This is the Best Time to Buy a Christmas Tree in Canada

Planning your annual trip to the Christmas tree lot? If you're looking to score a great deal, this is the best time to buy a Christmas tree.

Although your urge to decorate might tempt you to buy a Christmas tree early in the festive season, the cheapest time to buy one is actually much closer to December 25th than you might think. In fact, according to research conducted by the folks at financial services company Square, the price of a Christmas tree during the holiday season tends to drop to its lowest—$34 on average across Canada—four days before Christmas. Compare that to the most expensive time to buy a Christmas tree—the first Tuesday of December—when trees go for $83 a pop on average, and you can see there are considerable savings to be had by playing the waiting game.

There are more factors to consider when buying a Christmas tree than the cost, of course. To help guide your decision on the best time to buy a Christmas tree, Square research revealed the following:

  • If you can’t stand crowds, avoid lots the first weekend of December, as this is the most popular time to buy a Christmas tree. (It’s no coincidence this weekend is also one of the most expensive times to buy!)
  • The average price of a Christmas tree across Canada is $53.
  • The five top-selling Christmas tree varieties across Canada tend to be the Balsam Fir (average cost $53), Scots Pine ($36), Fraser Fir ($59), Nordmann Fir ($81) and Douglas Fir ($40).

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