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3 Healthy Eating Habits to Control Diabetes

Diabetes diet made up of vegetables, fish and olive oil

“Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic,” says Dr. Hertzel Gerstein, professor of medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. “There is a lot of research being done to find better ways of treating diabetes and identifying ways to prevent it.” Here are a few healthy eating habits to prevent, treat and control diabetes.

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7 Foods to Prevent Ulcers


Before you reach for a glass of milk to soothe your ulcer pain, consider this: Much of what we used to “know” about ulcers has been proven wrong. Most ulcers aren’t caused directly by stress but by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which is why ulcers today are often treated with antibiotics along with an acid suppressor. Find out which foods can aid in healing and preventing ulcers.

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8 Ways to Shake the Salt Habit


Don’t wait for your doctor to recommend slashing your sodium intake. Shake this bad health habit by gradually implementing these easy salt-reduction strategies. In a few weeks you’ll feel better, and you won’t miss the salt at all.

5 Foods to Control Migraines


Just about anything can cause a migraine, including weather changes, strong odours, stress, loss of sleep, fluctuations in estrogen levels, and certain foods and drinks. Avoiding the foods that often trigger migraines while making a point of eating those that help prevent them may reduce the number—and intensity—of headaches you get.

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Sip on Tea to Stay Healthy


Looking for an excuse to pencil in a break for tea time? Whether it’s green, black, or white, tea is a source of healthy compounds which help fight cancer, heart disease and infections.

6 Foods to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s disease often begins with what appears to be simple forgetfulness, but it wreaks much more havoc over time, destroying speech, comprehension, and coordination and causing restlessness and dramatic mood swings. One in three people over the age of 80 will be its victim, and most of us sit back and hope we won’t be one of them. The right diet may delay the onset of the disease or lower your risk by as much as 40%. So, isn’t a diet change worth it?

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3 Foods to Prevent Gum Disease


Gum disease can eventually infect or even destroy your teeth and it can also boost your risk for heart disease by 15 per cent. Fortunately, there are plenty of nutrients you can turn to for prevention. Read on to find out which foods can help prevent gum disease.

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