast focuses on ways to incorporate your values into your investments. Recent episodes on the podcast have covered philanthropy and impact investing, plus why asset managers should be assessing the risk of gender-based violence in the workplace. It’s an optimistic, ethics-oriented take on money management. Podcast host and financial advisor O’Leary is the founder of Kind Wealth Management in Toronto.

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Best Finance Podcasts Debt Free In 30
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Debt Free in 30 

With 30-minute episodes featuring clear, actionable financial tips for everyday Canadians, Debt Free in 30 is a great option for anyone who wants to squeeze in a podcast on their lunch break or daily commute. Each week, host Doug Hoyes welcomes an expert to answer a common question about financial planning, investing, mortgages, taxation, the economy or managing debt—for example, if it’s reasonable to borrow money to invest. It’s financial life lessons for adults—you’ll want to take notes!

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Best Finance Podcasts - Canadian Couch Potato Podcast
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The Canadian Couch Potato

This podcast is all about investing (yes, from the comfort of your couch!) with Canadian financial journalist and portfolio manager Dan Bortolotti. Focused on helping listeners gain a better understanding of index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), this program is ideal for someone who wants to preserve and grow their savings while creating passive income from their investments. In other words, it’s about investing your money in a way that will pay steady returns. Bortolotti is an active Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) at PWL Investing in Toronto.

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Best Finance Podcasts More Money Podcast
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More Money 

A great podcast for young professionals and beginner investors, More Money is hosted by Jessica Moorhouse, an accredited financial counsellor based in Toronto who dispenses smart, practical advice for anyone trying to get ahead. Delivered in an energetic, approachable format, the program features guests who share stories and expertise while demystifying the complexities of personal finance. Want to know what it really costs to own a pet, buy a home or have a baby? That’s covered, too. In addition to financial experts, Moorhouse has welcomed a number of celebrities, local entrepreneurs, social media influencers, authors and other public figures on the show.

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Stress Test Podcast
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Stress Test 

Hosted by The Globe and Mail’s personal finance team, Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw, Stress Test is a fantastic podcast for anyone who is facing financial hurdles or dealing with money-related stress. Each episode addresses a unique but common financial stressor, like housing, inflation or the high cost of daycare, and guides listeners through various strategies for coping. The podcast has covered topics such as mortgage affordability, buying a property with a friend or relative, and planning for retirement. There are also expert takes on financially supporting family members, negotiating a raise and how TikTok has changed the landscape of financial advice.

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Planet Money
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Planet Money 

Less advice-based than some of the other podcasts on this list, Planet Money offers fascinating stories relating to the global economy. This NPR production covers everything from racial discrimination and wartime economics to professional sports and outer space. If you’re more interested in the big picture than budgeting, give Planet Money a listen—we bet you’ll enjoy it.

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So Money Podcast
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So Money 

Hosted by award-winning financial strategist and television personality Farnoosh Torabi, this CNET program was named a Best Podcast by The New York Times, Time Magazine, Real Simple and MSNBC. Torabi welcomes guests including many personal finance experts and authors, explains trends like cryptocurrency and answers financial questions from listeners all over the world while maintaining an emphasis on equity and inclusivity. So Money releases new episodes throughout the week, and there are plenty of topics to choose from, including money after divorce, ending your unconscious beliefs about finance, and defining wealth for women.

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Sponsored by Credit Canada and hosted by Canadian financial expert and author Bruce Sellery, Moolala offers short, insightful clips that are often no more than ten minutes long as well as full-length episodes that clock in around an hour. Think of this podcast as a series of helpful soundbytes designed to bring you financial confidence, plus more in-depth conversations for whenever you have more time—all delivered by a trusted voice in money management. Spend a short car ride learning about fractional investing, inflation, or how to save money on food, then take in a full hour on “cash stuffing” (a viral budgeting trend that’s taken off on TikTok) when you have more time. It’s worth adding to your podcast queue! Now, your only problem will be deciding where to start…

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