10 Dragons’ Den Products That Are Actually Worth Buying

Not every pitch on CBC’s Dragons' Den lands an investment deal, but the exposure alone can send sales skyrocketing. Here are 10 memorable Dragons' Den products that struck gold with Canadian consumers.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - SAXX underwear
Photo: Saxx

SAXX (Dragons’ Den, Season 2)

The entrepreneurs behind this Vancouver-based company may have left CBC’s Dragons’ Den without a deal, but their colourful men’s underwear certainly left an impression with the audience. A patented hammock-shaped pouch designed to keep, ahem… everything in place and alleviate chafing earned Saxx that season’s viewer’s choice award, and paved the way for further expansion into the swimwear and shorts markets.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - ENDY mattress
Photo: Endy

Endy (Dragons’ Den, Season 12)

You can buy almost everything online, so why not a mattress? That was Endy’s pitch when it secured the largest offer in Dragons’ Den history: a cool million dollars. Now the Canadian bed-in-a-box brand has sold more than 250,000 of their super-comfy foam mattresses.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - OMGs
Photo: OMGs

OMG’s (Dragons’ Den, Season 6)

It was love at first bite for Dragon Arlene Dickinson when Winnipeg’s OMG’s pitched their crunchy-salty-sweet snacks in season six. Founders Chris Emery and Larry Finnson’s graham wafer clusters mixed with toffee bits, almonds or peanuts are now sold in mainstream grocery stores across Canada and the U.S.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - Holy Crap breakfast cereal
Photo: Holy Crap

Holy Crap (Dragons’ Den, Season 5)

Holy Crap cereal has come a long way since it was first sold at the Sechelt Farmers’ Market in British Columbia. You might even say this Dragon’s Den product is out of this world: the high fibre, gluten-free, protein-rich cereal was one of Commander Chris Hadfield’s breakfast options on the International Space Station!

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - Fix Me Stick
Photo: FixMeStick

FixMeStick (Dragons’ Den, Season 8)

The prototype FixMeStick was developed by the Montreal-based company’s co-founder to help his mom (aww!) remove a virus from her computer. Now in mass production, this plug-in USB stick scans your PC or Mac before it starts up, removing the viruses and malware that conventional anti-virus software often can’t detect. Brilliant!

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - PUR Gum
Photo: PUR

PUR Gum (Dragons’ Den, Season 9)

PUR aspartame-free gum became the chew of choice for health-conscious Canadian consumers after its appearance on the Den. Naturally sweetened with xylitol, the Toronto-based brand now offers eight flavours of gum and five flavours of mints.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - The 7 Virtues fragrance
Photo: The 7 Virtues

The 7 Virtues (Dragons’ Den, Season 5)

A perfume that smells good and promotes social change? Talk about a winning combination. Made with natural, organic, fair-trade essential oils, The 7 Virtues fragrance line—first produced in the founder’s Halifax garage—supports farmers in Afghanistan, Haiti and other countries struggling to build a sustainable economy.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - Amaze chocolate
Photo: Amaze Chocolate

Awake Chocolate (Dragons’ Den, Season 7)

Need a mid-day pick-me-up? Awake is a caffeine-infused chocolate bar that packs the same caffeine punch (about 110 milligrams) as a small cup of coffee. The bonus? It’s infinitely more portable than a joe on-the-go—and far less likely to stain your shirt.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - Essentia organic mattress
Photo: Essentia

Essentia Mattress (Dragons’ Den, Season 3)

This Laval, Quebec-based company manufactures the world’s only natural memory foam mattress. Made in Canada, Essentia‘s latex foam mattress is made with Hevea milk from the rubber tree with natural elements such as grapefruit seed and jasmine essence, along with corn extract and organic cotton.

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Dragons' Den products worth buying - KNIX panties
Photo: KNIX

Knix (Dragons’ Den, Season 9)

Toronto-based startup Knix transformed the intimates’ industry with its breathable, comfortable, leakproof underwear. The business made a deal but ultimately moved on without Dragon investment and has since introduced athletic wear, bras, and postpartum and teen lines.

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